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Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

I’ve been using crystals to facilitate spirit release and soul retrieval for over forty years. Whilst I believe that spirit release is best carried out by trained specialists, there are times when healers and other therapists are suddenly confronted with the need to release or retrieve. Or when release therapists need a little extra assistance. This is where crystals come in, especially when supported by purpose-made essences. I find these gentle, compassionate tools invaluable for three reasons. The first is that they protect my own energies, creating an interface at which I can work safely so I can give all my attention to the work in hand. The crystal stands at the interface between you, the other person and the entity, creating a barrier so the entity cannot attach to you after release. They also maintain a sacred and energetically clean space in which to work.

The second reason is that they energetically facilitate release and call in angelic helpers and divine light to move the spirit on, facilitating the work. Crystals can, when needed, provide a ‘home’ for a spirit or entity until it can be moved on or returned to whence it came. They act rather like a net to hold anything undesirable rather than setting it free to settle into some other vulnerable soul. But they also act as a healer and purifier for a soul part that is returning. The third gift is that they energetically seal the site of an attachment once it has been cleared, purifying and healing the aura, object or environment so that nothing else can attach.

Spirit attachment definition

To me, spirit attachment means that a discarnate spirit has entered a living person’s energy field or is influencing it.  It can only occur when an energy field is weak and depleted, and when someone does not fully inhabit their body and the soul is not fully present so there is a ‘gap’ or vacuum. It often arises out of momentary loss of energy containment such as in drink or drug taking, or the effects of anaesthetic, shock or trauma. It is common in cases of depression or debilitating illnesses like M.E. But it may also stem back to other lives or deliberate psychic attack. Attachment can be seen in the eyes, which are blank with ‘no one home’ or ‘someone else’ looks out from them.  The attaching spirit usually seeks to experience something it was addicted to in life or to control someone, it may be simply lost or be malicious. Attachments are not confined to human beings and may arise from thought forms or alien sources. It’s not always external attachment although it will feel like it is. It may be projection/repressed qualities/obsessive thoughts manifesting apparently externally. Spirit may also be attached to an object rather than a person. It is sensible to bear in mind that not all attaching spirits have left their physical body. The living can ‘possess’ or overly influence the living. Attachments can arise from the thoughts and feelings of others who try to influence or control or who try to clutch onto your strength – a very common experience for healers, readers and counsellors. It’s as though they have their hooks into you.

[If you think this might have occurred check out your aura: a Selenite, raw Charoite or Flint ‘comb through’ about a foot out from the physical body will clear superficial hooks from the aura and clear the way for a more comprehensive release if needed].

Crystal spirit release in ancient times

People tend to regard spirit release as comparatively new but the earliest spirit releases I have researched occur in Egypt and Mesopotamia where troublesome spirits were believe to interfere in people’s lives, causing havoc. Crystals were part of the tool box for dealing with them. People commonly wrote letters to a deceased person asking them to desist and wore crystal amulets to support that call and to protect themselves. A Mesopotamian banishing ritual at least five thousand years old uses Selenite as once the spirit causing the misfortune has been expelled and returned to the otherworld, something has to be put in its place. Selenite held ‘the divine light of the gods’ and filled the vacuum so that nothing else could attach.

In Mesopotamia, each crystal had its own god who could inhabit and become the crystal in a way that we don’t fully grasp today because we have lost our understanding of ‘correspondence’ (roughly translated ‘as above, so below’[1]). So, for instance, Lapis Lazuli was Venus, Carnelian Ninlil (a goddess of destiny) and so on. In those days illness was believed to be caused by attacking entities and there is a fascinating contemporary account of a priest healing a sick man. The ritual, which uses both crystal and sound therapy, constructs a net in which to ‘catch’ the invading spirit with the assistance of gods who become embodied in the magical tools:

The gypsum [Selenite] and bitumen which they smear on the door of the sick man. The gypsum is Ninurta [Saturn, one of the ‘good guys’ in Mesopotamian mythology]. The bitumen is Asakku [a demon god]. Ninurta pursues Asakku [i.e. good chases out the evil spirit].

