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You no doubt assume that you are well protected, but are you? Do you pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings? Have you inadvertently upset someone?  Are you particularly accident prone? Do you have a nagging pain under your left armpit?  Do you constantly feel tired and listless? If so, you may be in need of a special kind of protection. Many people assume that, if they are working spiritually, they are automatically protected. But!

While I do not want to worry you unnecessarily and certainly don’t want to instil fear, would it surprise you to know that there is something subtle against which you may need to protect yourself? An intrusion that is silent, invisible, and yet which can be extremely powerful in its effect and to which some people, especially those who start to dabble in the psychic realm or who open up spiritually, may be particularly vulnerable. This unseen force operates not in the physical world but in the invisible and, to counteract it, you need easy to use, psychic self-protection tools such as the power of your mind and a few crystals. This force goes under the name of ill-wishing or, in its most virulent form, psychic attack.

Psychic invasion

Psychic invasion


Psychic invasion comes from both the living and those who have passed on – especially those who have failed to move on in the spirit world. It can be deliberate, or inadvertent. Few people realise what a powerful effect thoughts such as ‘I’ll get back at you’, ’You’ll suffer for this’, ‘Why does she have all the luck?’, or ‘I’ll never forgive you’ can have – and how long they can linger in the ether. Jealousy, rage and resentment are particularly powerful psychic attackers, but someone’s depression or black emotions can be equally debilitating. And few people realise that their own toxic thoughts and emotions can be just as potent a form of attack on themselves.

All kinds of strange energies can surround you.  Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise

All kinds of strange energies can surround you.
Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise

The key to good protection is to find exactly the right method for you and the situations you find yourself in.  What you believe in, you bring into being.  So, positive thoughts and visualisation (picturing things in your mind’s eye) are powerful tools for protecting yourself as is seeing the world as a benevolent place. So too are crystals – which have been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

 What is psychic self-protection and why might you need it?

Psychic self-protection is all about creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. It’s about having positive emotions and constructive thoughts that create a calm centre within yourself. It is a protective barrier around the aura – the subtle energy field that surrounds you and which can sometimes be glimpsed as a whitish glow. Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially if those are malevolent. Most people, at some time or another, have had the experience of having a thought pop into their head that doesn’t belong. But, there are people who are constantly bombarded by other people’s thoughts, and some have the misfortune to come under deliberate attack by someone who bears a grudge. Recreational drugs, meditation and yoga can also make you more sensitive to ‘bad vibes’, increasing your need for psychic protection. But help is at hand.

Using psychic self-protection creates healthy boundaries and turns away psychic attack. You inhabit a tranquil space in which others cannot disturb your equilibrium – either deliberately or by what they think or feel inadvertently spilling out into the atmosphere. You’ll no doubt have noticed that some people leave ‘bad vibes’ behind themselves or that you’re exhausted after you’ve seen a particular friend. It’s the same with getting aught up in the glamour of contact with ‘the spirit world’, or the excitement of spells and incantations. And places can have an effect too. We’ve all felt those chills down the spine or that headache that develops almost instantly in a particular place. If we recognise these signals that all is not well energetically, we can quickly take steps to transmute the energy and to protect ourselves if necessary.

Signs you may need psychic self-protection

  • Do you feel invaded, somehow not yourself.
  • Do you feel someone ‘has it in’ for you?
  • Do you give away too much of your energy?
  • Do you detach yourself after contact with someone else finished?
  • Do you read or watch programmes about sensational psychic activity?
  • Do you meddle or dabble in psychic things without being trained?
  • Do you believe you’re psychic or have a sixth sense?
  • Do you meditate or read tarot cards and the like?
  • Are you allowing someone to have too much influence over you?
  • Do certain people or places leave you feeling drained?
  • Do you feel low if a friend is depressed or unhappy?
  • Do you feel on edge if a friend is angry?
  • Are you accident prone?
  • Have small things gone wrong recently?
  • Do you lose things?
  • Do you have nightmares and insomnia?
  • Are you anxious, nervy, on edge?
  • Do you have invisible feelers out, testing the air around you?
  • Are you perpetually tired, listless, feeling hopeless?

If you tick more than two or three of these, then you probably need psychic self-protection!

Cleaning, charging up and programming your crystals.

If you don’t cleanse your crystals regularly even they can be bad for you as they collect and then give off negative energies. Cleaning your crystals is simple if you choose tumbled stones, rugged chunks or single points. You merely have to hold them under running water for a few minutes and, preferably, put them out in the sun and possibly the moon to recharge (white crystals are particularly fond of moonlight). Or, you can put them onto a large Quartz cluster or Carnelian to recharge. You can also use salt water to cleanse robust stones. If you use crystal clusters or stones that are fragile or dissolve, such as Selenite, the crystals need placing in raw brown rice overnight.

