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It doesn’t have to be that way

Creating your futureMy explorations over the last forty five years have shown me that karma is not just what happened in the past, nor is it a fixed punishment and reward system. We create our karma and our future in every moment. Both karma and time are fluid and interact with your soul intention. What you are creating now impacts on the future and what happens in the future feeds back to influence the present. It’s a kind of endless infinity loop. Many reported future life progressions have shown dire disaster scenarios but it does not have to be that way. Other progressions, and the information contained within the Akashic Record, show that there are choices to be made. ‘Impact points’ where the future branches out and different scenarios evolve. All possibilities exist and run themselves in the background but your awareness may only be fixed on one or two. Switch focus and you change the future you interact with. Renegotiate or cancel out of date soul contracts and your life changes dramatically. So, you have the opportunity to create the kind of future that will be most beneficial for your soul growth and the future of humankind.

karmic grooveMany people experience karma as an endlessly repeating cycle, rather like the karmic treadmill although that tends to go round and round repeating exactly the same pattern whereas ‘the groove’ goes endlessly forward sometimes changing interaction but not the personnel or the fundamental role. This is because of deeply ingrained reactive patterns that have arisen over many lifetimes. The soul literally becomes ‘stuck in a grove’, going over and over the same old ground, unable to move forward. The pattern will be reiterated life after life until the soul can break out of the bondage. The ‘grove-type’ pattern frequently happens in relationships where two souls, or whole families, incarnate together again and again, despite the fact that they have long ago learned everything they had to learn from each other, and had repaid any karmic debts they had. They return together from habit. At some point, they have to learn to let go of each other and move on. If you suspect you might be stuck in a karmic groove, take a look at the people around you and the way you interact. Have you been there before? Does it feel like the same old same old? Do the same situations keep coming up time after time, even if you change partners or jobs or location? Then you may well be in a groove.


Each thought, deed, action and belief in the present creates future karma. An important factor in karmic consequences is that the soul is building at each moment the foundations for the future. Each act, thought, word and intention will have consequences in the future.

 People tend to think of karma as ’bad-debt’ deficits on the karmic credit card as it were. But there are credits too.

Beneficial karmas

  • Merit karma: Your karmic credit: money in the karmic piggy bank. The things you ‘got right’ in the past, the lessons you learned, the skills you developed and the wisdom gained. To check out your merit karma look at your talents and skills and the things that come naturally to you. These are credits in your karmic piggy bank and, just like investments, they need nurturing and attention to keep them growing. And you can put new ones in place right now.
  • Positive Attitudinal karma: A positive attitude, such as a loving nature, optimism or innate trust, brought forward from another life creates positive effects in the present life. Change your attitude/thought pattern and you change your future.
  • Communication karma: If the soul has used positive thought and has spoken constructively, then ‘merit karma’ may well have accrued and it can be created for the future.
  • Positive organic karma: when the soul works hard to strengthen an organ such as the heart, for instance, through loving acts. This positive karma can stand the soul in good stead when illness or disability has to be overcome in the future as part of soul learning.
  • Recompense karma: reward is given for sacrifices made to help others and the things that the soul ‘got right’ in the past through learning a difficult lesson. Sometimes the recompense is for a small act of kindness. If you want to know whether you’ve experienced or given recompense karma, look back over your life and see where someone gave you helping hand or where life flowed easily for you. A small act of kindness may well have repaid service you gave in another life, or you yourself may have been repaying a service by giving such a gift in the present life.
  • The karma of grace: Once enough has been done, or no more can be done, the soul can leave the situation behind and move on.

The Akashic Record

An on-going record of the journey of the soul, the evolution of this and other worlds, and the future of All That Is. In this view, anyone living now has probably lived on earth before – and will live again, possibly on earth but most definitely in other realms. Fortunately we don’t have to understand how the field can exist nor how it works to connect to what we can call the wisdom of the cosmic mind or the cosmic memory field. And from there choose the most positive path.