The circle of flour which surrounds the bed of the sick man [is] Lugulgirra and Meslamtaea [other gods]

The three heaps of flour which they cast down [are] Anu, Enil and Ea

The design which they draw in front of the bed. That is a net any traps Any Evil.

The drum and cymbals which are resplendent at the head of the sick man. The drum is Anu. The cymbals are Enlil.

The standards which are set up at the head of the sick man. They are Sibitti, the great gods, sons of Ishara.

The scapegoat which is placed at the head of the sick man: Ninamaskuga, Enlil’s shepherd.

The censor and torch placed in the house of the sick man: The censor is Kusu. The torch is Nusku.[2]

Selenite wands have been used since time immemorial

Selenite wands have been used since time immemorial

Unfortunately the tablet breaks off there so we don’t have a complete description of the ritual but we do know that it describes a battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ gods for the soul of the sick man. It is presumed that the invading spirit is then sent into the ‘scapegoat’ waiting at the head of the sick man but in other descriptions it is captured in ‘a stone’.

Part of Mesopotamian and Egyptian ‘closing rituals’ after detaching entities was to make a necklace out of Carnelian, Lazulite or Lapis Lazuli, Serpentine, ‘spotted stone’, ‘very spotted stone’, shiny silex, breccia and ‘little breccia’ (Jasper) beads.  This was worn around the neck for seven days. Only some of these crystals can be identified, but those that do still work today.

[1] This notion is covered in detail in one of my academic essays which is to be found on the Astrozero website and in my MA dissertation which is on

[2] Livingstone, Alasdair Mystical and Mythological Explanatory works of Assyrian and Babylonia Scholars Clarendon press, Oxford 1986 p.173ff

Using crystals

Appropriate, cleansed (see below) crystals can either be put directly onto the body, spiralled over the chakras or placed in a grid around the room, in the environment or around the physical body. They work well in the aura about a foot out from the physical body as that is where many of the more subtle attachments occur. Sweeping the whole aura with an appropriate crystal often clears minor attachments without needing to know the full story and will send a spirit to the light, dissolve a thought form or detach undue influence. A crystal with a point will pull out energies when pointed away from the body, and draw in light when pointed towards it.

Crystals work best when they have been dedicated to their task and when their energies have been cleansed. They quickly pick up negative vibes and need to be cleansed before and after spirit release work or healing. I always ask that a crystal will work for the highest good of all and that a spirit or an entity will be returned to its rightful and appropriate place in whatever dimension or timeframe that may be.

To cleanse crystals, tumbled stones and Quartz points can be run under the tap and placed in the sun to re-energise but delicate or friable crystals are best placed in brown rice overnight. Purpose made crystal cleansers are extremely useful as they cleanse immediately so the crystal can be reused again and again. Petaltone Clear2Light or Crystal Balance Crystal Cleanse are invaluable as a few drops instantly cleanses a crystal and Crystal Recharge rapidly re-energises it. Petaltone Zl4 clears to fourteen etheric levels. I couldn’t work without a combination of crystals and essences.

Keeping your energies high and your space safe

Crystals are excellent for protecting your energy when working. I always wear a Labradorite over my higher heart chakra (above the thymus) to screen energies. It allows me to be psychically aware of what is going on with a client but not to get sucked into the energy. Healer’s Gold works in the same way to create an interface at which I can work. Yellow Labradorite or Apophyllite helps you to be more psychically aware of subtle energies and to communicate with spirit.

Labradorite, the perfect energy filtration tool: photo: Jeni Campbell

Labradorite, the perfect energy filtration tool: photo: Jeni Campbell

If you find that you get depleted when working with a client, or have a constant ache under your left armpit, then you need to pay attention to your spleen chakra. This is where the energy vampires get to you. They hook in and suck out your energy. Fortunately a Green Aventurine, Fluorite or Jade over your spleen chakra (under your left armpit, hand’s breadth down) protects you from taking on ‘stuff’ from your clients. Rotate it around that area it to remove existing ‘hooks’ and energy drains as well. If you then get a pain under the right armpit, this is the result of an attacking energy vampire becoming angry at having its power source cut off. Tape a piece of Gaspeite, Tugtupite or Bloodstone over the site and leave in place for several days until the message is received that you will not be giving away any more of your energy. (This works well for energy vampires who are still among the living as well!).

