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To say Judy hall conducted a good workshop is to say Shakespeare was not too bad in drafting Macbeth! I had eagerly awaited the Crystals for Ancestral and Karmic Healing workshop  since the end of last year  and it was like coming home. Judy  is able to convey  highly intellectual material and how relates to  spirituality in an accessible manner, as it relates to the demands of our modern world. She was insightful, refreshing, brilliant, thought provoking, and full of wisdom and compassion.

Judy  is one of my early heroes. I have read many of her books over the last 18 years and when I first came across her, I  was a young mother and struggling with a lot of emotional turmoil. Her work has  shined a light on a spiritual pathway that has come to shape my life. It is a great honour to be able to attend Judy’s workshops and listen to her guidance  as well as accessing messages of wisdom on Social Media including Face-book. It is brilliant to have a connection to loving guidance.

I was for some time reluctant to explore crystals and their healing qualities until very recently and I am very glad that I was open and ready to do this. For me it was a great joy and blessing to do the workshop to, further study and use the crystals  and aim to understand the greater truths to life.

I had given up on some of  my spiritual practices – I felt that if they had led me into a situation that nearly took my life, then they must have been wrong. So I was grateful for  the work of the grounding exercises and Judy kindly gave everyone a piece of flint from near her home to assist this, which it did. Working with Judy and the crystals work  act in a gentle way  as a prescription to undo some of the stuck emotional problems which myself and my family have encountered. Although I had never doubted the love of my family,  I had understood some issues which I feel have passed themselves down my family line . I understood some of the difficulties encountered by my grand- parents and great- grand parents .For me, I was very keen to let Judy guide   how light and love and healing could cascade  back through my ancestral line and my own soul path journey through previous life times, amending the Akashik record . We also spent time in  working into the future to create a sense of strong spirituality love and peace joy and happiness .Also we spent time on our soul purpose. The work appealed to me as I could relax and meditate and trust all I had to do was let the work be done for me by  letting the crystals do the work in  healing the wounds of the myself as an individual my family and of the world.It was very useful to have the hand out as this helped my intellectual thought processes and aid further understanding of how the family DNA locks away family past.

I am very grateful to Judy in being so supportive, patient, kind and devoted to hand over her own learning and teachings.  I loved the workshop  – even with so much good in my life, something has been missing.  Before  I have felt lost at times overwhelmed by problems but now I feel really hopeful for myself and my family. I think it will be different herein, and I know where I am headed.

The day after the workshop I am feeling at peace and connected and supported by my ancestral line. I have already seen results in my home life and all seems centred,  balanced and full of loving spirit.My crystals are soaking away in their sun bath on the floor and all is well! .

A million Thank yous Judy


Judy Hall clearly identifies the dangers of the Electro-Smog, that now intrudes into so many areas of our lives, causing people to suffer from a multitude of health problems. This is particularly common in the so-called ‘developed’ world, where the cult of materialism creates so many problems.The truth is that stress and electro- sensitivity are inextricably linked, and it is the unnatural effect of bringing into the human body something, that it was never designed to give space to, and never will.Those who want no part of this – because they are sensitive to modern inventions, have, in Judy Hall someone who cares about people and can give hope to ward off the worst effects that cause illness and distress. Blocking that which is harmful is difficult but not impossible. Crystal remedies hold out some hope that the solution is there, and by wearing the crystals near the body at all times human health can improve.

David Harvey – Letter to Kindred Spirit

Reading Judy’s book, ‘The Karmic Journey’, led me to contact her in 1995 for my first karmic chart reading. Her style was very clear and practical, and the accuracy and pertinence of her comments helped me to make important internal changes. More recently, in 2004, I sought a further reading, because I felt that my healing process was being blocked by a relationship pattern established long ago. The reading was highly informative and shocking.
Judy has given me an incredible amount of information, knowledge and wisdom in her readings, and they have helped me enormously.