But, is the Akashic Record a computer, that is the hardware behind our experience, or merely one of several available programs for running it? In my experience, the Akashic Record is a not a record of a fixed fate but rather an outline map of a soul’s journey with all the potentialities that opens up – and from mine and my clients’ experiences, it goes way out into the future with myriad possibilities opening up as well as accessing the past. We can view the Akashic Record as a hologram of all that is and might be – it is not in any one place as it permeates our whole universe although we can access it through the Hall of Records. Our souls are connected to this hologram, each carrying a small piece of the hologram within that contains the whole. But the Record can also be read at the between-lives planning meeting that the soul (usually!) holds before incarnating again. Souls play out the destinies we planned for ourselves in this space between lives – the  interlife – although this plan may be powerfully affected by the karma we have accrued and by soulplans from others lives that, although outdated, may still overlay our soul’s intention (see The Book of Why: exploring your soul’s journey). So, through accessing the Akashic Record we can see both what we have been (our previous lives) and what we might be – our potential futures depending on what choices we make.

Reading the Akashic Record

Do not attempt to read the Record for someone for whom you don’t have permission whether from the person themselves or their Higher Self. Once you become practised you can adapt the method to suit yourself and the information you are seeking. When you first begin, you’ll probably have ‘practice runs’. That is, you’ll get glimpses but they may not make much sense. This is rather like tuning one of those old-fashioned television sets in. You get a lot of static and a few glimpses of images that move on quickly before you can fix them in place, and then gradually you can tune into an image, hold it and have the scene move on slowly enough to understand what you are seeing. Because moments of great emotional trauma and soul dramas seem to make the biggest impression on the record, these are what tend to be seen first and it is possible to tune into a specific historical event without actually having been there. If you find a scene distressing, remember that you are seeing it objectively at a distance, not reliving or embodying it. The scene can be reframed into a different outcome if it needs healing. You can also attune to the various potential futures that exist in each. This also works well if you want to assess the outcome of ancestral healing on future generations.

It is helpful to have a friend with you when you first try this exercise. Ensure that the friend has been instructed, ‘don’t try to pull me out suddenly if you think I’m contacting a traumatic scene’. ‘Treat me gently and only intervene if I ask you.’ (You can arrange a signal such as lifting your arm to indicate you need help), What is essential is that this companion is appraised of the way to bring you back safely should you wander too far or get lost in a scene:

To guide a return  

  • ‘Withdraw your attention from that scene and disconnect your energies and awareness*. Make your way back to the lift, asking your Higher Self to accompany you. Step into the lift and press the button for ‘everyday reality’. The lift will bring you down through the vibrations until you reach the place you started from. Step out of the lift and be aware of leaving the past (or the future) behind. Cross the meadow until you reach your starting place.
  • Slowly return your awareness to the room, come into the present moment [If appropriate state the date and time]. Take a few deep breaths and then slowly open your eyes. Wiggle your fingers and toes and make sure your feet make a strong connection to the earth.
  • Holding a grounding crystal facilitates the return.

*If there is any hesitancy about returning, your friend should ask if there is any unfinished business that needs attention and then find a creative way to deal with it if there is – higher selves are usually all too willing to offer assistance with this. Tea and a biscuit usually completes the process of return to everyday awareness.

