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From the comfort of my sunbed in Corfu, I picked up a handful of stones. The fossilised shells embedded in them had caught my eye. Knowing that shells removed the last wisp of karma from the aura and chakras, I thought it could be interesting to bring some home and explore their properties. On my way out of the sea, I spotted a few more. Should have been more attentive! Fossilised shell in their matrix proved to be very useful.

We used the shells at The College of Psychic Studies to draw out the last wisps of karma from the aura and chakras. It followed on a thorough cleansing with Anandalite. And it was potent and powerful.



But you can work with shells without a matrix. Simply ‘comb’ them around the aura and allow the karmic dross to be pulled off without your mind needing to know what is being let go. Flat bladed or ‘toothed’ shells work well.

You can then put a shell to your ear to whisper to you the secrets of your soul. Enjoy!