Your working space can be protected by creating a grid with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite or Selenite. Three stones arranged in a triangle work well. If you put a few drops of Petaltone Zl4 on the stones, the energies are cleansed to very high levels and transmute anything that is released within the space. It then maintains the clean, safe space for several months. This works well for moving on entities trapped in an particular environment as do other grids.  (See my Good Vibrations: space clearing, psychic protection and Energy Enhancement). I also find a few drops of Petaltone Astral Clear on a clear Quartz point invaluable for moving on entities that are attached to a place and which are intractable and will not communicate. Program the crystal to send the spirit to the light or from whence it came, place it in the room and leave it overnight.

Many of the crystals that work best for spirit release are new high vibration stones (see The Crystal Bible, vols 1, 2, 3 or 101 Power Crystals for the very latest stones). To work with high vibration stones and grids you need to have cleared, purified and reattuned your energy field and opened the higher chakras. If you haven’t done so, the stones will clear things out in the quickest and most catalytic way. Flint or Angels Wing Calcite ‘combed’ over the aura and chakras assists in preparatory clearing as does Petaltone Zl4 followed with Petaltone Power Shield or Crystal Balance Violet Flame.

Crystal Tools

My favourite soul retrieval crystal tools:

Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg

Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg

Brandenberg: The one crystal I wouldn’t be without! Each crystal holds the essence of Clear, Smoky and Amethyst whether or not you can see the individual colours in the crystal, which usually has phantoms and bubbles that act like a ladder to higher consciousness. This the perfect tool for spirit release and soul retrieval. It also takes you back to the pure soul blueprint that existed before karmic encrustrations or family crud began to adhere. It heals the ancestral line, the personal or collective karmic lines, rejigs the etheric blueprint and restores the soul to perfection. If a Brandenberg, which comes from Namibia, isn’t available then any Amethyst-Smoky Quartz combination will work but Brandenberg attains the highest vibrations.

Smoky Spirit Quartz Wand

Smoky Spirit Quartz Wand

Smoky or Amethyst Spirit Quartz: Tiny drusy crystals cover a stone core in this amazing formation. I find it invaluable for helping transition to the next world whether of someone passing now or a spirit who has become stuck in the earthplane and needs to move on. This compassionate stone helps with soul retrieval, forgiveness and attaining unity consciousness.

Trigonic Quartz: the soul midwife

Trigonic Quartz: the soul midwife

Trigonic Quartz: The Soul Midwife Quartz that accompanies birth and death. The incised triangles in the stone represent souls entering or leaving incarnation. This is a powerful crystal best used by experienced crystal workers as it can have cathartic effects (see 101 Power Crystals and Crystal Bible Vol.3). It helps you to traverse the multi-dimensions of consciousness and facilitates inter-stellar travel and communication with star beings.

Tumbled Preseli Bluestone

Tumbled Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone: An excellent visionary stone for all past life exploration. It is particularly useful for soul and power retrieval, effortlessly reaching way back into the past. Place on the soma chakra (on hairline above third eye) or past life chakas behind the ears.

Stibnite Wand: the Shaman’s tool

Stibnite Wand: the Shaman’s tool

Stibnite: This metallic stone has a particular resonance with ‘alien’ entities and energies and can be used to return an entity that doesn’t belong on the earth to its home star. It creates a ‘one-way portal’ through which the entity leaves and cannot return – it is especially useful here when combined with Chlorite Quartz and a Selenite wand crossed over the Stibnite. It also works well to facilitate shamanic journeying to the lower worlds to facilitate soul retrieval and to help a practitioner move silently and with stealth when remaining unseen is the wise course. It also calls in power allies to assist.

Smoky Elestial Power Sceptre

Smoky Elestial Power Sceptre

Smoky Elestial Quartz power sceptres: These sceptre shaped crystals are invaluable when a spirit does not want to leave. They enhance your power and your sensitivity so that you know exactly how to move a spirit or entity on to the right level to receive assistance from higher beings. Once you find ‘your’ power sceptre it becomes an invaluable tool in your soul release and retrieval kit.

