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The Dark Witch-Fairy Gem. The Soul plaque.

The Soul plaque

Lacking the flashes of turquoise but the nearest image I could find.

My nocturnal owl meeting is swiftly followed by a dream gem from the dark witch-fairy.

I am at a carboot with a friend. She finds a blackened plaque through which glitter tantalizing flashes of scintillating gold and turquoise. She takes it to an expert who says, ‘It’s valuable – and old. Clean it – gently. And know when to stop.’ Compulsive cleaning follows. With an abrasive brillo pad. Traces of a beautiful scene appear – and disappear. Finally, with the scratched and battered core metal shining brightly and only a glimpse of the picture that once was, comes the expert’s verdict: ‘You’ve ruined it. I said clean it gently, not scour it to death.’ This particular friend always thinks there is more to unpick, more to work on. I prefer to regard myself as inherently perfect exactly as I am. A little gentle burnishing needed perhaps. But no more soul scouring. I’ve done enough of that.

So this is where I stop. Before I analyse my gifts out of existence. Yes, there is value in seeing the tempered steel in our core. But there is value too in what has adhered to that core. The overall picture. The gems in our shadow. That’s what my modern fairy tale has reminded me. So thank you dream fairies one and all and my inner witches. It’s been an interesting journey. I am grateful for your company and the gifts you offered.

Years ago, a shaman ordered me to: ‘Dance, bookwoman, dance the change.’ I did. And life refashioned itself profoundly. I’m deeply engaged in an ecstatic dance with my wild sisters. Moving without thought. Following an insistent inner beat. Perfect!

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