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You have two options to go for. Both appear to be the same. But you want to know if there are any hidden snags and which one will be best for you in the long term. Try this ancient ritual.


Problem making up your mind?

Let Flint show you the way.

Let Flint show you the way.

Before you go to sleep, picture a pair of old fashioned scales. Put an image of your choices on each side (if necessary make a mental note of which is on which side before you do so). It may be that the two balance out, in which case they could be equally beneficial for you. Or they could be equally lifeless, so be alert to how they settle. A lively swing before settling shows there is energy there. A dull thud as each cancel the other out indicates there is no energy in the either. But if one rises high into the air, that’s probably the one to go for. Unless it’s a pie in the sky idea that’s never going to get grounded without some assistance. Put a Flint under your feet and ask it to show you by morning which would be the beneficial option. Make a note of your dreams and how you now see the scales. If it’s the one that rose high, ensure that you keep a grounding crystal about your person to keep centred, focused and motivated. Take special note of your dreams. It’s not difficult, which of these predicts a successful outcome?

Keep a Carnelian standing by to ensure the successful out come.