Selenite: frozen divine light

Selenite: frozen divine light

Selenite: frozen divine light, high vibration Selenite is the perfect receptacle for a spirit who needs somewhere to go while you continue release work. It assists with forgiveness and brings a soul to the light calling in higher beings and angelic helpers.

Crystals and soul loss

In my experience, an attachment only arises when there is soul loss or fragmentation and it can be necessary to call a soul part home. Crystals help to  purify the soul part and to reintegrate it. Calling the soul home, whether it’s a split off child part, an earlier past life part that hasn’t incarnated or the result of trauma or abuse in the present life, is facilitated with either a Brandenberg or Spirit Quartz but Fulgarite was traditionally used by American shamans to collect the soul part and blow it back into the heart.

Emergency Crystal Healing for Spirit Attachment

As the attaching spirit is, usually, an uninvited guest or the influence unsought, I believe this is one occasion when it is not necessary to request the other person’s permission to assist them as the spirit is breaching autonomy and right to choice. If the person is not present you can either use or a photograph or imagine them in the room with you, or use yourself as a surrogate by performing the healing on your own body.

  1. Bronzite is excellent for creating a safe-space grid

    Bronzite is excellent for creating a safe-space grid

    As soon as you begin, throw out an energetic net to trap the attaching spirit so that it cannot slip away. (You can also lay out a crystal net before you start using Selenite, Bronzite or Black Tourmaline).

  2. Lay a protective Selenite or Black Tourmaline pentangle (five pointed star) on which you have preferably sprinkled Petaltone Astral Clear or Clear Light around you, or grid the stones in the corners of your room. (Burning Frankincense can also assist.) If the person is present, lay Selenite around them.
  3. Holding a Brandenberg Amethyst or a Smoky Amethyst (or other crystal from the list), place a Bytownite or Apophyllite on your third eye or on the person with the attaching spirit. Ask that the spirit will make itself known to you and tell you why it has chosen to stay close to the earth. Ascertain whether the spirit knows it has passed to another plane of being.
  4. Talk to the spirit as appropriate, addressing his or her concerns and offering unconditional love, reassurance and understanding. Then ask if the spirit is ready to move into the light for healing.
  5. Place appropriate crystals (or Brandenberg or Smoky Quartz) over the soma, heart and solar plexus chakras). Visualise hands reaching down to help the spirit move into the light. If the spirit is reluctant, ask that his or her guardian angel and higher self will assist the process.
  6. Ask if the person who had the attachment needs to call any part of his or her own energy or soul back.  If so, call it back with the Brandenberg letting it pass through that crystal for purification, and place it over the heart. Allow that energy to be reabsorbed.
  7. Now take the Brandenberg all the way around the body, sides, front and back, to heal and seal the biomagnetic field.

Lost souls and stuck spirits

Some lost souls may be deeply troubled and their interaction with the living can be malicious. They may have unfinished business, or powerful desires especially for control over another person or to re-experience substance abuse, or simply do not know how to move on or to let go. Sometimes they do not even know that they are dead – after all, they feel very much alive! They may wonder why everyone around them appears to ignore them – and do all they can to gain attention. Other souls are simply clinging to what they know. Different crystals work for the various scenarios and it is worth experimenting to find one that interacts with your specific energy field and that of a client.

If an attaching spirit has simply lost the way home, holding one of the crystals listed below and asking that the spirit be taken to the light by his or her guardian angel works well. Plant spirit essences combine well with crystals for spirit release work. Petaltone Astral Clear or Clear Tone essences on a Quartz, Brandenberg or Smoky Spirit Quartz crystal, or a programmed Aventurine or Candle Quartz – or one of the stones below – are effective clearers. (Petaltone also includes a specialised release essence available only to practitioners

If you can communicate with the spirit – placing a Yellow Laboradorite (Bytownite) or Apophyllite pyramid on your third eye assists with this – ask if there is anything you can do to assist, what he or she wants. The requests are usually simple and easy to arrange, and often relate to unfinished business. One you have agreed to do or offer whatever is required, the spirit moves on helped by the energies of the crystal.