The reason crystals sometimes don’t work for people is they often forget to ask. So, once the crystal has been cleaned and energetically recharged, hold it in your hands and ask that it works for your highest good to protect you.

How do I do it?

At its simplest level, psychic protection can be a bubble you inhabit (see the Amber Melt below).  It can be a crystal you wear, or a talisman you keep at your side. Many people find themselves instinctively crossing their arms over their solar plexus when the emotional level around them becomes too highly charged – this is where your body feels invaded by other people’s strong emotions.  If you feel you’re vulnerable to psychic invasion, you can quickly close off with a traditional body posture that seals your aura and creates an energy circuit around your body that cannot be breached by outside influences. Simply cross your arms over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. But, as you cannot keep your arms crossed all the time, practising the light bubble visualisation or the Amber Melt may be more useful as it protects your aura at all times.

Psychic self-protection means taking charge of your own thoughts and feelings and being fully grounded in your body: something that is easily achieved with a few deep breaths and a grounding crystal. When you trust and believe you’re safe and power-full, you are. Common sense and a few pointers to sensible working, and strengthening your energetic boundaries, soon overcomes any possibility of psychic invasion. The greatest tool is one you already possess: the power of your own mind. If you look positively at the world, you have natural self-protection. Being able to laugh at yourself and at the idiosyncrasies of all worlds is also an excellent deterrent, little survives the benevolent glow of good humour. But a strong aura is also extremely effective as it deflects any ill-wishing or energy pirates that come your way.

The Amber Melt

The Amber Melt


Close your eyes, breathe gently and hold a piece of Amber over your head (or place it above your head if you’re lying down). Put all your attention into the crystal. Feel the Amber slowly melting and trickling down like honey all around your energy field until it completely coats it, meeting under your feet. Feel how safe it is within your Amber cloak, how secure, and notice how you can easily find your centre and grounding within this beautiful crystal. Allow the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energy or fearful emotions, de-stressing you and filling you with positive self-regard and inner peace. Feel how, from the top of your head down into your heart, and on down to the earth beneath your feet, you have a central core of deep peace you can lean and rely on. When you’re ready to end, withdraw your attention from the crystal but leave your bubble in place so that when you return your attention into the room you’ll still have that core of inner peace.

Crystal tip: If you find it difficult to visualise, use your hands to help you mark out the amber bubble all around you and concentrate your gaze into the crystal imagining walking inside it.


Dealing with psychic attack or ill-wishing

If you have the misfortune to come under psychic attack, keep calm. There are some very effective tools to counteract it, the most important one being to avoid fear and to disengage with the person concerned:

  • Picture yourself in an Amber bubble and wear Black Tourmaline constantly
  • Disconnect from the person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Do not have any contact or think or talk about them.
  • Don’t play their game or get pulled into power struggles
  • Laugh about to yourself, don’t take it too seriously
  • Turn your attention on to something positive
  • Don’t meditate or open yourself up psychically unless you are protected and avoid drugs, alcohol or consciousness-altering substances
  • If you have to, face ill-wishers fearlessly with your boundaries strong.
  • Place a Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz crystal in a quiet corner to absorb and transmute negative energy but remember to ask the crystal to assist.
  • If the psychic attack comes from an unknown source, use the Amber melt and wear a black Tourmaline constantly until you can suss out the source and deal with it, or it is dispelled.
Black Tourmaline, the finest protection against psychic attack. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books. The Crystal Wisdom Oracle.

Black Tourmaline, the finest protection against psychic attack. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books. The Crystal Wisdom Oracle.

Golden rules for psychic safety:

  • Don’t meddle in things you don’t understand.
  • Stay focused and positive and keep things in proportion.
  • Retain a sense perspective and of humour at all times.
  • If you are using crystals, ask them to protect you and remember to cleanse them regularly under running water and put them out in the sun to recharge.

And finally:    Stop worrying and start living joyously.


The energy interface, Labradorite. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Quick Fixes

To protect your aura: Wear an Amber, Labradorite or Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck. Use the Amber Melt.

Under psychic attack? Wear a Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck at all times. Place four Black Tourmaline around your bed.

Ungrounded? Take four deep belly breaths and carry a Flint, Jasper or Hematite crystal in your hip pocket.

Sudden energy drain? Place your hands over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. Use a Spleen Protector crystal such as Green Aventurine, Jade or Green Fluorite. Or, wear a Labradorite crystal around your neck. Pop a Green Adventurine crystal in a lefthand breast pocket or in your bra on the lefthand side under your armpit.

Other people’s thoughts bothering you? Wear a Black Tourmaline, Auralite 23, Fluorite or Sodalite crystal around your neck.

(Extracted from Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection, Hay House, and Good Vibrations Flying Horse Publications).