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Q: Can you tell me what squiggly markings on a quartz face would mean? Looks like some kind of writing or drawing. Wish I could send a picture…

TrigonicsJudy Hall: There are various types of markings on crystals, some of which I’ve written about in various books so they need trackingt down. Incised, upward facing triangles are record keepers or portals. Downward facing are Trigonics (shown here, and see ‘Trigonic Update‘ and the current recommended crystal on my website). But you can also find star maps and ancient writing. To discover what yours is connecting to, I suggest you sit down quietly with the crystal and ask it to tell you – putting it to your third eye could assist. Be prepared for the answer to come in unexpected ways!

Q: Good Day Judy ~ I recently watched the two videos in Terrie’s newsletter using Anandulite and Black Amber. Love the videos and the crystals. Mine are just cleansed for use as we speak! And I have a travel size set on the way from Terrie as well! My question Judy is “what crystal do I use, and how, to check in to the Energetic Protection I have around me. To see if I am wearing “too much armour” as my hubby puts it, too much to be able to use my “sword and shield” effectively in battle. And if I am indeed wearing way too much, to take it down and THEN using Anandulite and Black Amber surround myself with a much more appropriate, powerful but light weight protection?” I had the image of being in a solid crystal sphere today, unable to “contact” fully the outer world and whilst protected, possibly unable to let the beneficial higher vibrations in and the energies needing releasing out. Thanks so much. Hope this helps not only me….but other members of the Community as well!

Judy Hall: This is a good question and one we don’t really pay sufficient attention to. It goes along with de-programming crystals when they’ve completed a task (see below).

Your image says it all. We can overdo things. Heavy duty protection is necessary if we’re under attack or ill-wishing, but we need something lighter for everday. Your husband is right when he says we can be too armoured, too defended. We shut out the beneficial contacts too. That’s why I use Labradorite when working as it gives me a filter through which to observe what’s going on but not take it on board.

So, I’d do a ‘clean down’ of the aura and take it back to clear without any programming. Brandenberg Amethyst, Flint, Selenite, Black Amber, a shell or Anandalite can do that for you in the way shown on the video to clear the chakras with Anandalite. Personally, I use a Jasper knife with an invocation and intention that all programs that are not still for my highest good will be taken down. Then I use Anandalite and Black Amber to put protection and light back in.

I’m still working with Black Amber to discover what else it does. David Eastoe has just made a Black Amber essence that works really well when followed up by his new Petrified Wood essence (see the Petaltone website). One of the things I’ll be checking out when I’m away next month is how long the effect on the aura lasts – he’s done two ‘strengths’ applied in different ways. I’ll be in a energetically neutral space, no wifi, no mobile phone signal, just a few laptops and some wonderful earth energies. Then I’ll try it again when in London and Egypt in December. David’s going to add Anandalite to the Rock Essences. I’m just about to post him a beauty.

Disconnection from a crystal or a grid

If you crystal has been working with a specific intent and especially within a grid or your aura, it makes sense to clear that intent before putting the crystal away.

To disconnect from a crystal or grid

  • Gather up the crystal(s).
  • Thank them for the work they have been doing for you. If appropriate, ask that they will go on assisting in the best way possible for your highest good.
  • Cleanse the crystal(s) thoroughly and, if appropriate put them out in the sun or moonlight (white crystals) to recharge.
  • Wrap the crystals and put them in a drawer or box until next required.