Bytownite and Apophyllite open psychic sight

If the spirit is deeply entrenched, or is still of the opinion that their advice and assistance is crucial for the well being of someone still on earth, then it may take further negotiating or a more experienced practitioner but the following crystals will assist:

Crystals for lost souls: Quartz, Smoky Amethyst, Smoky or Amethyst Brandenberg, Candle Quartz, Aegerine, Spirit Quartz, Rose Quartz, Super 7, Shattukite, Jet

Crystals for ascertaining where or what the attachment is: (place on the third eye to help you see or ‘comb’ around the aura): Chrysolite, Quartz with Mica, Celestobarite

Crystals for releasing spirit attachment (place over the soma chakra, solar plexus or heart): Brandenberg Amethyst, Smoky Amethyst, Halite, Spirit Quartz, Smoky Elestial, Marcasite, Stibnite, Datolite, Smoky Phantom Quartz, Yellow Phantom Quartz, Avalonite, Fluorite, Selenite wand, Larimar, Laser Quartz, Petalite, Labradorite, Aegerine, Iolite, Clear Kunzite, Blue Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Smoky Citrine, Brown Jasper, Citrine Herkimer, Pyrolusite. Celestobarite, Larimar, Shattuckite.

Crystals for releasing alien or reptilian entities: Stibnite plus Mica to seal the aura afterwards.

Crystals for releasing mental attachments (place over the third eye): Banded Agate, Smoky Amethyst, Blue Halite, Yellow Phantom Quartz, Limonite, Pyrolusite, Aegerine

Crystals for releasing disembodied spirits attached to places: Marcasite, Smoky Amethyst, Larimar (the effect is enhanced if you add Astral Clear which directs the spirit to the light).

Crystals for releasing ‘implants’ (place over the site): Smoky Amethyst, Purple Tourmaline, Dravide (Brown) Tourmaline.

Crystals traditionally used for ‘demonic’ possession: Jet, Smoky Amethyst, Dravide (Brown) Tourmaline

Crystals for removing disembodied spirits after channelling or other metaphysical activity (place over the third eye): Banded Agate, Botswanna Agate, Shattuckite

Crystals for removing ancestral attachment (place over the soma chakra or solar plexus): Datolite (attachment carried in the genes), Rainforest Jasper, Fairy Quartz, Brandenberg Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Smoky Elestial.

Crystals for repairing the biomagnetic sheath after removal of disembodied spirits: Aegerine, Quartz, Stibnite, Selenite, Faden Quartz, Laser Quartz, Phantom Quartzes, Angels Wing Calcite.

Crystals for ancestral patterns/stories/myths/attachment: Datolite (carried in the genes), Rainforest Jasper, Fairy Quartz, Brandenberg Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Smoky Elestial

Crystals for entities/soul parts in the shamanic middle world: Celestobarite, Selenite

Receptacle for soul parts after retrieval: Clear Kunzite, Selenite, Brandenberg Amethyst, Fulgarite

Crystals for removing curses: Shattuckite or Tiger’s Eye at heart, solar plexus or brow chakra. Nuummite combed over the body or placed on the past life chakras behind the ears. Aegirine repairs your biomagnetic sheath after psychic attrack or thought form attachment.

Crystals for clearing curses: Nuummite or Black Tourmaline at throat chakra or Bronzite.

Thought forms

In my experience, thought forms account for a high proportion of apparent spirit attachment. When people focus strongly upon something or have powerfully negative thoughts, they create a thought form. In addition to being the product of your own mind, thought forms can arise from other people’s perception or expectations, or from religious or other authoritarian dictates, and may also arise from books or films – many authors will tell you how their characters develop a life of their own and step off the page. Thought forms either lodge themselves in the mental part of the biomagnetic sheath, an internal thought form, or, as external thought forms, inhabit the lower astral realms – a place very close to the earth plane where most spirits first pass after death of the body.

External thought forms appear to have separate and distinct life and energy – and may interfere in the lives of human beings, typically by masquerading as a ‘guide’ who spouts rubbish rather than sound guidance or a figure who appears during meditation or quiet moments.  Internal thought forms are usually experienced as a derogatory inner voice or obsessive thought.

