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Q: Hi My Dear Judy…sorry to send You many emails but is to much to learn from You, You REALLY are a BLESSING for every body & for the world & Mother Gaia with all Your teaching & advice & Love & those are not words for adulation but for strengh You, that You are in the righ path, so please keep doing It. I tell You this from My Heart  …a continuation, please find some of My queries… if a do a past life chakra  session may I place 2 Brandenberg & one Smoky Brandenberg or have to be the 3 Brandenberg? …& because the dedication is just for dissolve the negative effects of the past the other properties  of the both Crystals  mentioned are not activated. therefore My I immediatly of finish the past life chakra session dedicate a fourth Crystal like a Smoky Brandenberg in order to activate all their qualities or better wait 20 minutes or is no need to wear this forth Crystal?…Also why is need to make a dedication if Crystal are omnipotent,omniscient, and omnipresent ?…Also to open the 3 chambered of the heart is need to place 3 special  Crystal for that or just one Crystal in one of the 3 chambers, if need 3 crystal may I put 3 difference one, like one tugtupite, one Rosophia, one danburite, or need to be 3 of the same like 3 Rosophia or 3 Tugtupite,or 3 danburite?….Can You please tell Me after draw a magic Sq. let say of Saturn that is the one that have less Sq than the others,planets .what do You need to do to ask & get a positive  result of your asking?..In the other hand,what is the reason to massage the pass life chakra and what happen if You do not massage it? Many thanks…Blessing in the Name of THAT…Orlando X

Judy Hall: Please use your intuition and find the answers for yourself! It’s the only way to learn. As for dedicating a crystal, asking it to work for the good of all can only be of benefit. It focuses the intention and activates the process.

Q: Hello Judy,

I’m fairly new to the use of healing crystals. My wife suffers from Type 2 diabetes. What crystals would you recommend for this, as well as any that would be beneficial for the pancreas and insulin related system in the body.

Thank you so much.


Judy Hall: These are the crystals I personally use to control my type two diabetes along with strict diet, supplements and homeopathy. It’s been fifteen years since my doctor told me I’d be on insulin within two years. A false prediction as it turned out! First of all I drink about a litre of Shungite water a day (instructions are on the website), and I wear Shungite whenever I’m near electromagnetic emissions. I used Smoky Quartz for cleansing. I also make sure that my spleen chakra is clear of hooks and well protected with Green Aventurine or Jade (that’s also on the website). Then I alternate between Pink Opal, Red Serpentine, and Quantum Quattro either on my thymus or under the mattress. Citrine, Emerald, Malachite and Rose Quartz are also recommended for diabetes but, as with all crystal healing, your wife needs to find exactly the right combination for her. You can assist her with this by dowsing and asking ‘what would be the best stone for this condition now.’ So often there’s an old heartbreak behind diabetes and life somehow lacks sweetness so it may be that this needs to be discovered and treated too which is where Rose Quartz and the other heart-healer stones on the heart or solar plexus can be so useful. Oh yes, and we mustn’t forget Berberine, which is not a crystal but comes from dragon fruit. This made a huge difference to me and I thank my dragon friends for it daily.

Q: Hello, Judi! Just come across a new crystal pezzottaite from Madagascar. It attracts me a lot, lovely pink crystal but Can’t find any information about its properties. Do you hear about it, can you tell anything about this stone?

Judy Hall: I haven’t seen this rare gemstone but looked it up on and as it’s been confused with Red Beryl in the past there may be misnamed pieces around. Why not follow the method described by the questioner regarding Vatican Stone and then post your findings on the members’ facebook.

Q: Hello Judy.

I recently acquired a Vatican Stone and I can’t find out all that much about it.

I am intuitive rather than psychic, so I am often drawn to crystals without knowing quite why, then I do my research and it all becomes clear afterwards! I get much more of a ‘lock on’ with the language of the energies and use my stones to better effect when I know more about them; I’d love to know if you have any insights as to the properties that Vatican Stone might have, which might resonate and help me to understand why I was drawn to this one. Many thanks.

