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psychic perceptionWorking with crystals is amped up exponentially if you hone your psychic perception at the same time. Not everyone receives information in the same way though so time spent discovering how you receive information is well worth while. Intuition operates through the physical body or the subtle senses in various ways:

  • Hearing (aural)
  • Seeing (visual)
  • Sensing (kinaesthetic)
  • Feeling (kinaesthetic)
  • Knowing (kinaesthetic)
  • Smelling (kinaesthetic)


How does your intuition function?

Would you describe yourself as intuitive?   ………………..

Do you have gut feelings or hunches? ……………………….

Are you a very visual person? ………………………………..

Do you have trouble with left and right? ……………………

Do you use your hands a lot when you explain things? ………………

Do you hear an inner (or outer) voice assisting you? ………………….

If so, in what direction does the voice come from? …………………….

Smell and Intuition

Smell and IntuitionThe olfactory sense is often overlooked in intuitive sensing and yet it is a powerful and evocative form of communication. Some crystals give off a powerful smell. As metaphysical abilities develop it is common for certain aromas to be perceived even though they are not present in the physical world. Incense often wafts through the air or perfumes such as lavender or rose suffuse your immediate environment. Smells that belong to a certain location can alert your attention to events occurring there, even if you are many miles away. Unpleasant smells can indicate stuck souls and energy that needs to be moved on. Intuition can be enhanced by burning suitable fragrances or joss sticks, and some oils such as sandalwood and frankincense have been prized over millennia for their consciousness-lifting effects.

Enhancing your intuition

Enhancing your intuitionResearch has shown that there are ten crucial factors that enhance intuition:

  • An open mind
  • Belief
  • Desire
  • Intention
  • Expectation
  • A positive attitude
  • The ability to move out of everyday awareness
  • Trust
  • Common Sense
  • Willingness to take risks


An open mind: Keeping an open mind is essential. If you explore your intuition with a cynical and critical attitude, you will not get far. Intuition is a subjective state and, if you try to remain objective during experiments you will not access the subliminal perceptions on which intuition is based. A closed mind shuts out intuition and, even if your intuition starts screaming at you, you won’t hear it. An open mind does not mean a gullible mind. An open mind looks at the evidence, assesses it dispassionately, and accepts or rejects it on the basis of what is.

Belief: Whether or not you believe in intuition will affect whether your intuition can function. If you don’t believe in intuition, for you it will not exist. Intuition, which is a delicate and sensitive force, disappears under the weight of disbelief.

When you first explore intuition, you are in something of a catch 22 situation. If you have not experienced it for yourself, someone else telling you will almost certainly not lead to belief. You need to have the experience. But, even if you do have the experience, you may try to explain it away. Most people who have one or two unexplained things in their life are apt to say: “But it could all be my imagination”. Yes, it could. But if such things prove themselves over and over again to be true and reliable, it might be more sensible to start believing in them. If you believe you are intuitive, you will find something magical happens. Your intuition will be so pleased it has caught your attention at last, it will work extra hard on your behalf.

Desire: Desire is a powerful force and an excellent motivator. You must want or desire an outcome. If you are indifferent as to whether you succeed or not, your intuition will be dulled.

Intention: Similarly you need to have the intention that you will succeed. Intention is what shamans have used in their work for thousands of years. It focuses the will and sets things in motion. If you hold an intent strongly and clearly, it will manifest.

Expectation: If you are to fully utilise your intuition, you must expect that it will work. Doubts poison intuition. Expecting that you will quickly master an exercise, having positive thoughts and attitudes, allows intuition to flourish. The expectation that you will receive an answer sets receiving that answer in motion. You may need a little patience, but the answer will come.

A positive attitude: If you constantly undermine yourself by believing that you are not good enough, not capable enough, too stupid and so on, you will consistently fail. If you have negative thoughts, you will manifest what you most fear. On the other hand, positive thoughts and attitudes can overcome the most difficult handicap. As a child, Albert Einstein was dyslexic and had problems with his speech. He initially flunked the entrance exam for college and, when he finally graduated, he could only find a dead-end job in the Swiss patents office. However, he overcome these problems and was later regarded as a genius. In l905, at the age of 27, he published his theory of relativity – which had come to him in a five second flash but it took ten years to decode the implications. Maintaining a positive attitude enhances your intuition.

