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Q: Hi Judy,

I have two questions.

1. Does your book, “The Crystal Users HandBook” still apply to today or would you recommend something more up to date?

Judy Hall: It’s not the book no longer applies, everything in there is still useful today. It’s more that it’s the first crystal book I wrote and there are more up to date and comprehensive books available. My recommendation would be very practical Crystal Companion. It’s organised in sections according to what you are using the crystals for, with a comprehensive and up to date directory.

2. I was at a shop and the owner said that Selenite cleanses and recharges the other crystals. I didn’t see that in your books just yet. Does that work? She said Selenite would never have to be cleansed itself and cleanses and charges whatever stone you put on it within 30 seconds. I’m trying to figure out another way besides moonlite and sunlight that is a little quicker.

Judy Hall: I have never used Selenite to cleanse other crystals. In my experience it would need a thorough cleanse afterwards, as do all crystals even those that supposedly don’t need cleaning, and there are better crystals and methods for the job such as Carnelian or sound. But people have to find what method suits them. Each of the crystals in the Crystal Directory on the members site shows suitable methods of cleansing. Personally, I always use Petaltone Essence’s Clear2Light and Z14 for cleansing and recharging crystals. Quick, easy and infallible.

Q: Hi Judy, I recently joined the members group and purchased several of your books via hayhouse but I am awaiting their arrival. I always see recommendations for Astrological signs, recently was Yowah Nut for Libra. What would you recommend for us Scorpios? It’s our Birthday Month, woohoo! I saw that November’s recommendation is Laboradite. I was wondering if this is specific toward Scorpios and what crystals would you recommend? Thank you for your time. Lacy

Judy Hall: As you will see from the recommended crystal on the main website, one of my recommendations is mystical Labradorite. Another is Smoky Quartz. You’ll find more in my ‘Crystal Zodiac Book’. Terrie Celest also gives monthly recommendations for the zodiac on