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Q: Dear Judy, I am into serious Western Magic. I have a serious question too, about stark working protection stones. You wrote already about these kind of stones, but I like your own experiences, which one(s) you should take when really needed in a heavy serious situation. Thank You very much, greetings.
Hello Judy Hall, Sorry here I am again, about the serious question. I mean something for another person. I realize/ know/ feel it will be serious for me to do, so probably for me too. Thanks again.

Judy Hall: All my books and blogs/articles on psychic protection on the website come from experience and the stones I mention work, so do read those. I am in the middle of writing another blog for the community which will include protecting other people from ‘blowback’ so do keep a look out for that. In the meantime, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Tantalite and Mohawkite are stones to go for.

Q: Hi Judy! I am going to meet JoAnn Parks, the keeper of the Crystal Skull Max on the 28th of this month.  I will be alone with Max for 30 mimutes. Do you have any guidance for me. What is so funny is that I ordered the crystal grid book of yours 2 weeks ago and I saw the Crystal Skull book and ordered that also so I started to read it last week. I have no idea why I purchased  it  except that I’m a curious person. Then I saw in the Edge Magazine that is put out here in Minnesota, USA, under events for this month, JoAnne Parks was letting the public view Max the Crystal Skull. I was just excited at the synchronicity of what’s going on now with crystal skulls and me.  So I looked in your book crystal skulls and you had a little take on  the Crystal Skull Max .  Now that was exciting !I am new to all this and would appreciate your guidance. Truly, Janice Salminen

Judy Hall: Hi Janice

That should be interesting! If I were ‘visiting’ Max, I’d sit quietly and ask what he wanted to convey to me, and then try to let go of any expectations. In my experience, skulls often ‘drop’ thoughts and words into your mind, or they share their energy with you in very subtle ways. Having expectations about how it ‘ought’ to be can block the connection. So be open to whatever comes. Do report back to the community on our closed Facebook page.