Belinda Murray – Psychotherapist

I learned about astrology in 1977, when I was 19, a university student of English and Comparative Literary History. We had a tutor from Ireland, a brilliant literature professor who was also an amateur astrologer. At that time Hungary was a communist country where astrology and the like were clandestine knowledge, so it was absolutely no way to learn it officially. There were no books available, no courses, and certainly no living person who would have been willing to undertake the risk. Fortunately for us, there was this tiny lady from Ireland who gladly accepted the challenge. She taught a few select students astrology for a full year, disguising the course as contemporary Irish literature, and thus within a year she slowly unraveled its mysteries. I am not saying we actually learned astrology; we merely managed to peek underneath the colorful web of it and as a result we yearned to know more.
Two years later, in 1981, I won a scholarship to Worcester College of Higher Education. The first thing I did in our free time was to hit the bookshops and blow all my money on astrology books. When I came home I did everyone’s chart in my family – by hand of course, since at that point personal computers and neat astrology programs did not yet exist. After that, I didn’t do too much but observe the cosmic laws manifesting in people’s lives, which never failed to amaze me. The social climate of Hungary was slowly beginning to change and, all of a sudden, by the end of the eighties, astrology was no longer banned. Whenever I could, I bought more books and listened to people that I considered to be worthwhile – but I felt something was conspicuously missing.
Then, at the age of 29, while losing my second child around my Saturn return, I went through a near death experience. The light tunnel shimmering before me was beautiful… it would have been really easy to leave behind the meager conditions of Earth, but I had a 9 year old son and turned back mainly for his sake. I knew I had more work to do… I should have realized that this type of experience almost invariably points towards an esoteric destiny which is very hard to ignore. Instead, I followed the known path: I was doing my Ph D, teaching English literature at university, raising my sons, earning money, building a home, fighting everyday reality. All that time I could feel that I was not where I should be, but even a string of personal tragedies could not point me towards the right direction. I had no clue what it could be…
Then in January 1998 I went into a Borders bookshop in Miami. Judy Hall’s The Karmic Journey fell on top of my head and this seemingly silly episode changed my life. I sat down in the shop and gobbled the book in one sitting. Everything fell into place. I realized that I had just found the missing link in my astrological knowledge. What ordinary, traditional, astrology tries to do in understanding and acknowledging humans as cosmic beings is but a pale shadow when compared to karmic astrology – especially with the help of the Nodes of the Moon, the karmic axis of the horoscope, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, ruler of karmic wounds. Ever since, I have been religiously seeking out Judy’s books, lectures, seminars and summer schools because I feel that through her guided teachings I can tap into the universal knowledge, the astrology of the Age of Aquarius.
Judy is a brilliant, gifted writer and her teaching sessions always come at a point in my life when I need her the most. I incorporate her teachings in my work as a professional astrologer. At present, I operate a healing center In Budapest, Hungary, and I also teach at an esoteric college called Clear Brook, where our aim is to spread the sacred science of holistic healing techniques, astrology, numerology, tarot, and chronobiology.

Zsuzsanna Griga – Avalon Healing Center, Budapest, Hungary

I have attended many seminars on various aspects of Astrology over the last 10 years but the week of Karmic Astrology at Abbey House with Judy Hall was absolutely excellent. The karmic links within my family group were amazing.The whole weeks experience tied up many loose ends from the past; the countless times when we feel an instant rapport with people & likewise when we are utterly repelled by others for no obvious ly apparent reason…we are so obviously taking up the threads of old relationships…working out our salvation, our karmic debts & credits.
The taped reading of a birth chart by Judy Hall has tremendous depth & insight in a most spiritual way whilst still being well grounded with common sense. I would really recommend a taped interpretation with her.

