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The First Dream Gem: a coconut pot. The auspicious work begins.

Floating before me is a large, elegant pot with a lid. Carved from what appears to be a burnished coconut husk. It is empty. But clean. Waiting for something to fill it. So I turn to the symbolism of the coconut.

Right material

Right material, wrong shape.

Almost the right shape, wrong material.

The coconut is a resilient fruit whose shell can withstand the pressure of sea water…In Indian culture, Nariyal is a symbol of good luck and prosperity… for attaining success. [The associated ritual] is believed to bestow spiritual growth on the seeker and is the symbol of selfless service.’

A good omen. The coconut has profound symbolism in terms of spiritual transformation:

‘The seed can be separated from the coconut fruit. However, when the coconut fruit is unripe and raw, if the shell is broken, the kernel will also break. In the raw coconut fruit, the seed and the shell are joined together. However, the dried ripe coconut is different. If the fruit is dried, the kernel can be removed intact. The seed of the dry coconut shrinks inside the shell and becomes separated from the shell and there is now a distance between the shell and seed. The seed contains the hard shell and a white meat can be eaten and the liquid the coconut milk can be drunk to give life.

A similar thing occurs with our consciousness. Our consciousness creates a vehicle for the physical experience (the body) and then believes it is the vehicle. It believes the shell, the vehicle in the form of the body, and the kernel, the awareness that created the vehicle are one. However, there will come a time when the consciousness becomes aware, when it become ripe. That, it is, the creator separates from its creation. We call it death. In death there is a distance or detachment between the body and the consciousness inhabiting the body but the process doesn’t stop there.

A similar phenomenon occurs with the ego. The ego too is a shell used by the consciousness to define itself and it too can be separated from the consciousness. The essence that is us is what creates the identity for the experience it has by the experiences it has. That is, what we experience defines who we think we are. Ideally when we die, the ego create as a result of being in the body also dies. However, many hold on to the ego whole or in part after death of the physical body.

The body is like the shell of the coconut seed and the ego is like the hard outer shell of the seed. It gives a form to the seed and hold and protects the edible parts inside the seed that can be used to create or sustain life. The ego can be separated from the essence that gives life. All the entities of the unseen world that have an identity are simply the egos projected by the consciousness inside the ego expressing themselves in the identity it projects. We are no different. We are the seed and that seed will create life ad infinitum in whatever realm that it exists.

However, we have a choice. We can wait till we die and have the consciousness and ego separated from the body and wander around the universe as that seed ready to create a new life in the identity we have created. If that seeds falls on fertile ground and conditions are correct it will grow into a new life repeating the life cycle all over again. This phenomenon is what gives rise to the idea of past lives and karma for unless we break the hard shell of the ego, that identity mind has created for itself continues to create generation after generation after generation based on the ego it has created slowly evolving itself bases on the experiences it has. Whether the life it creates for itself is in the seen or one of the unseen realities of Creation, that is a human being or some spirit entity in some part of the infinite Creation, a life will be created based on the seed.

But, we can if we wish, separate our awareness from our ego before body physically dies. Going one step further, we can separate our ego and mind which created the ego from the awareness that gives rise to the mind. In that awareness beyond ego and mind, we can see we have the “stuff” it takes to create any life in any form in any world. We only need to create the vehicle to do so. This is what it really means to transcend the ego and what many mystics have been trying to communicate for eons and is the source of our creative power. Learn to identify with the “stuff” inside the hard shell of the seed beyond the form that exists.


In addition to the coconut symbolizing our awareness, the ego and the body, the coconut is also chosen as a symbol because its three eyes – the two physical eyes and the third eye, the eye of wisdom unopened. Symbolically, when the coconut is broken it symbolizes the ego shell breaking and the heart, the essence which gives life, being allowed to come out and be made available. The contents, the heart of the coconut and the symbolically the heart of our being, can then be surrendered to be eaten and consumed to nourish a new life.

