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Astrology can be a useful tool to help you feel more at home in your home and improve your well-being. Know your elemental balance, and you know your comfort zone. You can work from your sun-sign alone, but knowing your birthchart and the balance of planets in the elements refines your knowing.

Do you have a favourite room in your house?

Is there a room you feel uneasy in?

Would you like your home to reflect more of your personality?

Do you find it difficult to sleep?

Do you always row with your partner in one particular room?

Do you wake up feeling drained when you sleep in the same bed as your partner?

Have you tried Feng Shui and it hasn’t really worked?

Astrology may well have the answer.

Astrological elements

Astrological elements

The astrological signs are divided up into four ‘elements’. The elements affect your health, your relationships and your approach to life. People who belong to the same element will tend to experience life in the same way – although that tendency is affected by your own unique birthchart.

The Earth Signs

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are practical and pragmatic. This element is concerned with the material world, the body and the five senses. Earth signs like physical comfort and order. Home is important and may be a status symbol. An hospitable element, earth likes control the environment. Disharmony in the home may be reflected in physical ailments.

The water signs

The water signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are emotional and intuitive. Concerned with feelings and subtle energies, water signs like the atmosphere to be ‘right’. Emotional comfort and feelings are important. Water signs make intuitive rather than rational choices. Home is a place of retreat, somewhere to recharge and be with a loved one. A home that does not feel right will result in emotional dis-ease.

The Air Signs

The Air SignsGemini, Libra and Aquarius are rational and head-orientated. Thought prevails, ideas flow freely. Needing an ambience conducive to communication, air homes are sociable places where people come and go freely. The wrong home environment leads to mental stress and an inability to relax.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are impetuous and energetic. Concerned with creativity and the spirit; impractical and somewhat disorganised, the fire element is busy doing. Fire signs take little notice of physical surroundings, and happily put up with temporary discomfort. They want their surroundings to be stimulating and exciting. They can make themselves at home anywhere. The fire element is particularly prone to burn-out.

Elemental colour:

Earth element: neutral beiges and earthy browns and greens, but Capricorn likes steely colours too.

Water element: cool and calm. Blues and silvery greens predominate. Scorpio inclines towards rich deep reds.

Air element: light and airy. Yellows and blue-greys. Aquarius looks to electric blues and colours that shock, whilst laid-back Libra prefers a gentler colour-coordinated look.

Fire element: strong, bright, stimulating colours; hot and lively. Yellows and reds, or strong blues. This is an element that likes to make an impact!

The effect of colour is particularly noticeable where when different elements live together, as when a fire is partnered by a more restrained sign, for example. A peaceful air boudoir is likely to be decked out in soft mauves and pinks, or pale seagreen. A real passion killer for fire, but a relaxing place to sleep for both air and fire elements However, if the whole house was decked out in cool colour, fire would soon be suffering from depression. So a compromise would have to be reached that created areas for each element and mutual space.

If a cool water sign had to live in a hot fire environment, steam would soon rise. Water simply could not tolerate living in vivid colours for long. Tempers would fray, and the water sign would end up dried out and dessicated. All the passion would go out of the relationship. A cool space for withdrawing has to be created – ideally the bathroom as this is a water room. Similarly, a fire sign in a watery environment would lose all creativity and verve. Too much water puts out fire, as does an overdose of earth. Separate rooms may be called for here. Air on the other hand fans fire. This combination would have to create an oasis of calm in which to sleep as otherwise they could burn out.

Marking your territory

Each element has a different approach to personal space. Materialistic Earth is territorial, bricks and mortar matter. Many a Taurean, for instance, stays in an unhappy relationship “because of the house”. An earth sign is quite happy to share personal space, just as long as the ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ boundaries are clearly marked out. This element enjoys entertaining – provided invitations have been issued.

Water signs go to two extremes. Both Cancer and Scorpio can be intensely private, jealously protective of personal space, and needing somewhere to withdraw to process the day.  After that, they can happily share mutual space and for Cancer, having the family around is vital.. Pisces on the other hand has problems establishing boundaries and often unwittingly invades other people’s space. This particular water sign sees little need for other people to have their private space – Pisces are so intuitive it is impossible to hide anything from them anyway!

Air signs have their personal space inside their head. This element needs to communicate, so an audience is welcomed whether it be a partner, a flatmate or the milkman. Air rarely marks out territorial boundaries of any kind. As most people born under an air sign hate to be alone, their home can have a transient feel, as though it is a merely somewhere to lay a weary head. Air homes are gathering places, meant for a crowd. People are welcome to drop in.

Fire signs are independent. Personal space is valued, but the space can be a sleeping bag under the stars, or a favourite chair. Most fire signs have the ability to withdraw into their own inner world if they need to be alone. Self-orientated Aries may well mark out territory. This sign expects other people to adapt, and is prepared to argue the point. But Leo sits back to rule the roost like a benevolent (or not so benevolent) dictator. There is little room for negotiation in a Leo home. Sagittarius is often too busy travelling to establish much of a home base.  This is a sign that values wide open spaces. Partners may well feel neglected when this fiery sign is on the move.