The ability to move out of everyday awareness: Intuition functions best in a state of heightened awareness and low sensory input. This is achieved by withdrawing your awareness from the outside world and bringing attention into your self to contact the source of your intuition. Optimum conditions for heightened awareness are created by stimulating alpha and theta waves in the brain, a signal that you are relaxed and in a receptive state.

trust yourself

Trust: You need to trust yourself, the guidance you receive and the process. However, this trust is not a gullible state where you take everything you are given and assume that it is absolute truth. You also need to use your common sense and ability to discriminate.

Common sense: Some people believe that intuition is the antithesis of common sense. But this is not true. Your common sense will help you to keep your feet on the ground – and some people’s ‘common sense’ is actually extremely intuitive. But too much common sense can be a handicap. It can lead to questioning everything and accepting nothing because it does not follow the known laws of logic or science.

However, applying your common sense to whatever your intuition urges you to do can be a useful process. If you get into the habit of checking things out with an open mind whilst still trusting the process, your common sense will be harnessed to your intuition instead of creating mental conflict.

A willingness to take risks: Speaking from your intuition, certainly in the initial stages, may feel threatening, especially if you lack confidence in yourself. The willingness to take a risk is vital if you are to expand your intuition. Without that ability, you may never begin the exercises. And, if you are working with a group, the ability to take a risk – especially the risk of not getting it right first time – is of paramount importance.

In Your Mind’s Eye

 To prove to yourself that you can use your mind’s eye for visualisation, ask a friend to read this list to you slowly at first and getting faster. Notice where your eyes move as you picture each item:

In Your Minds Eye

A bright red ball                            A bright yellow square


An orange triangle                        A table

A chair                                             A table and chairs

Your childhood home                  Your first school

Your desk                                       Your teacher

Your child                                      Your partner

Your mother                                  Your great-great grandmother

Your great-great grandchild      Your most unfavourite place

The surface of Mars                     The centre of the earth

A peal of bells ringing                  A fire siren wailing

Very few people find this exercise impossible. A little challenging in parts perhaps, but the imagination fills in the blanks. In visualisation active imagination acts as a vehicle for intuition. Notice too whether your other senses come into play. Do you smell your unfavourite place? Does your nose wrinkle, for instance?

Your Favourite Place

Having proved to yourself that you can picture things, close your eyes and try the following exercise:

Close your eyes and breathe gently. Slowly bring your attention into yourself and allow the outside world to fade away. If you hear noises, let them fade away. If you have thoughts, let them pass on by. Let your mind be quiet and calm.

Now take yourself to your favourite place. Picture it, see the colours. Feel yourself there, notice its textures, smell the smell of the place, hear its sounds. Feel the temperature, the air on your skin, the ground beneath your feet. Enjoy this space. Rest and relax here, allow it to revitalise you. Let it bring you to a point of inner stillness.

When you are ready to leave, open your eyes.

Can’t visualise?

Visualisation does not depend on seeing images clearly. Many people say they cannot visualise and yet they react strongly, especially on a physical level, to visualisation exercises. Brain scans show that people who are visualising have exactly the same brain activity as they would if they were actually hearing or seeing something. When they try to imagine a picture, the visual cortex lights up. When they imagine a sound, the auditory cortex becomes active.

If you want to check whether you are visualising or not, try the following exercise. If possible have someone else read it to you while you sit with closed eyes. But if not, actively read the exercise, involving your feelings, making the movements, and really trying to picture it. If you get a physical reaction, you are visualising!

Eating An Apple

Eating An AppleSit comfortably. Now imagine that you are holding a ripe, green and juicy apple in your left hand. Feel its weight, its coolness and smooth roundness. In your right hand, you hold a knife. With this knife, peel the top of the apple. Then cut yourself a slice. You will feel the juice oozing out and smell the aroma of freshly peeled apple. Lift it to your mouth. As you take a bite, you realise that it is a cooking apple, extremely sour and sharp.

 You may well have found that you had a physical reaction and your mouth puckered from the sour taste as you read that exercise through. If it did, you are visualising even if you may not have actually been able to picture the apple. With more practice, images will form.

Entering A Relaxed State With Ease

When you go into meditation you enter an alpha brain wave state and then move into theta. Remaining attentive and attaining some beta brainwaves helps you to process and remember intuitive information received. If you find difficulty in entering a relaxed, meditative state play music that has been specially written to enhance meditation. This appeals to the right hemisphere of your brain, the side that is intuitive and meditation-orientated. The following exercises help you to slip into a relaxed state quickly. See which one is the most effective for you and introduce it at the start of the exercises.