Here in needs to be noted, having broke out of the shell it is not a life that would have grow if one stayed in the form of the original seed encased in the shell of the ego. If the essence of our being stayed in the shell of the ego, the seed would act as any other seed and create a new life based on the life which created the seed. Acting as a seed creating a new life based on the seed generation after generation is another form of karma. Breaking the shell of the seed allows us to create a different life than the one creating the seed and allows us to step out of the past.’

So, in receiving this ‘lost artefact’ I am being gifted a powerful symbol of the transformed self. And a deeply insightful answer to the eternal Sagittarian question: ‘What’s it all about?’ Something I have been exploring all my life, sharing the answers that came to me whenever I could. Karmic and ancestral healing is just the latest in a long line of books that do precisely that. Excellent confirmation that I am on the right path.

Hes gotta be a Sag!

He’s gotta be a Sag!

The Second Dream Gem: The Land Rover Defender. A tale of mud, sweat and tears.

Land Rover Defender

More shabby-chic than tatty but you’ll get the picture. image:

Pulling aside a tumbled wooden door, reveals an old Landrover Defender in a crumbling wooden outbuilding. Rusted and untouched – the type salvager Drew Pritchard would go mad for. Tatty in the extreme.

Now, I’ve been looking at possibly buying a Landrover Freelander so I could get out of here in the winter – and up the crystal dragon mountain with ease. But, if I parked it in any of the cramped local parking spaces, I wouldn’t be able to climb out the door. So, the dream is not exactly telling me to buy. I turn to the symbolism. ‘The Land Rover Defender: a tale of mud, sweat and tears … of rationed metal, paint and fuel.’ ‘Renowned for unstoppable off-road ability.’ ‘If the Land Rover Defender was a person, it would be your granddad. But not just any granddad, it’d be your 40-a-day, whiskey swilling, strong as an ox, lady charming granddad.’

Yes! And yes to this clue too:

‘In 1947, the first Land Rover prototype was created with the nickname “Centre Steel”.,, Another thing many find curious about the first Land Rover models is the fact that they could be driven for thousands of miles on nothing more than banana oil.’

I power myself with a banana every morning. And, yes, yes, I do know the dangers of the rain forest being destroyed to plant coconut plantations and biofuel. A balance has to be found.

Then I see: ‘For sale: Land Rover unrestored condition. £200k.’ These things can be worth big bucks. The one advertised was claimed to be the first ever production Land Rover to feature a diesel motor. But the engine in question wasn’t even included. Hidden value? Or big con? And how about this:

‘On a Saturday afternoon in a field in Cambridgeshire, a very different crowd assembled for an auction of vintage tractors, motorbikes and bits and pieces of machinery. No one here was wearing a bandage dress or high-heeled boots. Hardly anyone was even country-smart. It was an assembly of weather-beaten faces and weather-beaten clothes, although discreetly tucked into the crowd were a few men in expensive trousers with very deep pockets, because this was no ordinary country sale. In place of honour, standing alone in its own little enclosure, was what must be the world’s most distinguished Land Rover, presented by the Rover company to Sir Winston Churchill for his 80th birthday, on November 30 1954. In it the former prime minister, who had survived a major stroke the previous year, would be driven around his Chartwell estate. Corroded, battered and unrestored, its only concession to greatness was an extra-wide seat for the extra-wide passenger… There were bidders in the tent as well as others (including the Land Rover company) on telephones and iPads. Bidding started at £40,000 and rose swiftly in £5,000 leaps. Eventually the Land Rover sold for £129,000 to a man in the crowd who chose to remain anonymous.’

I spot a link to my coconut pot:

my coconut pot

 ‘The classic Land Rover embodied a host of attributes, real or assumed, of post-war British life. It was basic and hardy, a mechanical expression of austerity, a tough vehicle for tough times. Yet it also represented invention, adaptability and a certain understated style. Its very simplicity was the key to its longevity, both as a design, and in the case of individual vehicles, of which a large majority are thought still to be in use. It wouldn’t get you there in comfort – you would feel every bump, every jolt – but get you there it invariably would, through anything, over anything. It was British indomitability manifested as four-wheel drive; make-do-and-mend in vehicular form. It went where roads and maps didn’t. It survived where other cars couldn’t. And it was, in its own spare, boxy way, beautiful…’ []

But what did the Land Rover have to offer me? This website in part explained why I was being gifted it:

‘Self-expressive benefits allow brands to become symbols of a person’s self-concept. They can provide a vehicle by which a person can express his or her self.

