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Travelling safelyTravelling can take you into a negative environment, especially if you are jammed alongside other people who are full of fear or other negative emotions. It can be all too easy to absorb their thoughts and feelings – and they can leech your energy. In a plane, you may find yourself near to someone who is anxious or has a fear of flying – and wonder why you are suddenly panic stricken yourself. With the constant threat of terrorist activity (or so we are told), many people are frightened to travel at all and you may need to take control of your life in order not to be manipulated or affected by it. Remember that being afraid is likely to attract exactly what you fear, whilst remaining calm and unfazed enhances your chances of a safe journey.

People who travel, live or work in what feels like an unsafe environment can draw problems by their fear or by, sometimes understandable, paranoia. If you constantly look around when travelling to assess risk, it creates a climate of fear and unsettles everyone around you. It is much better to fill the space with golden light and then quietly read or listen to music and focus your attention away from any possible threat. Meditating gently (having appropriately protected yourself first) whilst sending out peaceful vibes and pink light works wonders for the space around you. You will feel much safer if you wear a beautiful Blue Chalcedony crystal whilst travelling. Bush Tall Mulla Mulla helps you if you have a fear of conflict and disharmony when interacting with other people and Green Man Earthlight spray helps you to create a safe environment.

Taking the right precautions before you travel helps you to arrive fresh and unscathed.

Blue ChalcedonyPublic transport

If you feel depleted travelling in the company of other people:

  • Wear a Black Tourmaline to deflect energies or a Labradorite crystal around your neck to screen your energies. (Cleanse after use).
  • Cross your ankles and your wrists – this seals your energy circuit.
  • Picture yourself wearing a shiny silver space suit like an astronaut
  • Use an appropriate protection essence or Bush Tall Mulla Mulla.
  • Spray the area around yourself with Green Man Earthlight

If you have a long flight:

  • Bush Travel Essence taken at regular intervals keeps your energies balanced.
  • Spraying with Petaltone Crystal Clear Essence and a little lavender oil or Green Man Earthlight keeps the space around you clear and refreshed.
  • Keep a piece of Cerussite or Preseli Bluestone in your pocket to travel safely and avoid jet lag.
  • Bush Tall Mulla Mulla helps you if you have a fear of conflict and disharmony when in the company of other people.

If you want to keep yourself safe or to prevent accidents

  • Visualise a pentagram (five pointed star over your head) and see your bubble of light protecting you.
  • Wear Blue Chalcedony

It you want to travel without attracting unwanted attention:

  • Wear Snakeskin Agate or Nuummite or hold a Desert Rose

See Crystals for Psychic Self Protection for more details

Crystals for Psychic Protection