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Foiling the energy vampires

The spleen chakra is situation about a hand’s breadth under your left armpit. It is where energy pirates hook in to steal your energy. It is also where also relationship hooks may lurk unseen and keep you connected way beyond a sell-by-date. The indication that this is happening is a pain along your ribs under the armpit. Keeping your spleen chakra free from hooks should be a regular part of your spiritual and energetic housekeeping. This is quickly achieved with a crystal.

Closing and protecting the spleen energy portal

  • Cleanse your spleen chakra by spiralling out a Quartz point, Flint, raw Charoite or Rainbow Mayanite to clear any hooks or energetic connections from the chakra, or use a Jasper or Sard tie-cutter.
  • To protect the chakra after tie cutting, tape an Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper), Tantalite, Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite, Wind Fossil or Jade crystal over the spleen chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the end of your breastbone  level with the chakra.
  • Picture a three dimensional green pyramid extending down from your armpit to your waist, front and back to protect the spleen.
  • If the area under your right armpit then begins to ache, tape a piece of Gaspeite, Tugtupite or Bloodstone over the site and leave in place for several days until the message is received that you will not be giving away any more of your energy. You can also picture a red three-dimensional pyramid protecting this area.

Extracted from Crystals Prescriptions 4: The Chakras and kundalini awakening

Crystals Prescriptions 4