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Citrine c. Jeni Campbell

Abundance is so much more than simply having money. You are your greatest asset. So, do you value yourself? Do you give yourself the love, respect, validation and compassion that you deserve? Do you feel enriched by knowing yourself in all your complexity and beauty? Do you like being you? And do you value things that lack monetary worth but which enrich your life? What you value has a powerful affect on how you spend your life. Do you value friendship and the company of like-minded people, the joy of sharing time with those you love? Most people value what they were brought up to believe was valuable and you are rich indeed if you were taught to value not only your true self but also  nature and beauty and joy. If you weren’t, there’s no time like the present to take a look at all the wondrous things around you. Which, naturally, includes crystals. Your abundance crystals need to make your heart sing. So here’s a few to be going on with:




The first 12 steps to abundance

  • Obey the fundamental law of attraction: like follows like.
  • Change your mental program: remember what your mind conceives, it achieves.
  • Measure your self-worth by who you are not what you do or what you have.
  • Follow your bliss: do what you love and abundance follows.
  • Believe you can fulfil your dreams.
  • Notice and appreciate all the small joys of everyday life.
  • Recognise that the universe wants you to succeed.
  • Focus on exactly what you want to attract right now.
  • Give yourself time, kindness and compassion.
  • Avoid doubt and guilt and no longer procrastinate.
  • Let go fear or self-pity.
  • Share what you have and take pleasure in the giving.

Start being you.

       The you who is here right now.

                In all your power-full beauty.


Manifest  the light inside.

light inside

The Abundance Ritual

Deep introspection into what you truly believe is an essential part of this abundance ritual: an examination that takes at least three days – for which the dark period between the death of the old moon and the rise of the new is a perfect space as it assists you to go inwards to explore your deepest beliefs. Once you have focused your mind and feelings onto what abundance really means for you, you are ready to carry out this ritual.

 Tools:  White or silver notebook and pen, mineral salts or Halite crystal,  white flowers, candles and holders, cloth, crystals such as Quartz, Clear Elestial Quartz, Moonstone, White Calcite, White Jade, Selenite, Shiva Shell.

Timing: Use the three dark days of the old moon to examine your beliefs about abundance. Perform the ritual at new moon rise to sow the seeds of your abundance or at full moon to bring a project to fruition.

Preparation: Reflect on what abundance means to you. Use at the statements below as a prompt. Initially, write your thoughts as a ‘stream of consciousness’ in which everything you personally believe and think about abundance pours onto the page. Don’t censor and don’t judge what you write, simply allow it to be. When you’re sure you’ve emptied all your thoughts and beliefs about abundance into the notebook, read through what you’ve written from a standpoint of compassionate witnessing. That is, don’t judge yourself for having these thoughts and beliefs. Recognise that they are simply that- thoughts and beliefs. You are more than these programmes your mind is running. Be gentle with yourself. Distil the major points and write them in your notebook in the form of statements such as:

‘I believe that abundance is ………’

‘To me, abundance means ………’

‘To be prosperous I have to: ………’

‘I do not feel prosperous because ………’

‘I am already abundant because ………’

‘I feel that other people are prosperous because ………’

And any more headings that are appropriate.

Now breathe into your heart, focus all your attention there and allow your heart to expand. Feel yourself connecting to your deep inner self that is beyond your ego or your personality. From a place of the love within your heart and your true self for the you that is having all these struggles and beliefs, go through the list and ask yourself have much you truly believe in these things. You can also ask yourself from where these thoughts and beliefs about abundance stem. You’ll no doubt find that many of them have been inculcated into your mind by your parents and the people around you when you were a child or a young adult. If you no longer accept them as true, ask yourself what is true for you now in this present moment and write those answers into your notebook. Sleep on your answers overnight and then read them through again and ask yourself once more: ‘is this really true for me now?’ If it is, write it on a new page. If it’s not, write in what is true for you at this moment in time. Distil the essence of these statements into a sentence that begins:

‘For me true abundance is………’

Place: If the weather is suitable the ritual is particularly potent carried out somewhere in nature where your crystals are under the direct light of the full or the rising new moon. If not, choose a window sill that faces the rising moon if possible on which to place your crystals.

The ritual:

  • Prepare yourself carefully. If the weather is warm and there is a suitable place, you could bathe yourself and your crystals in the sea, a lake or a river. If not, have a bath with a handful of mineral salts or hang a small bag of salt or Halite under the showerhead to wash over you as you shower.
  • Dedicate your crystals to your highest good and charge them with the intention that you attract to yourself and discover within you true abundance.
  • Place the candles around you and, as you light each one, say aloud:

‘I ignite the flame of true abundance within myself and invite it to manifest in the world’.

