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Tie cuttingI have used this method for over forty five years and it has proved to be very effective. Tie cutting does not cut off any unconditional love that exists between you and another person, but it does clear away all the karmic conditioning, the expectations and demands, ‘oughts and shoulds’ that have built up that can interfere with a clear expression of the purpose behind a relationship and the manifestation of unconditional love. Tie cutting sets each person free to be who they are meant to be. It doesn’t necessarily split a relationship, unless it is time to move on, but it can greatly enhance or heal an on-going relationship. It can also help you to cut away from your old self or something to which you are addicted. It is extremely powerful and should only be done when you are completely sure you are ready for the cutting.

Tie cutting helps all relationships including those between parents and children as well as lovers and anyone with whom you have energetic enmeshment. It can be carried out with present or past partners, or anyone to whom you feel a strong tie. The person concerned does not have to be alive. It is an excellent way to release those who have passed on so that they can continue their evolution elsewhere.

To be fully whole within a relationship you need to take back any projections, free yourself from old vows or promises, have realistic expectations and allow yourself to practise unconditional love. The unconditional love and forgiveness that form part of the exercise are potent healers. If you feel you are not ready for that stage, simply move onto the next part of the exercise but try it again at a later date to see if you can express and accept forgiveness – it is extremely beneficial for your personal growth if you can.

Before you do the following exercise, make sure that you are in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. The human mind is fantastically inventive and can be most graphic in its representations of the links. Nets, hooks and ropes are common symbols. The exercise begins by using two circles. Do not let these overlap – but if they do it can tell you a great deal about the relationship. Peg them down if necessary or use a cylinder of light that completely surrounds you from the top of your head down to the ground. Part of the exercise includes burning the cords after the cutting. This transforms the energy that was held in the connection. If you have a tie that it feels inappropriate to burn, ask to be shown the right way to transform it. Shredding and composting may be the answer, burying rarely is unless it is so that something new can unconditionally flower.

As cords can be located in the subtle chakras and the aura, it is important to check for links on these levels as well as those hooked into or around your physical body.

It is most important that all cutting, healing and sealing is done at one go. If you ‘blank out’ or fall asleep, then go back to the beginning and start again, telling yourself that this time you will remain alert and complete the cutting.



Visualisation: Tie Cutting

Settle yourself comfortably in a chair. Breathe slowly and easily and relax.

Picture yourself standing in a meadow or on a beach or other comfortable place. At arms length all around you on the ground mark out a circle (you can use paint, light or whatever comes to mind). In front of your circle, but not touching it, draw another circle. Standing in the centre of your circle, ask that the person with whom you wish to cut the cords will come and stand in the centre of the circle in front of you.

When the person is there, explain why you are doing this work. Tell them that it will not cut off any unconditional love between you but that it will free you from all the conditioning, the expectations, the oughts and shoulds, promises, karma, etc, that have arisen in other lives or in the present one.

Then ask to be shown how the links between you manifest themselves. When you can see these clearly, ask to be given the appropriate tools to remove them. Remove them from yourself first, and then from the other person. (If you find this too difficult, ask for a helper to remove them from the other person.) Pile the cords up outside the circles. As you work, heal and seal each place with light as the Tie is removed. Make sure you get all the links, especially those around the back or in hidden places.

Now slowly bring your attention out from your physical body through the various layers of your magnetic sheath until you reach the outermost edge. If you find any cords, or hooks, attaching you to anyone else at these subtle levels, dissolve them with bright white light, a crystal or other appropriate tool and seal the place where they have been with golden or pink light and unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself for becoming attached.

When you are sure you have removed all the cords (except those of genuine pure, unconditional love), ask for healing light to surround you, and the other person, so that all the places can be healed. Then let unconditional love and forgiveness flow both ways between you. Give and accept forgiveness as appropriate.

When this is complete, move the other person back out of your space to their own space, back to where they belong. (They will most probably move out of sight. If there is any problem with this, ask for a helper to escort them out of your space. If the person is a current partner, then it may be appropriate for them to remain within sight but out of your personal space.)

Now turn your attention to the cords. See a big, blazing bonfire and throw the cords onto this. As the cords burn, the energies in them will be transmuted and released. This is your creative energy, let it come back to you, helping the healing process. Move as close to the fire as you can, drawing in the transmuted energy. Fill yourself up with the energy. Let it empower you.

When you feel ready to complete the process, move back to the place you started from. Notice how much lighter and freer you feel without those cords weighing you down. Let the edges of your aura crystalise to keep you free from inappropriate connections. Then slowly let yourself become aware of your body sitting in the chair, of your feet on the floor and your connection to the earth. Enclose yourself in a bubble of light. When you are ready, stand up and move around.

If you are non-visual: You can work with your hands or a cleansed and dedicated crystal seeking out the places on your body where you intuitively feel there are cords and removing these with a cutting motion. Then place your hand over the spot to heal and seal it. Remember to bring your hand out from your body to check the aura and the subtle chakras removing any cords and healing and sealing the place with light and love.

You can also use a photograph of yourself and the other person. If you do not have a photograph draw two outlines to symbolise the two of you. With a Smoky Brandenberg Amethyst, Rainbow Obsidian, Novaculite or Laser Quartz draw a circle (or as close as you can get it, it will probably be more of an oval) around each of you separately. If you are standing close together, take great care when working down the centre ‘join’ between you, remember that you are not doing this with any intent to harm the other person. Check out the aura around the physical body as you work. Then take a pair of scissors and separate the photograph or drawing into two halves. Place the two halves under a Rose Quartz crystal for a few minutes then take the photograph of the other person and say out loud: ‘I let you go with unconditional love and forgiveness’. Burn the photograph or shred and compost it, again remember that there is no intent to harm the other person simply to set yourself free from them, and feel the purified and restored energy returning to you.

Crystals for Tie cutting: (place over where you sense a tie or work all around the aura): Flint, Novaculite, Laser Quartz, Smoky Brandenberg Amethyst, Sunstone, Stibnite, Petalite, Banded Agate, Malachite, Rainbow Aura Quartz, Rainbow Mayanite, Rainbow Obsidian, Dumortierite, Pietersite, Jasper Tie-cutter

Rainbow Mayanite

Rainbow Mayanite: rare but very effective.