When it comes to windows, you need to take your element into account. Big picture windows with wide open vistas make fire and air signs happy, but they may well freak out a water sign who has a need to feel protected. Muslin drapes may be required here. On the other hand, small fussily dressed windows would send a fire sign mad.

dressed windows

So, the element to which your sun-sign belongs says a great deal about you. Your home will reflect these innate qualities. If you are in tune with your element, you will have created an atmosphere and chosen colours which display its characteristics. If you do not live in a space which is compatible with your element, it can create problems for you. You will feel uneasy and irritated. Your health will suffer.

What happens when my partner belongs to a different element?

If your partner has the sun in a completely different element, either you have to incorporate both elements into your home, or one of you will feel increasingly uncomfortable. But, a compromise may create tension unless is satisfies both parties.

Practical solutions

If you have trouble sleeping, check the colour and layout of your bedroom. You may need to adjust it to be more in tune with your element – or to tone it down. You may find that the colours you instinctively chose are fine for one part of your home but inappropriate for another. Fire signs, for instance, are particularly fond of colours that stimulate. So, a fire sign may paint the whole house a bright, strong yellow or red. Whilst this may be fine for living areas, it is may cause insomnia in the bedroom. Cooling the colour down would make sleep easier.

If you and your partner always row in a particular room, look at the colour and check it against both your elements. Is it a room that literally rubs one of you up the wrong way? A change of colour or rearranging the space could well save your relationship! Such changes do not need to be drastic, a new throw and a few cushions in the right colour could make all the difference.

Adjustments can be minor – or major. Few earth signs, for instance, are happy without a connection to nature. Even if earth colours have been used, something more may be required. Plants and crystals can make all the difference. But, earth also needs comfort. If an earth sign is trying to sleep in a cramped, small bed; or sit on a hard chair, then new furniture will be called for.

If you realise that there is a need for more personal space, you can arrange your rooms accordingly. Even a small space can be colour coordinated to create the feeling of security and relaxation for earth and water signs. A corner of the room or a cupboard which is ‘mine’ may resolve the problem.

You may find that more space is required. A small, cluttered room can feel claustrophobic to an element that yearns for space and freedom. So, if being at home makes you feel a need to push the walls out, declutter and paint with an appropriate colour. Create an ‘open vista’ through clever use of mirrors, pictures or window dressing.

You don’t fit your element?

It may be due to the unique moment of your birth. Astrologically speaking, there are far more planets than the sun alone (in astrology both the sun and the moon are called planets). Most people have a fairly even distribution of planets in the different elements. But some people have an imbalance. Your sun may be the only planet placed in that element. Other elements could be much stronger. Someone who has this imbalance may unconsciously look to a partner to ‘fill in the blanks’. For a time this could work. But the home environment would have to be planned carefully – after consulting an astrologer. A strongly water influence could debilitate fire, for instance. On the other hand, the fire could suck all the energy out of the water. If two people with this imbalance sleep together, one could well wake up in the morning feeling drained. Separate beds may be needed.

The Rainbow Obsidian Journey

A meditation to help you explore your inner depths to release any toxic trash that is holding you back and reveal the previously hidden gifts.

Rainbow Obsidian

Image copyright, sellers of amazing
crystal skulls and other beauties.

  • Settle yourself quietly and breathe gently, withdrawing your attention from the outside world and into the crystal. Keep your eyes half open and gaze at the bands of your Rainbow Obsidian or the photograph. Move the crystal slightly so that it catches the best light to show you the coruscating bands. Feel the strength of the crystal in your hand. Let its energy radiate up your arms and into your heart. As you focus on each band let it take you inwards. Allow the bands to move you gently into contact with your deepest self. When you feel ready, place the crystal over your heart for a few moments.


  • Ask the crystal to gently let you know what you are holding onto, what it would be beneficial to release. Let it show you any hooks that are in your heart and gently dissolve these, filling the place with fresh energy and forgiveness. Ask the crystal to compassionately show you how your past is affecting your present in any area of your life.


  • Then willingly surrender all that no longer serves you, all the pain and emotions, situations and experiences that have weighed you down and held you back. Acknowledge them and let them be drawn into the crystal for transmutation. Let them go with forgiveness in your heart.


  • Now ask the crystal to show you the hidden gifts that lay hidden behind that old pain, the qualities you developed and the resources you can draw on. Allow yourself to know how you will use this.


  • Ask the crystal if it has any other information for you and wait quietly for the answer.


  • Before you begin the return journey, put your attention out to the subtle bodies around your physical body and ask the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energies or disharmonies, bringing all the subtle bodies into alignment. Then let the crystal draw off and transmute any negative energy, stress or dis-ease in your physical body.
  • Now feel the strong protection from the crystal that wraps around you in layers.
  • Finally, feel the strength of the crystal and its powerful connection to the earth grounding and rooting you into your physical existence, bringing you fully into the present moment. When you feel ready, thank the crystal, open your eyes and move around.

Crystals for an energy top-up

Hold or place just below your navel and breathe deeply into the crystal: Carnelian, Red Jasper, Fire Agate, Hematite Quartz

Red Jasper

Carnelian photographed for The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Michael Illas. C. Watkins Publishing.

And to protect yourself

Use Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Smoky Quartz and Labradorite to protect your energies wherever you are:

Smoky Quartz