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Q: I’ve been doing some research into Chinese Writing Stones & running into some confusion about the name. My understanding is that Chinese Writing Stones are a Limestone matrix with Andalusite crystals, but where I live we have similar-looking igneous porphyries that are basalt with feldspar crystals. The crystalline patterns look the same, but the minerals are different. Maybe Chinese Writing Stone refers more to the pattern, but what we call the two different kinds has implications for the metaphysical properties of the stones and I don’t want to be misleading if I call mine Chinese Writing Stones. Thanks for any insights you might have!

Judy Hall: I am not a geologist and I rely on wholesalers to let me know both the names and the mineral composition of stones so I am unable to answer this question fully. It is what is commonly sold as ‘Chinese Writing Stone’ in England and I was told it was Porphory-based. There is also ‘Caligraphy Stone’ from China, which is totally different as it has a Fluorite base and is much bigger. I haven’t seen any of that for sometime though. The best advice I can give is ‘try it and see’. If your Basalt based one works in the same way, fine. If not, do let the community know that there is something that works differently available. It’s very much a case of certain stones work for particular people so having a choice is great.

Q: I have an amazing manifestation amphibole quartz crystal.  This crystal appears to have floating triangles inside crystal.  I have record keeper and also trigonic crystals which all have the triangles on the surface of the crystal.  What does it mean if a crystal has the triangles inside?  Thanks

Judy Hall: It sounds like these are phantom crystals rather than a solid, separate crystal that’s grown inside the main crystal independently. Phantoms break old patterns and look like triangles stacked on top of each other, but they are an integral part within the crystal itself. Brandenbergs often exhibit such phantoms. This is what I said in the Crystal Bible: PROPERTIES a phantom crystal symbolizes universal awareness.  Its purpose is to stimulate healing for the planet and to activate healing abilities in individuals.  For this purpose, it connects to a spiritual guide and enhances meditation.  A Phantom Quartz facilitates accessing the Akashic Record, reading past lives and recovering repressed memories to put the past into context.  It can also take you into the between-lives state. In healing, a Phantom Quartz treats hearing disorders and opens clairaudience.
The photo shows a typical Brandenberg with phantoms.


Q: First let me say how excited I was to see your live broadcast…even if it was a day later!

I would love it if you can tell me in writing the places you said where it would be good to get the skulls.

If you mention it in the book, I will be ordering it this week so I can look there~

Thank you for all you do for us crystal seekers~


Judy Hall: For a huge range of high quality skulls, order from  I wish I could afford this Grape Chalcedony beauty:

Purple Grape Agate Carved Crystal Skull

and for cheaper, but still nicely carved, possibilities and excellent service

There are other sources in my Crystal Skulls book.