How to recognise a thought form

  • It may resemble you but it doesn’t feel like you or have anything to do with what you really want or who you are inside.
  • It looks, talks or behaves exactly like a character from a film or book, especially a horror story.
  • It has very little substance to it, seeming more like a caricature
  • It gives you negative messages such as ‘that’s a bad thing to do’, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘it’s all your fault’, ‘you’ll never be/get what you want’, ‘you don’t deserve’, ‘you’re too clever for your own good’.
  • The guidance it gives is inappropriate and fallible.

Dealing with thought forms

To remove an external thought form, programme a large piece of one of the crystals below and leave in a room to do its work. Internal thought forms can be quickly dissolved with a crystal placed over the third eye as they tend to be stored in the brow chakra or just behind the ears. Use a Selenite Wand to detach them or place one of the following crystals over the chakra for ten minutes. Banded Agate is excellent where the thought form has been implanted by a guru or is the result of a distorted, contaminated implant of ‘healing’ symbols – follow up with a Brandenberg Amethyst to replace it with a pure program. Aegerine over the third eye is excellent for mental obsession or possession where you can’t get someone out of your mind

General crystals for dissolving thought forms: Labradorite, Aegerine, Iolite, Clear Kunzite, Smoky Amethyst, Blue Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Smoky Citrine, Brown Jasper, Citrine Herkimer, Pyrolusite. Celestobarite

Crystals for undue mental influence/attachments

Smoky Amethyst, Blue Halite, Yellow Phantom Quartz, Limonite, Pyrolusite, Aegerine

Crystals for entity attachment to the third eye

Larimar, Smoky Amethyst, Brandenberg Amethyst, Shattuckite, Pyroluscite, Smoky Phantom, Brandenberg Amethyst, Celestobarite, Laser Quartz, Petalite

Crystals for entities attached to places

Marcasite, Smoky Amethyst, Larimar

Chakra attachments

Many attachments occur through the chakras and crystals can be used to ‘clean out the hooks’. It’s not only discarnate spirits that can attach here. Anyone you have ever had sex with can have left some of their energy field in your lower chakras, for instance but strong thoughts of lust can lodge there even if there has been no physical contact, and it is common to find that miscarriages or still births have left behind some of the energy of the soul who would have been born. You will find emotional attachment hooks into the sacral and solar plexus, thought forms in the third eye, ancestral hooks in the soma or higher chakras.

The new high vibration Rainbow Mayanite works brilliantly for chakra clearing but has to be used with care as it’s like a psychic scalpel. Flint, Raw Charoite, Brandenberg, Lemurian Seed, Clear Quartz Points and Stibnite also work well. Simply spiral the crystal in (counter clockwise is usual but use which works for you), then spiral the crystal out to pull out the attachments. Cleanse the crystal thoroughly and then spiral in light to seal where the attachment was held.

Earth Star (below the feet) Material connection. Attachments: spirits of place, stuck spirits. If it is permanently open, you can easily pick up negative energies from the ground or pick up ‘spirits of place’, either as attachments or as communication of events that have taken place.

Base and sacral: Creativity. Attachments: previous partners, children, anyone you’ve ever had sex with, needy people, thought forms, unborn parents.

Previous partners or significant others leave their imprint in these chakras and can continue to influence through the association.

Solar plexus: Emotions. Attachments: people with whom you have had an emotional entanglement in the past whenever that may have been. Ancestral spirits, relatives, needy people.  Invasion and energy leeching take place through this chakra. A ‘stuck-open’ solar plexus means you take on other people’s feelings easily. You may well receive intuitions through your solar plexus as you unconsciously read other people’s emotions.

Spleen (under left arm) Energy. Attachments: psychic vampires, needy people, ex-partners. Psychic vampires can leach your energy, as can past partners, children or parents and hooks here are common.

Heart seed (base of breastbone) Soul remembrance. Attachments: parts of your soul left in other lives or dimensions. If you have left parts of yourself at past life deaths or traumatic or deeply emotional experiences, then these parts can be attached and trying to influence you to complete unfinished business.

Higher Heart (above the heart): Unconditional love. Attachments: guides, gurus or masters, mentors. Mentors, masters and gurus open the higher heart chakra, and in so doing tie you to them and not all masters or gurus have clean energy or the best of intents.

