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Opening your third eye (the brow chakra) connects you to higher wisdom and intuitive guidance. The Dragon’s Eye, a powerful intuitive symbol, accesses inner-sight and channels cosmic wisdom to Earth. The grid could be laid on your forehead using tiny crystals but it works equally well laid on a table in front of you. This grid can also be laid between you and a source of electromagnetic pollution or other psychic interference to create safe space in which to open up metaphysically.

Timing: This grid is particularly potent laid in the dark of the moon, activated at new moon and then left in place until after full moon when it can be dismantled.

Color and background: Choose a background color and base that resonates with your intention:. Pale colors, intense blue, indigo or purple open the third eye.

Laying the grid:

You will need:

Cleansed and empowered Herkimer Diamonds or other intuition stones.

Cleansed and empowered Kyanite blades

Cleansed and empowered anchor stone such as Flint for below feet or base of grid.

Central keystone according to the intention of the layout

  • Lay the grid according to the picture, placing the Flint below the grid or below your feet if laying it on your forehead.
  • Join up the shape with the power of your mind or a crystal wand.
    • If the grid is laid on your forehead, close your eyes and take your attention to the point above and between your eyebrows. Ask that your inner eye be opened. You may feel tingling and see spirals of intense color or an actual eye looking at you on your inner screen.
    • If the grid is laid in front of you, gaze at it with softly focused eyes, asking that your inner sight be activated. (You could lean over the grid and place your third eye on the keystone and breathe deeply imaging the energy going deep into your brow to open the third eye.)
  • When the grid is no longer required, dismantle it in reverse order.

Gridkit suggestions:

Intuition openers: Rhomboid Selenite, Apophyllite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Bytownite (Yellow Labradorite), Golden Herkimer, Blue Chalcedony.

Gaia/Mother Earth wisdom: Blue Kyanite, Herkimer Diamond, Flint, Smoky Quartz, Menalite and Kambaba Jasper.

Cosmic wisdom: Petalite, Anandalite, Nuummite.

Safe space: Shungite and Clear Quartz.

Blockages to spiritual expansion: Malachite, Obsidian, Rhodochrosite around the outside triangle disperse blockages preventing spiritual expansion. Selenite or other light-bringing crystals placed on the ‘Y’ infuse the resulting vacuum with cosmic light and insight.