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These Question & Answers were taken from Spirit and Destiny magazine –

Crystals for a happy holiday

Q: This summer I am going on a family camping holiday with my husband and my in-laws, which I am dreading. My mother-in-law like to rule the roost and this always gets my back up. Usually my husband and I don’t argue but we often do when she is around. I want to rise above these problems, mostly for my teenage son, who hates to see me and his stepdad sniping at each other. Please tell me which crystals I should pack in my suitcase to help us have a happy time away together and bond as a family?

Judy Hall: There must be many people out there who will resonate with what you’re saying so thanks for asking. My major coping crystal for situations like this is Eye of the Storm (also known as Judy’s Jasper). The first time I held it, it took me into a place of such calm centredness I felt I could deal with anything. I’ve used it many times since to restore peace and harmony. I wear it whenever I’m going into a challenging situation and also have large chunks around the house (they don’t have to be beautiful, just there, and as it’s a rugged stone it can be used outdoors or placed in the corner of your tent.) My other favourite calming stone, which I know I’ve mentioned frequently in this column, is Rose Quartz. If you’re looking for something new how about Chalcedony Tears? They take some searching out but it’s worth it (ask Terrie Celest at as I have a stock). This gently nurturing stone fosters generosity and benevolence. It removes hostility and enhances group stability so is perfect for your situation. Grid one in each corner of your tent.  My other suggestions would be Spirit Quartz to bring you together; and Chrysocolla or Jade to promote harmony.

Crystals to cut cords

Q: For many years, I’ve been having a ‘relationship’ with a work colleague who refuses to commit to me and treats me badly. I want to cut ties with him but am having difficulties moving on because we see other every day. I am in my late thirties and want to settle down and have children and my damaging bond with this man is holding me back. Meditating daily is helping me to realise that seeing this liaison is damaging. I Please could you give me guidance on which crystals I can use to help me end this dalliance and move on? I feel drawn to purple – and would love to work with purple stones.

Judy Hall: Purple Charoite is your answer, especially a raw piece or one with a sharp edge. Other stones that cut relationship cords are Green Aventurine, Flint, Rainbow Obsidian and Rainbow Mayanite. But it’s how you use them that is key. Cords can be located in the base, sacral and solar plexus, but the chakra that binds you the closest is the spleen (a hand’s breadth under your left armpit.) So, begin by sweeping all around your aura (ask a friend to assist if you can’t reach your back). Then focus in on the chakras, starting with the base. As you cut the cords, ask the crystal to infuse healing energy into where the cord was located. (Cleanse the crystal under running water or with Petaltone Clear2Light essence in between chakras.) Finally, turn your attention to the area under your left armpit, which may extend down to your waist front and back. Spiral the crystal out and away from your body until all the cords are cleared. Picture a crystal pyramid (purple if you wish although I use green) surrounding the whole area to protect it from further attachment. Wearing the crystal completes the process. (See my book The Soulmate Myth: a dream come true or your worst nightmare?)

Crystals for aura cleansing

Q: I recently went to an MBS fair and had reading with a psychic who told that my aura needed cleansing regularly. This made sense to me because I am a sensitive person who often feel drained of energy and low in spirits. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to ask this lady how I could cleanse my aura! I adore crystals and am keen to learn how to cleanse my energy field with them. Please can you tell me which crystals I should be using and how I should go about this? I love to feel more energised. 

Judy Hall: Everyone needs to cleanse their aura regularly! We all pick up stuff from other people and from the environment no matter how careful we are with our spiritual hygiene. This and grounding yourself are two of my absolute necessities for any kind of spiritual or psychic work and meditation too. My favourite auric cleansing tools are Smoky Quartz, Flint, Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Selenite. With the exception of Selenite, which brings in divine light, these stones also ground you. To cleanse the aura, place a grounding stone between your feet and then sweep all around your body with a clearing stone, reaching as high as you can above your head, out to the sides, and front and back. Always use a pre-cleansed stone. Apart from Selenite, the stones can be cleansed under running water. (Selenite needs brown rice or sound as otherwise it dissolves.) I follow up with Selenite to seal all the places from which toxic dross has been removed. If you want to re-energise yourself afterwards, place a Red Jasper over your base chakra, or just below your navel, and breathe deeply down to your belly to draw the energy in. (See my book Good Vibrations or Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection.)

Crystals to ward off illness

Q: Over the past year I’ve suffered with various illnesses from a chest infection to stomach bugs and I’ve had to take lots of sick days. I don’t have any underlying health issues. But I work in an office where germs are rife and I think this is where the problem lies. I am now very worried about being sick again so much so that I dread going to work. I feel that if I was in a stronger headspace I wouldn’t be so prone to illness. Which crystals to help me stop feeling so worried about getting ill and ward off the dreaded lurgy?  

Judy Hall: There are two approaches that actually change your headspace without you having to ‘do’ anything because you know you are protected. These relate to supporting your immune system – physical and psychic. Firstly, I drink one to two litres of Shungite water everyday as I became prone to infections after having pneumonia. You need to immerse a large handful of raw Shungite in water for 48 hours for it to become biologically active. You then top it up continuously, cleansing the crystals every week or so in fresh air. I use a filter jug. You’ll see fine particles suspended in the water but this is part of the process. I wash my hands in the water too. It worked brilliantly to protect me against stomach bugs in Egypt, always a good test. I also wear Shungite to protect me from electromagnetic emanations as I’m sensitive to those and they can have a detrimental effect on your health. Secondly, I use immune stimulators such as Bloodstone, Quantum Quattro (my personal favourite), or Que Sera over my thymus (midway down the breastbone). I gently tap the crystal over the thymus and wear it whenever I feel the first sign of a lurgy approaching. Works for me!