Eileen Cholmondeley

I asked for Judy’s professional help in a synastry issue in April 2004. I am 46 years old, mother of two sons, happily divorced after a 26 year marriage; it was I who asked my husband to leave. After a long and suffocating marriage I was very happy with my freedom and did not seek any stable or long term relationship. Then, out of the blue, someone entered my life and shook my being to the very foundations. I wouldn’t call it ordinary love, mainly because it was a lot more intense and complicated. To sum it up, it felt like heaven when things ran smoothly and hell when things got rough. The issues were mainly of the freedom-commitment type and the fact that I am too strong willed and independent to accept male supremacy in any sense.
Although I am a professional karmic astrologer myself I needed help to see more clearly, and Judy did a brilliant reading for us. She first explained the most important astrological aspects highlighting the relevant issues in the relationship and since she is generally working with much wider orbs than I do she managed to show the hidden undercurrents that I had not been aware of. Then came the really fascinating part: she tapped into some of the past lives my partner and I had. She did it with such intensity and vividness that while listening to the tape I could see those lives with my own eyes. This is a feeling most probably indescribable because words cannot give back the certainty that yes, indeed, it was like that ….The soul always remembers and when it is reminded of past life issues with such expertise as Judy is capable of usually two things happen: understanding floods the consciousness, which is followed by a deep desire and profound hope to heal. Healing itself starts with the understanding because just by knowing what must have happened and why helps us put things into the proper perspective.
Judy is a brilliant astrologer as well as a very gifted past life therapist. She teaches her students and clients a very important truth: that the past can be changed and with it our karmic wounds can be healed . No one does it better than she.


I want to thank you for the recent Karmic Astrology reading which has been so helpful and very interesting.
As you know it’s not the first one you have done for me and I am amazed as ever what comes out of these readings. It is truly fascinating to learn how we repeat patterns from past lifetimes and to see how these link up with significant people and events in the present.
The real eye-opener for me this time was the clear, direct link to astrological events in my chart. I feel in awe of this complex system of which we are a part.

Kathy – Isle of Wight

I can recommend Judy Hall’s readings wholeheartedly. No readings have ever given me such a profound insight into my own character. My three readings from Judy have changed my life completely and, thanks to Judy, it will continue to change for the better.
Judy’s insights into my character, my life and the events in it have added considerably to my peace of mind and given me a truer, clearer sense of my purpose in life. If you are seriously interested in soul growth and in transforming those areas of your life and aspects of your personality that you need to work on, then a reading from Judy will be a step in the right direction. Similarly, if you want greater control over your own destiny, then a reading from Judy will help in so many ways. You will feel truly empowered.
I had studied astrology for several years before I went on the Glastonbury retreat but Judy’s course with its focus on karma and past lives, put all the astrology I had learned into a much more meaningful framework.
The blend of astrology, meditations and lectures on crystals and their use in healing was wonderful, as was the company of kindred spirits.
I now know to trust my instincts where past life ‘hunches’ are concerned. I can now blend a traditional astrological interpretation of a chart with a more spiritual one which brings in glimpses of past lives. This approach seems to make so much more sense.
Judy has much to offer to both the serious student and those of you who simply wish to have a past life reading.

Stephen C

I was introduced to Judy Hall’s books a year ago and knew straight away that this is a person who has researched, experimented, studied and worked with crystals in the most thorough manner possible. Little did I know that a few months later I would be privileged to attend one of her lectures to the Radionic Association of which I am an associate member and practitioner. Having been on the spiritual path for over 30 years in the traditions of Raja Yoga, Kaballah, Christian Mysticism and Theosophy, I had rejected crystals as being a “New Age” superficial and unsubstantiated fad. I was extremely surprised therefore to find Judy a very down to earth person who is clearly on a very advanced spiritual path using crystals as a tool rather than an end.Her motivation is that of a light-worker, to help people both in their healing and understanding of their life, therefore empowering them to become who they truly should be.That initial lecture proved to me that her method using crystals was yet another valid way on the path as all othertraditions. This propelled me to wish to know more and I decided to attend one of her workshops.
Being of such a strict and purist tradition, I had been hesitant mostly because of my pre-conception of the type of people who go to these workshops. It was impeccable! The attendees were all of high vibration and intention; the topics fascinating and full of information; the meditations were some of the most powerful I have ever done in a group; and the healings that took place were the most gentle, genuine and loving I have ever witnessed. Rather than being told what to do, Judy’s intention clearly was that people find out what the crystals will do for them, following and enhancing their own path with crystal assistance.
When I attended the second workshop, I was again surprised that not only it lived up to the level of the previous one, but it managed to have its own uniqueness. I have now decided that I shall be attending as many of Judy’s workshops as my schedule permits. Every time, I have derived a lot of wisdom, information and comraderie.
Thank you Judy for having such high spiritual standards. You should be very proud, because it is you who stands between the New Age flakiness and what crystals really do.

Jeanette Stewart – London and Los Angeles