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As Jeni isn't able to continue with Angeladditions, Terrie Celest has taken over selling my crystals. I've worked with Terrie for several years now as she both organises and helps facilite my workshops and she has a profound knowledge of crystals. A qualified crystal healer and therapist as well as gifted astrologer, I can think of no one better to carry on selling my specially-charge crystals and the monthly recommendations, as well as the new crystals that we offer. But please dont use her as a means to try to reach me. Emails sent to me via her cannot be forwarded.

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Exquisite Crystals

Here you will find one of the largest inventories of healing crystals and minerals. Exquisite Crystals offers the highest quality quartz crystals and minerals. All of our healing crystals are hand chosen based on a combination of factors including the aesthetics and the crystal's energy. Exquisite Crystals is home to the highest quality and most reasonably priced healing crystals and minerals on the web.

Exquisite Crystals was founded by John Van Rees in 1999 in an effort to bring the world of healing crystals to a broader community. Exquisite Crystals' mission is to introduce the healing energy and power of crystals to people who are new to crystals, and also to provide a place for collectors and lovers of crystals to expand on their collections and continue on their personal journey.

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