The Ball of Light

The Ball of Light

Close your eyes and look up to the point above and between your eyebrows. Now take your awareness out a few feet in front of you. There is a ball of light here, like those used in discos. As it turns it flashes coloured lights out from the many facets on its shiny surface. Watch it turn, spinning faster and faster with the light flashing and sparkling, more and more light spinning off it, until it suddenly stops and leaves you in a peaceful space.


The Golden Circle

The Golden CircleClose your eyes and look up the point above and between your eyebrows, focussing on your third eye. You will find a small golden ball here. It is turning slowly. As you watch, it spins faster and faster moving into your skull. It moves in a great flat circle all around the inside of your skull, level with your third eye. It is moving so fast that all you can see is a golden circle spinning inside your head, like a halo that has dropped down around your brain. When it slows down, it settles at a point exactly in the centre of the circle. This is your point of stillness.

[If you lose that point of stillness, go back to the circle and let it settle in the middle again.}



Close your eyes and look up to the inner screen above and between your eyebrows. Using large black dots, write your full name on the screen, followed by the word RELAX also in dots. Then rub it off. Repeat. [This puts you into alpha waves.]


Embodying The Intuitive Self

Settle yourself in a comfortable place. Breathe gently and easily. Lift your shoulders up to your ears and let go. Take a big breath and sigh out any tension you may be feeling. Allow the sensation of release to flow through your body.

Take your awareness to your heart and the higher heart chakra located above it (you can touch them to focus your attention there). Allow them to unfold, opening like the petals of a flower. Then take your attention up to the crown chakra at the top of your head. Allow this chakra to fully open. The chakras above your head will expand and you may feel a string pulling you up, allow yourself to go with this feeling. Consciously allow your vibrations to rise, to reach the highest possible level.

Invite your intuitive self to move down through these chakras until it fills your crown chakra. From the crown chakra, feel your intuitive self enfold your whole body. Experience the love that your intuitive self has for you. Bask in its warmth, draw that love deep into your being.

Spend time with your intuitive self, welcoming it, learning to trust and feeling safe.

[Take as long as you need at this point]

Then, when you are ready, bring your intuitive self into your heart chakras. Embody your intuitive self at the centre of your being. Enfold your intuitive self within your heart so that it is always accessible to you. Feel how different your body is when you embody your intuitive self. How protected you feel, how much more aware you are at an inner level as your vibrations are raised by the embodiment of your intuitive self.

When you are ready to end the exercise, ask your intuitive self to remain with you, safely within your heart, and enfold your intuitive self within the heart chakras as you close them gently inwards.

Close the chakras above your head, letting them fold in on themselves like flowers closing for the night. Close the crown and third eye chakras and make sure that your earth chakra is holding you firmly in incarnation. Check that your grounding cord is in place by taking your attention down to your feet and consciously connecting to Mother Earth. Slowly, bring your attention back to your physical body and the room around you. Move around, have a stretch. Stamp your feet.


Develop the habit of paying attention to what your body is telling you at all times. The major areas of intuitive response, beyond finger twitches and the like, are in your gut and solar plexus.

Next time you are in the middle of a conversation, suddenly stop paying attention to what is being said. Half close your eyes and let them go out of focus. Bring your attention into your body and see what it senses is going on, taking your mind down to your solar plexus and gut. After awhile, this becomes automatic and you will act on intuitions received in this way without thinking about it.

Crystals for expanding your intuition

Rhomboid Selenite

Rhomboid SeleniteNot always easy to get hold of and not very pretty, but well worth seeking out nonetheless (ask This crystal opens the third eye and releases any past life prohibitions on its use. It also removes the migraine and tension headaches that can accompany psychic opening up.


ApophylliteAn excellent third-eye opener, Apophyllite helps you to attune to the highest dimensions.

Black Moonstone


Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone helps you to ground psychic energies and protects your third eye against invasion by outside forces.


Banded Agate


Banded Agate

Invaluable if you’ve had ties to a guru or mentor in this or any other life who still wants to control what you see. A Banded Agate placed over your third eye releases you.



LabradoriteStill one of my absolute favourites for psychic work, Labradorite not only opens your third eye and attunes you to the highest possible guidance but it also provides an interface at which you can work.

For further details, see

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