To read the record

  • Settle yourself comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off the phone. Place a grounding crystal at your feet and ensure that your grounding root is in place, Close your eye. Open your base chakra and let it hold you safely and gently so that you can bring the information down to Earth.
  • Open the causal vortex chakra with Blue Kayanite and bring it close to you (see chakra section).
  • Breathing rhythmically and easily, withdraw your attention from the outside world. If any thoughts pass through your mind that do not relate to this work, let them pass on by. Place a Preseli Bluestone, Chrysotile or other Akashic Record crystal on your third eye (above and between your eyebrows) and allow your inner sight to open.
  • Now see yourself in a beautiful meadow. Feel the ground beneath your feet, smell the air and enjoy being in this beautiful place. Let your feet take you over to a small building that is away to one side.
  • When you reach the building, open the door and go in. In front of you, you will see a lift with its doors standing open waiting for you. Inside the lift are several buttons. One is marked ‘Akashic Records’. Press the button and let the lift take you up through the dimensions to where the Record is housed.
  • As the lift doors open, your Higher Self steps forward to meet you to conduct you through the multi-media experience that is the Akashic Record. Your Higher Self may take out the Book of your Life for you to read, or hand you a DVD or show computer graphics (most of the Record seems to have been digitalised now).. It may show you the many rooms and dimensions of the Record. Simply let the experience unfold before you with your Higher Self guiding the process for your highest good. If you have any specific questions, put them before your Higher Self and ask to be shown the answers as and when appropriate.
  • When you have completed your Akashic session, disconnect your energies from the scene, thank your Higher Self and ask it to accompany you back to the lift.*
  • Step into the lift and press the button for ‘everyday present reality’. The lift will bring you down through the vibrations until you reach the place you started from. Step out of the lift and be aware of leaving the past (or the future) behind. Cross the meadow until you reach your starting place.
  • Remove the crystal from your third eye. Close your causal vortex shutters.
  • Slowly return your awareness to the room. Take a few deep breaths and then slowly open your eyes. Move your fingers and toes and make sure your feet make a strong connection to the Earth. Pick up your grounding crystal and hold it for a few moments. Have a drink and a biscuit.

*If there is any hesitancy about returning, ask your Higher Self if there is unfinished business that needs attention and then find a creative way to deal with it if there is – higher selves are usually willing to offer assistance with this.

Intuiting the Record

Some people never ‘see’ the Record as vivid pictures but they get bodily sensations and intuitions when performing clearings. If you feel a sensation in any part of your body or an emotion, let it grow and become stronger. Let the feeling tell you the story that lies behind it. Hold one of the past life seeing crystals and say to yourself, ‘if I knew what the story was it would be….’  You’ll be surprised how often the answer pops into your awareness. Then let the feeling or sensation go. Or, with the assistance of appropriate crystals, reframe it. Follow up with appropriate crystal healing sessions until the issue is resolved and the necessary reprogramming of the ‘junk DNA’ and the ancestral line has been completed.

[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 6]

Karmic Contracts

A karmic contract is either an agreement willingly made in the interlife before the present incarnation that one soul would interact with another in a specific way. Or, an agreement that is carried over from a previous life or a previous interlife but which has not been reconsidered before incarnation – and may have been forgotten about. Soul contracts can be positive and constructive, or destructive and soul contracts that are not completed in one life may be unwittingly carried over to another. If no longer appropriate the contract needs to be changed before it affects the future.

Soul imperatives and overlays are deeply ingrained patterns or intentions laid down over many lifetimes which may well have been outgrown but not shed by the soul and which compel certain behaviour no matter how much the soul may wish to override them. Such scripts are made up of all the ‘oughts, shoulds and musts’, conditions responses and expectations arising from the past, whenever that might be. Changing a soul imperative can bring about a profound level of healing.

Dissolving karmic contracts

Exercise: ascertaining your soul contracts

  • Close your eyes and breathe gently, setting up a slow, unforced rhythm. Hold your crystal to your third eye. Bring your attention deep into yourself and let any thoughts that are not relevant to the answers you seek to simply float past and go on their way.
  • Picture yourself in a sunny meadow, let yourself feel the grass beneath your feet, smell the flowers, feel a gentle breeze on your face. Enjoy this lovely place for a few minutes and then let your feet take your across the meadow to a building you can see in the distance.
  • As you open the door to this building, you will see a lift in front of you. Step into this lift and allow the doors to close. You will see a button marked ‘contracts department’. Press this button and allow the lift to take you swiftly up to the level you need.
  • As the doors open, your higher self will be standing waiting to greet you. Spend a few moments greeting your higher self.
  • Your higher self will then conduct you to the contracts department to show you the relevant soul contracts you have and explain things to you if necessary. The contracts may be presented in written or pictorial form. Study them and make sure that you fully understand all that they entail. If the contract is still relevant and appropriate for the current life, hand if back to your higher self. [If not, see the instructions below.]
  • Ask also that you be shown outdated and outgrown soul contracts that have passed their sell-by date and which may trip you up when putting your soulplan into action. Allow these overlays to be torn up or to be reframed into something more positive and appropriate to your current stage of life. [see below]
  • Before you leave, ensure that you clearly know the soul contracts you are honouring and the part that you and other people are to play. Ask too whether you have agreed to specific roles and, if these are no longer appropriate, adjust or reframe as appropriate. [see below].
  • When you are ready to return, your higher self will take you back to the lift. The doors will be open, waiting for you. If appropriate your higher self will step into the lift with you. Press the button for the ground floor.
  • When you step out you will be back in the building that leads out onto the meadow. If your higher self has joined you in the lift, ask that it will be available any time you come back to the meadow.
  • Walk back to the centre of the meadow.
  • Then breathe a little deeper, move your hands and feet, and open your eyes. Take time to adjust to being back in your physical body. Then get up and stand with your feet firmly on the ground, feeling your connection with the earth. Have a warm drink and then write down your experience.

