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Activating Kundalini

Kundalini is the mass explosion of dark, raw, sexual, moist, sticky, juicy power. It is distinctly the wild feminine which can’t be controlled. It is primitive, messy and overpowering, like birth and can be as frightening as death.  Dr. Glenn Morris (

Have you experienced a firestorm rushing up your spine? Electric shocks or tingles coursing through your body? Waves of energy flowing through you like ripples on the sea? Or icy chills? An instantaneous cosmic orgasm? A ‘scintillation of the senses’? Ultimate bliss? Momentary enlightenment? Being bathed in liquid light? Or been blasted out of your body? If so, you’ve had a kundalini event.

There are many warnings out there about this mysterious, overwhelming force that can rush up your spine and fountain out of your head. Authentic empowerment is on offer. But not without its Pooh-traps and peccadilloes, (more about those in Crystal Prescriptions 4).  I particularly like the quote above as for me it encapsulates the core experience of fiery kundalini awakening. The wildness of the Shakti force – primordial cosmic energy – moving through you to meet the pure primal consciousness of Shiva to give birth to expanded awareness.

Cosmic kundalini

So how do you raise and control kundalini?

Couldn’t resist

Couldn’t resist this one!

Once all the chakras have been cleansed, activated and balanced, and the subtle bodies aligned (see appropriate sections), various techniques assist with raising kundalini. The simplest of these is a combined breathing and crystal placement exercise that transmutes prana into a higher frequency energy. It takes the energy out to the subtle bodies as well as through the front and back of the physical spine and the chakras. It should be worked in gentle stages so that each chakra has assimilated the rise and adapted its frequency before moving onto the next. The energy rise will be subtle at first but over time can become orgasmic, a rush of bliss moving up your spine. This is when you need to keep control of the energy, directing its course with the crystal and with your mind.




Kundalini Crystals

Kundalini Quartz

Kundalini Quartz

Kundalini Quartz is a natural Citrine from the Congo. It has a deep to light olive ‘oily’ appearance and a very strong kick indeed. It is the perfect stone for raising kundalini.


TripliteHighly energetic, boosting the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body, Triplite stimulates the base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of the body, physical and subtle. If a brown or black Triplite is placed below the feet, a red on the base chakra and an orange on the sacred, it shoots energy up through the heart and into the top of the head – rather like a firework going off. If the effect is too dramatic it can be regulated with a white crystal above the head. The energy then flows down around the aura to enclose and boost your biomagnetic field. In the space created, Triplite assists you to manifest whatever you desire or most need for your spiritual development. Triplite assists the kundalini energies to integrate at the etheric, physical, emotional and mental levels, raising consciousness so that you become aware of being part of a greater spiritual whole. From there it stimulates compassion for your fellow human beings.

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Named after the Sanskrit for fire, Agnitite is a hematite-based Quartz that has been designated one of the highest vibration stones for spiritual transformation and transfer of higher dimensional energies. This powerful Quartz lights your inner fire. When placed on the base chakra, power flashes up the spine and shoots out of the top of your head to open the higher crown chakras before falling back through the body to fertilize your cells. It needs to be used with care unless you have already worked with high vibration crystals. Too rapid a kundalini rise causes physical and spiritual imbalances, ‘blowing your mind’ or your cells causing physical disturbances, so other stones such as Mohawkite or Smoky Elestial Quartz may be needed to assist with integration and grounding of these new energies. Having heightened the frequency of the physical body, Agnitite integrates the lightbody and raises the energetic resonance of the whole.

Judy Hall, Crystal Bible volume 3

Raising the kundalini quietly

It may be sensible to use an earthier stone such as Poppy Jasper or Serpentine when first undertaking the exercise and then move onto higher vibrational stones such as Kundalini Quartz, Triplite, Agnitite or Anandalite as the channels open. Remember to put your shamanic and cosmic anchors in place (see appropriate section), and position an appropriate crystal such as Serpentine or Anandalite above your head at the stellar gateway and one such as Serpentine or Flint at your feet at the Gaia gateway so that the energy is able to flow back down and circulate rather than blasting out of the top of your head. Focusing your attention on each chakra in turn helps the energy to rise. Lying down makes placing a crystal above your head and below your feet easier if you are working alone. You could sit or stand and ask a helper to assist by holding a stellar gateway crystal above your head.

As it can be difficult to reach around behind you to the chakras on the back of your spine, it can be useful to have someone assist this process by moving the crystal for you. However, you will need to guide them as to the speed with which they move the crystal. This can be done by asking them initially to move it in time with your breathing – and you can use your hand to indicate this. Moving it up as you inhale and holding it still as you exhale. An intuitive assistant will soon attune to your breathing pattern and move the crystal accordingly.

If you do not have an assistant and cannot reach your back when lying on your side, you can move the crystal up the front of your body but use the power of your mind to visualise and feel the energy moving up the back of your spine.

Raising the kundalini

You will need:

A grounding stone such as Flint, Smoky Quartz or Elestial Smoky Quartz.

A stellar gateway crystal such as Azeztulite, Phenacite, Selenite or Serpentine.

A kundalini activating crystal such as Agnitite, Anandalite, Kundalini Quartz, Poppy Jasper, Red Amethyst, Red Jasper, Sedona Stone, Serpentine or Triplite.

