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Come and discover what these magical mythical beings can offer to you. Join us for the winter solstice in the centre of Avebury stone circle.

Unicorns help you to see with your heart not your head. They connect to soul joy and heart love, teaching that if you forgive and love yourself all else follows. If you are seeking more joy in your life, this is the workshop for you. Occupying a liminal space between the dimensions, unicorns nevertheless link to the elements of earth, air, fire, water, cosmos and spirit and work in harmony with the cosmic dragons to create cosmic equilibrium.

In this practical, experiential workshop, we will be taking advantage of the winter solstice energies and calling in the unicorns to energise the new year and magnetise all that we wish for. We will be taking them out in the Avebury stones and deep into ourselves with the assistance of unicorn crystal portal stones and appropriate grids.

Your own personal crystal unicorn is included in the price and larger unicorns and appropriate gridding stones and portals will be available on the day.

Please contact [email protected] to register your interest and for more informaiton and payment details.

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