Make a note of your soul contracts, what you contracted to do and who you contracted with. Remember that these can be renegotiated in future if necessary.

Exercise: renegotiating soul contracts

If your soul contract is no longer relevant, it can either be reframed into something more appropriate, or let go entirely (see below). Renegotiating can take several forms, you may want to slightly adjust an agreement or completely change it. Working with your own higher self and the higher self of the other person ensures that this goes smoothly but if the other person’s higher self will not cooperate or if you own higher self is insistent on you fulfilling the contract, ask yourself if that if because you are trying to wriggle out of a valid agreement which, while you may not like it, still has relevance. If that is the case, ask how the contract can be fulfilled with grace, ease and forgiveness. Add the following section into the appropriate place in the exercise to ascertain your soul contracts:

  • Ask that the other person’s higher self will join you and your higher self in the contracts department.
  • Discuss with the other person’s higher self how you feel about the contract, how you feel it is still relevant and where it is not. Remember to be open to hearing the other point of view.
  • Then find a way to reframe the conditions set out in the soul contract that will be agreeable and fair to all parties. Once this agreement is reached, have it take the place of the original agreement.

Write out your renegotiated soul contract and keep it where you can see it to remind yourself that things have changed.

Tearing up past-their-sell-by date contracts

There are times when, with the best will in the world, contracts simply cannot be honoured. This often occurs in relationships. If a contract was based, for instance, on another soul fulfilling certain intentions or putting a soulplan into action, which you offered to support, then you can set a time limit on the contract. If the soul has wilfully refused or been unable to make the transition to a new way of being, or has made no effort to put the soulplan into action, you can end the contract without any karma or consequences accruing. Occasionally both the higher selves concerned may take some convincing of this, in which case unilateral action on your part may be necessary if you are sure that you have done all you can and want the karma of grace to come into operation – although this will not work if you are trying to wriggle out of something that really is in your soul’s best interest. Add the following at the appropriate place in ascertaining your soul contracts:

In your mind’s eye, take the contract and tear it into small pieces. Place the pieces into a fireproof dish and set them alight. As the paper smokes and burns, let forgiveness and thanks go the other person but set them and yourself free from the contract. When the fire burns out, the contract is ended. Ask both higher selves to honour the fact that you have rescinded the contract and to release any agreement made between the two of them regarding the contract. There is an old occult law that says if you ask three times, the request must be honoured and the contracts must be rescinded so, if necessary, repeat the process three times and hand the charred dishes to the higher selves, blowing away the ash as you do so.

If you know the wording on the contract, you can write it on a piece of paper and set light to it as a tangible release, remembering to let go with forgiveness as you do so.

[Extracted from The Book of Why]

Crystals for renegotiating contracts and reading the Akashic Record


ChrysotileChrysotile accesses the Akashic Record with ease and helps you to navigate all potential futures, make positive choices, and put the gifts you will need in place. Useful for clearing away the debris of the past, it encourages integrity and self-honesty. Chrysotile helps you to steer your destiny. It heals the etheric and karmic blueprints.