  • Place a grounding stone at the Gaia gateway chakra or between your feet if sitting or standing.
  • Place a stellar gateway crystal above your head.
  • Put your shamanic and cosmic anchors in place.
  • Hold your kundalini activating crystal over your base chakra.
  • Clench your perineum and anus.
  • Breathe deeply down into the base chakra at the base of your belly until you can feel the kundalini energy stirring and meeting the energy of the crystal.
  • When the energy begins to move, as you breathe in pull it up the back of your spine towards the sacral chakra. As you breathe out clench and hold the energy in place, slowing moving the crystal upwards as you do so. Allow the crystal to accompany the energy, do not force it.
  • Continue to inhale and pull the energy up; exhale and clench, holding the energy in place, and then raising it up once more until it reaches the sacral chakra.
  • Inhale deeply into your sacral chakra and let it fill with kundalini and the energy from the crystal. Clench and hold it there as you breathe out. Repeat four or five times.
  • Then move your crystal up towards your dantien as you inhale deeply and pull the energy up to your dantien. As you exhale, clench and hold the energy so that it fills the dantien.
  • Breathing deeply and slowly moving your crystal, let the energy flow up to the solar plexus. As you exhale, clench and hold the energy so that it fills the sacral chakra.
  • From here it is a small step to the heart seed chakra. Breathe into your spine level with the base of your breastbone and allow the kundalini energy and that of the crystal to flow into the heart seed.
  • As it does so, feel how the heart chakra opens to receive the kundalini. Let your heart fill with the energy. Breathe deeply into your heart and feel how it opens to allow the kundalini to flow up into the higher heart chakra so that the three chambered heart chakra is on fire with kundalini. Stay with this energy, breathing gently and letting it find its point of equilibrium. Do not hurry the process.
  • When the energy has stabilised, continue inhaling and exhaling in a regular rhythm, bringing the energy and the crystal up to the rear of the throat chakra. Breathe deeply into the throat chakra and feel the kundalini meet the energy of the crystal and fill and open your throat.
  • Move the crystal and the kundalini energy up and over the back of your head until you reach a point level with the third eye. Continue breathing into that point until the energy stabilises.
  • Then breathe into your crown chakra and pull the energy into it. Holding your crystal on the crown, continue breathing until the crown chakra fills with kundalini.
  • Inhaling and exhaling in a gentle rhythm, take the crystal down the front of your body, pausing at each chakra and feeling the energy connect until you reach the base chakra once more.
  • Be aware that you have a circuit of kundalini energy running up the back of your spine and down the front of your body.
  • After you have completed a few circuits, when you reach the crown chakra allow the kundalini to move up through the soul star connecting with that chakra. Feel it flow from there down to the earth star beneath your feet and then up your shamanic anchor roots into your feet, legs and hips. Move it across to the base chakra and begin the circuit again.
  • After several more circuits, allow the kundalini to reach the stellar gateway chakra and cascade down through your energy bodies until it reaches the Gai gateway chakra. Bring it up to the earth star and up around your energy bodies.
  • Feel how the flow through your body extends out and meets the flow through your subtle energy bodies. This connection is particularly strong at each chakra. Move your crystal in turn to each of the chakras
  • You will then have a two way flow, up and down the spine, and up and down the energy bodies which is connected through the chakra vortexes.
  • Once the flow has been activated and is in harmony, simply rest in the flow, allowing the energy to permeate every pore of your being at every level.
  • Store the energy in your base chakra or dantien when the exercise is complete. Spiral the energy into the chakra using your crystal and visualise folding the ‘petals’ of the chakra over to close it.

If at any time you feel discomfort or distress, hold the crystal still and breathe into the chakra until a release is felt. It may then be sensible to leave the session at that point until the energy has stabilised and return to it later. In which case, store the kundalini in the base chakra or dantien by visualising the energy spiralling in and the chakra closing over it (see close down below). If you have someone assisting you, it can be helpful if they hold a Smoky Quartz, Obsidian or Flint crystal over the chakra to absorb anything that needs to be released (don’t forget to cleanse the crystal afterwards).

The exercise can also be carried out with you lying on your side and a helper massaging the back or front of each of your chakras with a crystal. Your assistant then moves onto the next chakra when you indicate that the energy, which you have been pulling up with your breath as before, has reached the next chakra. When all the chakras have been filled and the kundalini is flowing through the subtle energy bodies, huge sweeps of Anandalite or Serpentine from the feet up to the head and back helps the energy to stabilise.

To close down

  • Allow your breathing to quieten and rest the crystal over your dantien or base chakra.
  • Feel the kundalini spiralling down into the chakra and the chakra closing over it like petals folding in. If necessary, hold a piece of Flint over the chakra to lock it closed for the time being.
  • Take your attention down to your feet and ensure that your grounding root is in place.
  • Focus your attention into the earth star chakra and feel it holding you gently in incarnation and connected to the Earth.
  • If you have been sitting or lying, stand up and feel your feet in contact with the Earth.
  • Close the higher chakras above your head by visualising them folding in on themselves like a flower closing, or place a closing crystal such as Flint over them.
  • Check whether any of your chakras need to be slowed down or regulated and, if so, place an appropriate crystal over them for a few moments.
  • Move around, have a hot drink and, preferably, walk on the earth with bare feet to ensure you are fully grounded and any excess energy discharged.

The same process can be used for a chakra close down, omitting spiraling the kundalini into the dantien or base chakra.

My natural Flint dragon head. Perfect for grounding. Feel free to tune in 1

Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions vol. 4

Crystals Prescriptions 4

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