Throat (over throat) Communication. Attachments: teachers, mentors, gurus, thought forms. A blocked throat chakra results in difficulty in communication – especially in not being able to speak your truth. Problems can arise from your own unvoiced intuitions and the dogmatic nature of a blocked throat chakra can leave you closed to intuitive solutions.

Brow Chakras (third eye, slightly above and between the eyebrows) Intuition.

Attachments: thought forms, ancestors or relatives, lost souls. If the chakra is blocked, then you cannot visualise or receive intuitions. You will be attached to the past, fearful and superstitious and prone to create exactly what you fear most.

Soma Chakra (above the third eye, at the hairline) Spiritual connection

Attachments: ‘lost souls’, walk-ins. When this chakra is stuck open it is all too easy for spirits to attach. It can be used to detach the etheric body and help the soul move out.

Past life chakras (behind the ears along the bony ridge of the skull) Past experiences. Attachments: past life personas, soul fragments, thought forms from previous beliefs. If the chakras are stuck open, you will feel unsafe and overwhelmed by past life memories of trauma and violent death and fears which leaves the way open for past life personas and thought forms to attach or re-manifest.

Crown Chakra   Spiritual connection Attachments: spiritual entities, lost souls, mentors. If it is stuck open, then you will be prey to illusions and false communicators as it leaves you open to thought forms, spirit attachment or undue influence.

Soul Star (above your head) Spiritual enlightenment/illumination. Attachments: ancestral spirits, ETs, ‘lost souls’. Stuck open or blocked closed, it can lead to soul fragmentation, spirit attachment, ET invasion, or overwhelm by ancestral spirits.

Stellar Gateway (above the Soul Star) Cosmic doorway to other worlds. Attachments: so-called enlightened beings that are anything but. When it is stuck open, it can be a source of cosmic disinformation that leads to illusion, delusion, deception and disintegration that leaves you totally unable to function in the everyday world.

Crystals for past life healing

In my experience, a great deal of spirit release and soul retrieval work has its roots in previous lives as soul fragments can be left behind or the soul may bring an attachment forward or one may pass down the ancestral line. I’ve been using crystals for past life healing for over forty years and these are just some of the crystal tools I’ve found useful. Select the ones with which you best resonate:

Akashic record, help to read: Brandenberg, Tibetan Black Spot Quartz, Cathedral Quartz, Tanzanite, Prehnite. Chakra: past life, brow, crown

Past, release from: Mangano Calcite. Chakra: past life, earth, base

abandonment: Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline. Chakra: past life, heart

abuse: Morganite with Azeztulite: Chakra: base and sacral.

access: Variscite, Wulfenite. Chakra: past life, brow

addiction, causes of: Iolite. Chakra: past life, base

betrayal: Rhodonite. Chakra: past life, heart

blockages from past lives: Lepidolite. Chakra: past life

broken heart: Rose Quartz. Chakra: past life, heart

chastity vow: Okenite. Chakra: past life, base, sacral

cleansing: Danburite. Chakra: past life

curses: break: Nuummite, Black Tourmaline, Shattuckite, Tiger’s Eye. Chakra: past life, throat, brow, soma

deprivation: Prehnite. Chakra: past life, base, higher heart

dis-ease: Tanzanite with Iolite and Danburite. Chakra: past life

grief, unhealed: Fire Opal, Spirit Quartz. Chakra: past life, heart

death, unhealed trauma: Lilac Smithsonite. Chakra: past life, earth, base, heart

debts, recognize: Okenite. Chakra: past life, solar plexus


attachments: Rainbow Aura Quartz, Rainbow Obsidian. (Wear continuously.) Chakra: past life

pain: Charoite. Chakra: past life, heart, higher heart, solar plexus

wounds: Rhodonite. Chakra: past life, heart, higher heart, solar plexus

entity attachment: Smoky Amethyst, Kunzite, Larimar, Petalite, Selenite, Laser Quartz. (Place on appropriate chakra, hold in place until removed, purify immediately.) Chakra: past life, sacral, solar plexus, brow

family patterns: Spirit Quartz. Chakra: past life, sacral

hyperactivity due to effects of: Prehnite. Chakra: past life, brow

healing: Danburite, Merlinite, Charoite, Obsidian, Okenite, Infinite Stone, Rhodonite, Pietersite. Chakra: past life