Publishers today expect their authors to be a ‘brand’ and market themselves as such. But is my self-concept really one of a tatty old Landrover? Well, appearance doesn’t matter much to me. It’s what something, or someone, is rather than how they look that matters. Are they trusty, reliable, adaptable, able to navigate all terrains? That something should be beautiful and/or functional also matters, somewhat. Bearing in mind that I was born during World War II and lived through childhood austerity, I gain more insight about how my character has been shaped from

Even the logo has significance it seems:

land rover‘The logo is made in a bold oval shape, containing the company name in white letters on a green background. The oval is also formed by smooth white edges of a shiny quality. The words “Land Rover” are framed by two arrows going left and right. While it may not look like much to the unobservant eye, this logo contains a simplistic brilliance and vivid green color that almost contains a sense of regality. Green is often known to symbolize vitality and growth while white symbolizes purity, making it a very fitting combination for such a unique car company. The font used for the logo is custom made. It is believed that the expanding arrows on the logo are meant to mirror the company’s motto – “Above and Beyond”. This is not the first version of the logo introduced, but it certainly is the most stylish. The early Land Rover logo had the same principle – the company name on an oval shape, except the background was black, a big “Z” overlapped the name, and the company location was also written on the sides. Rover logo is a Viking ship – the adventurer’.

There’s nothing I like more than a bit of conspiracy theory (I do have a Scorpio Moon after all), so ‘Illuminati Sun Symbolism — Auto Logos, Capstone of Pyramid’ in connection with the Landrover logo catches my eye, and, of course, the Egyptian connection. I dive straight in.

land-rover-keyring‘The pyramid is another way of conveying “God” status or “Sun” status.  To them –the Illuminati, the sun equaled God.  At the very top of a pyramid is a capstone.  It symbolizes the holiest of holy.  It is the all-knowing, God, or The Sun. The triangle contains the eye of Horus with light rays bursting outwardly. In Egypt, the eye symbolizes the newborn sun, Horus.  Horus was God’s son, the solar divinity.  The eye represents the pupil of God, the light of the world.  That’s why light is emanating from it like a sun. Simply put, the sun/son/God was and still is symbolized as a triangle or capstone. Land Rover is subtle [in using it for its logo].  But, the only things in addition to the all caps/slanted name are the lambda/ triangle shapes sitting on the oval eye.’

The shamanic connection.

The next website I visit has a lion on the ‘cover’. As Leo is the rising sign in my astrological chart I read on. Loving this tale of shamanic magic!

‘When I was growing up in Kenya, the Land Rover was the very image of safari.’

lion‘In November 1991 some guests at a game lodge in the Timbavati region of South Africa became stranded at night in the bush, deep in lion country. The Land Rover driven by their guide was lodged in a ditch with a broken steering column. Around them it was pitch dark and the presence of lions, animals who see perfectly in the dark, was announced by ominous growls. With several tawny lions situated near the vehicle, the primal terror of being eaten by a predator gripped the group and paralyzed them with fear. Then, suddenly, human figures emerged out of the darkness – a native woman of an advanced age with a baby on her back, a young girl around ten, and a slightly older boy. Walking in a slow, trance-like state and keeping closely together, they made their way between the pack of lions that had gathered around the Land Rover. One of the stranded group ventured to exit the shelter of the vehicle. He and the young boy then departed for camp to find a rescue vehicle, while the woman with the baby and the young girl stayed close to the others. The rescue took place in a kind of dreamlike calm, largely due to the serene, commanding attitude of the black woman. The group later learned that the woman had been able to walk safely among the agitated lions because she went into twasa, shamanic trance.’

Ancient Land Rovers have finally had to leave the road. Beaten by modern emissions checks. Let’s leave it there – for now.

The end of an era? Or is it transmutation?

The end of an era? Or is it transmutation?