  • Take the piece of paper on which you have written what true abundance means to you and read it out loud. Then place it in a central place.
  • Take your white flowers and place them around the paper saying out loud:

‘I invite the powers of nature to unite with me in true abundance’.

  • Finally, surround your piece of paper with white crystals and, if you have a large crystal, place this in the centre. As you blow out the candles, state out loud that you invite abundance into your life right now.
  • Leave the crystals in place for two weeks. If the flowers wither, compost them saying: ‘let these flowers make fertile compost for my abundance’.
  • Each time you notice how much more abundant you feel in any way, make a note of it in your notebook, thanking the crystals for their work in drawing this to you.
  • After two weeks, thank the crystals for their work and dismantle the circle. Take the crystals out and ‘plant’ them somewhere in nature. Place the paper in your notebook.
  • Allow your abundance to grow without investing emotional energy into the outcome.

The 13th step:

  • Lay out an abundance grid.

The Abundance Layout

Natures spiral

Nature’s spiral c. Jeni Campbell

Abundance is about living fully physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Generating and drawing abundance to you entails mental and emotional focus, opening your mind to the new possibilities that living in the abundant universe creates for you. This ritual connects you to the spiritual abundance that is all around and helps you to live abundantly. It builds on the work you have already done to recognise what true abundance is and how it enriches your life.


  • 5 cleansed and magnetised prosperity stones (Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Citrine, Jade, Goldstone, Sunstone or other stones of your choice)
  • Brightly yellow or gold coloured cloth
  • 1 metre length of cord

Preparation: Hold the intention that this layout helps you to manifest true abundance in your life. Choose a place for this layout where you can leave it undisturbed. The wealth corner of your house (far back left from the front door) is ideal.

The layout:


  • On a brightly coloured cloth, lay a cord spiral out to the edge or, alternatively, draw the spiral on brightly coloured card.
  • Sit quietly holding your cleansed and dedicated prosperity crystals in your hands and reflect on what you have already learned about abundance and true prosperity. Allow yourself to expand and open up to encompass the abundant universe that wishes only the best for you, linking to it through the crystals in your hands. Smile and open your heart to receive that abundance – hold your crystals to your heart as you do so.
  • Now take that smile down into the creative centre at the base of your belly and allow your hand and your crystals to rest in your lap.
  • Keeping hold of your stones in one hand, use the other to place the stones.
  • Lay your Tiger‘s Eye or other crystal at the centre of the spiral. As you lay it, focus your attention on the abundance that surrounds you right now, your base security. Feel how grounded and supported you are by the earth beneath your feet, how rich you already are at your root. If you become aware of any financial worries intruding, let the stone reassure you, feel its strength and security and surrender the worries to the stone and bathe in its abundant energy.
  • Now take the hand holding the crystals up to just below your navel. Pick out the Carnelian or other crystal and hold it in your other hand for a moment. Feel its bright energy radiating out and allow yourself to absorb that energy so that it activates your abundance attractor-factor. Place the stone on the cord spiral and focus your attention on how you attract even more abundance in your life, how you open to receive this beautiful gift of the universe.
  • Now take your hand and crystals up to your solar plexus. Hold the Citrine or other crystal and feel the generosity of its energy radiating out from the stone. Feel the bubbles of joy it imparts to your solar plexus. Place the crystal on the spiral and feel the emotional abundance in your life, the good friends, the family, the warm feelings that support you and your own emotional generosity. Give thanks for those friends and that emotional abundance and the generosity of spirit that you share.
  • Now take your crystals up to your heart and hold your Jade or other crystal in your other hand. As you place the crystal on the spiral let it absorb and transform any fear or self-pity of which you may have become aware and assist you to receive with grace and thankfulness. Then ask the stone to help you to find the richness in your heart and open that out to draw abundance to you at every level.
  • Finally, take your hand with the Goldstone or other crystal up above your head. Feel the transmutative energy of the crystal radiating down through the core of your being, connecting you to spiritual abundance that floods through every level of your life. As you place the stone at the end of the spiral, let that spiritual abundance flow out into the world and to the future. See its sparkling particles seeding that future with even more abundance, simply waiting for you to reach it and effortlessly harvest it and incorporate it into your life.
  • Picture the spiral turning and bringing all those abundant things into your life right now, right into the centre of your being, manifesting more and more of your abundance into your present reality. Feel how this abundance enriches your life. Enjoy!
  • Gazing at your spiral, recognise how from being grounded in the creative root of your being you expand and flow outwards and upwards, becoming more and more abundant in your life and sharing that abundance generously with your world.
  • Thank the crystals for helping you and leave the spiral in place to do its work.

Extracted and updated from Crystal Prosperity: Create Abundance in all areas of your life.