Trigonic QuartzTrigonic Quartz

The soul midwife crystal. A Trigonic takes you to the core of who you are and will be. It accompanies the soul through birth and death. This crystal accesses multi-dimensional holographic consciousness and moves between time-frames with ease. It holds the record of the soul’s journeys and intentions and assists in resolving conflicts and contradictions. A Trigoniceals all the energy bodies. And facilitates personal and planetary evolution.

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Amethyst, c. Jeni Campbell/

This crystal holds the perfect blueprint from before karma was imprinted. It can return the soul to its natural ‘state of perfection’. A Brandenberg clears ancestral karma and heals on many levels. See the downloads section for the Brandenberg journey.

What was your plan?

Soul intention: the Moon’s Nodes

An soulplan is set out for the present life and mapped in your birthchart. That chart shows your present life intention through the placement of the North Node of the Moon and your past intention through the South. The South also indicates ingrained soul patterns. (You can easily get a chart off the internet). The Nodes are always opposite each other in the chart.

North Node in Aries: recognising and asserting the Self – a process that has to start with developing a strong ego and the sense of ‘Me’ that Aries expresses so well.  Until you have found your Self, you cannot surrender it.

Aries South Node: ego, self-centredness, self-absorption and selfishness, tilting at windmills.

North Node in Taurus: grounding the Self into the material world, on using one’s resources and skills to make one’s mark. Being in a physical body and using the five senses to interact with the world – whilst recognising that there is a spiritual dimension. Find the certainty of the eternal Self rather than relying too heavily on material matters such as money or position.

Taurus South Node: possessiveness and attachment to material goods or notions, the drive for more.

North Node in Gemini: communicate the Self out to the waiting world – with truth and integrity. Takes small, disparate pieces of information and makes a great leap of intuition to reach a new truth.  Explores many avenues as the soul seeks to understand the world.

Gemini South Node: insincerity, lack of veracity, expediency, taking the path of least resistance, over influenced by others.

North Node in Cancer: emotions and nurturing, motherhood and the home and family. Nurture and then let go; support without becoming overly possessive. Mmay well begin to recognise afresh a soul family from the past.

Cancer South Node: emotional possessiveness and attachment to the past, over-nurturing, control freakery.

North Node in Leo: make a mark on the world. Creative, heart centred sign. Soul challenges  are concerned with power.

Leo South Node: desire to rule, power, emotional games, false humility and pride.

North Node in Virgo: discrimination. Challenge is to avoid being over-critical and setting impossible standards. Give disinterested service from the heart.

Virgo South Node:  servitude, servility, criticalness and the search for perfection.

North Node in Libra: enter into relationship with another but avoid losing one’s self in that other. Find the inner balance and harmony.

Libra South Node: overwhelming need for relationship, losing sight of itself in relationships, over-adaptation and compromise.

North Node in Scorpio: explore some very dark places, taboo areas of life. Find insights that will lead to its own and other’s healing. Mastery of power and avoiding becoming embroiled in ‘power-over’ struggles with others.

Scorpio South Node: addiction to traumas and dramas, emotional pain and power issues, death wish.

North Node in Sagittarius: seeks the deeper meaning of life. Quest for understanding.  The challenge is to keep this quest focused and grounded.

Sagittarius South Node: adherence to ideology, philosophies and ingrained beliefs, constant restless quest to know more, economical with the truth.

Capricorn North Node: find outer life stability and inner spiritual authority. Reconnect to the soul’s wisdom and use that to become a wise mentor for humanity.

Capricorn South Node: authoritarianism, a tendency to exercise tight control over everything, scapegoat.

North Node in Aquarius: revolution and evolution.  Recognises that change is essential if the soul and society are to grow in a way which benefits humanity.

Aquarius South Node: rebellion, old humanitarian ideals that no longer appertain, being different simply for the sake of so doing.

North Node in Pisces: enlightenment and at-one-ment. Not simply finding a means of escape from the world. Must detach from emotional undercurrents to become one with the overriding spirit from which it came.

Pisces South Node: sacrifice, escapism, atonement, dissolution, victim-martyr-saviour.