injuries: Brandenberg Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Onyx. Chakra: past life

learning from: Muscovite, Peridot. Chakra: past life

mental imperatives, release: Danburite, Idocrase. Chakra: past life

persecution: Wulfenite. Chakra: past life

phobias resulting from: Prehnite. Chakra: past life

prisoner: Idocrase. Chakra: past life, base

psychosexual problems resulting from: Malachite (use as polished stone, make remedy by indirect method). Chakra: past life, base, sacral

recall: Amber, Carnelian, Phantom Crystals, Garnet, Serpentine, Variscite. Chakra: past life, brow

redress: Charoite. Chakra: past life

regression: Green Aventurine, Variscite. Chakra: past life, brow

relationships: Larimar, Lithium Quartz. Chakra: past life, base, sacral, heart

releasing vows: Turquoise. Chakra: past life, brow

rejection: Blue Lace Agate. Chakra: past life, heart

resentment: Rhodonite. Chakra: past life, base

restraint, emotional or mental: Idocrase. Chakra: past life, heart

sexual problems arising from: Malachite (use as polished stone, make remedy by indirect method). Chakra: past life, base, sacral, Morganite with Azeztulite

soul agreements, recognition: Wulfenite. Chakra: past life, higher crown

soul fragmentation: Angel’s Wing Calcite, Brandenberg, Selenite: Chakra: past life, soma. Trigonic – place on photo of person to call the soul home.

tie cutting: Malachite (use as polished stone, make remedy by indirect method), Sunstone, Petalite, Wulfenite, Green Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian. Chakra: past life, base, sacral, solar plexus, brow

thought forms, release Iolite. Chakra: past life, brow

wound imprints in etheric body: Sceptre Quartz, Tibetan Black Spot Quartz wand, Charoite, Selenite, Smoky Quartz. Chakra: past life

The Uncursing Ritual

Many soul parts get stuck in previous lives because they have, deliberately or inadvertently, been cursed. This ritual is excellent for removing past life curses that hold a soul part in thrall but it also clears ancestral attachments, thought forms and entities. You can do it for yourself or on another person.

  • Make a large rectangle big enough to lie down in with Tourmalinated Quartz at each corner. Join the crystals up with a Tourmalinated Quartz or other wand to create a sacred space into which you can step or place the person you are working on (lie down for the ritual).
  • Place a fifth Tourmalinated Quartz crystal just below the breastbone over the heart seed chakra above the solar plexus.  Hold a Nuummite crystal in your right hand (a wand or wedge shape is ideal) and a Novaculite or Flint shard in your left hand.
  • Beginning at the crown chakra, place both hands above the head and ‘comb’ across the chakra about a hand’s breadth above the body with each of the crystals in turn starting with the Novaculite (be careful as this flinty crystal can be very sharp). As you work on the chakra, ask that you or your patient and all the ancestral line be released from all and any curses/thought forms that have been put at any time in the past.
  • Moving your hands in a figure of eight formation that crosses and then moves apart again at each chakra, move down the body cleansing and clearing each chakra in turn.
  • When you reach the base chakra, work back up the chakras again with the same sweeping figure of eight movement until you reach the crown. Continue until the chakras feel clear.
  • Now close your eyes and ask that the person who placed the curse will make him or herself known to you. You may see a clear picture or get a prickling sensation on one side of your head or a pain somewhere in your body – in which case move the Tourmalinated Quartz over the spot  either on your own body or that of your patient to absorb the pain. Talk to this person, discuss why the curse was placed, how it can be removed and what reparation, if any, is required on either side. Offer or accept forgiveness. Then ask that the curse be lifted from the recipient and all the generations to come and those who have gone before, everyone who has been affected. Feel the effect of the crystals radiating back through time and forward into the future freed from the effects of the curse and bringing beneficial experiences and joyful learning to everyone involved.
  • Work through each chakra again in turn with the Novaculite and Nuummite again healing and sealing each one with light.
  • Find a place where you can set out the Tourmalinated grid and leave it to continue its work.

Tourmaline in Quartz, Nuummite and Novaculite: the perfect de-cursing kit


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