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This is a grid I had intended to include in Crystal Grids but it was deemed by the publisher to be too complex for general readers (!). It’s an easy process though.

Astrological chart gridA natal or birthchart is a moment fixed in time. A picture of the sky as it appears from the perspective of earth at that time. The planets and signs map out the soul learning plan for the present lifetime. Challenges and issues can be assisted to resolve, and the gifts brought out, by placing appropriate crystals on the chart (or by making an astrological essence. More of that in the forthcoming Crystal Prescriptions volume 6: making crystal essences.) You don’t have to be an astrologer to create a birthchart, there are many sites on the internet offering free ones. Simply print one out and place the crystals appropriately. Stand back and calmly await results without forcing the process on, which is always counter-productive.

Chart for commencement of Crystal Grids

The signs

The signs

Using the grid: This grid can be laid out over your own birthchart or on one for a project you are undertaking.

Timing: Lay the chart at any time.

You will need:

Crystals for the zodiac signs:

Sign Glyph Birthstone(s)
Aries Aries Ruby, Diamond
Taurus Taurus Emerald
Gemini Gemini Agate, Tourmaline
Cancer cancer Moonstone, Pearl
Leo Leo Cat’s or Tiger’s Eye
Virgo Virgo Peridot, Sardonyx
Libra Libra Sapphire, Opal
Scorpio Scorpio Malachite, Turquoise
Sagittarius Sagittarius Topaz, Turquoise
Capricorn Capricorn Onyx, Garnet
Aquarius Aquarius Aquamarine
Pisces Pisces Amethyst, Moonstone

Crystals for the planets:

Sun Sun Citrine or Sunstone
Moon Moon Moonstone or Selenite
Mercury Mercury Blue Lace Agate or Fire Agate
Venus Venus Rose Quartz or Emerald
Mars Mars Hematite or Ruby
Jupitar Jupiter Topaz or Citrine
Chiron Chiron Charoite
Saturn Saturn Onyx or Galena (toxic use with caution)
Uranus Uranus Rutilated Quartz
Neptune Neptune Aquamarine
Pluto Pluto Smoky Quartz or Obsidian
North Node North Node Anandalite

To lay the grid:

  • Hold your cleansed crystals and state your intention.
  • Match the glyphs on your birthchart to the zodiac and planetary signs.
  • Lay an appropriate crystal on each of the zodiac signs.
  • Lay an appropriate crystal on each of the planetary glyphs.
  • Place an appropriate keystone such as Flint in the centre of the chart to anchor it.
  • Gaze at your birthchart with softly focused eyes and breathe mindfully and slowly.
  • Contemplate your chart for five to fifteen minutes.
  • You can leave your chart in place or dismantle the chart whichever is appropriate.

The grid can also be amended to support weak elements in the chart. More about that later! But you’ll find more information on the astrological elements on the website.

Useful tools

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