Judy Hall: This is the perfect way to understand crystal properties. Use your intuition and discover what resonates with you. I haven’t seen Vatican Stone but when I looked it up its also called Frosterley Marble, which is still in my ‘to look at when I’ve got some spare time’ box (I can hear the universe laughing). Do share your experiences with it on the members’ facebook page. I’m sure other members will add new insights. Apparently it’s not actually a marble but is a black limestone. Here’s what the lovely people at HeHiSheLo have to say about it and you can buy the stones from them at:

Frosterley Marble Tumbled Stone (Vatican Stone)

Although this stone is always called Marble, technically it isn’t. Rather, it is Black Limestone with the fossilised remains of Stags Horn Coral clearly and attractively visible. This stone is 325 million years old and is only to be found in County Durham in the village of Frosterley.

In the middle ages it was a popular building stone for high status buildings, e.g. Bishop Auckland Castle, and perhaps most famously has been used in the slender supporting colums of The Chapel of Nine Altars in Durham Cathedral, as well as in buildings in Mumbai and The Vatican.

It is now in short supply and difficult to obtain.

Frosterley Marble (Vatican Stone) Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Frosterley Marble is thought to be generally beneficial to overall health and wellbeing but is thought to be particularly beneficial when treating the thymus, blood, skin, hands, feet and skeletal system. It is also thought to help in treating muscle spasms.

Frosterley Marble is a stone that promotes positive thoughts within us and one that also helps us to see both sides of every issue. It helps to foster feelings of both purity and innocence. It provides us with common sense and also helps us to exert self-control, to think for ourselves and helps to ensure that we always try to do the right thing. Frosterley Marble helps to open us up to new ways of thinking and makes us much more receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing things. In both the home environment and the workplace Frosterley Marble helps us to be not just the best we can, but helps us to reach levels of excellence.

Frosterley Marble enhances our psychic abilities, our telepathic abilities and also the power of our prayers. It is an excellent meditation crystal helping us to enter into deeper meditation and to access our innermost quiet centre. It helps us to recall our dreams more easily and provides us with protection.

Q: Why is there a need to make a dedication if crystals are omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent?

Judy Hall: Dedicating a crystal, asking it to work for the good of all can only be of benefit. It focuses the intention and activates the process.

Dedicating a crystal

But there is more to say on this. While crystals are indeed wise beings with expanded consciousness that sees far more than we do, I wouldn’t say they were omniscient, although they, as we, carry divine energy. Nor would I assert that the beings that inhabit the crystal skulls are omnipotent. (And nor am I!) We all need to keep our common sense and exercise our free will when working with crystals. They can have their own agenda and we need to ensure it is in accord with our own highest good and that of everyone who comes into contact with the crystal. For too long, humanity has blithely handed over control to those who are perceived to be omniscient overseers. High vibe crystals challenge us to reclaim our own power. Like the astrological planets, crystals impel but do not compel. We retain free will and it is a two-way process of communication and cooperation.

Bad vibes?

Crystals pick up the vibes of everyone who handles them – and, just like humans, can have some pretty nasty entities attached to them, as so many people have found out to their cost. Which is why crystals should always be cleansed as soon as you buy them and before and after use. It is never wise to assume that a crystal is energetically pristine. Nor should you assume that every crystal will be good for you. As our vibrations are raised to different levels and we all have a very different energetic and physical make-up, it stands to reason that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ in crystal work. Although, in my experience, a Brandenberg comes closest. Your intuition and how you feel when you hold a crystal is the best guide to what will suit you – always bearing in mind, of course, that it may be surfacing blockages and things you’d rather not face if it becomes uncomfortable.

skullSo, what to do about it?

This is extracted from Crystal Skulls, and can be adapted to fit any crystal or skull.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the energy of your skull/crystal feel jagged, disharmonious, ‘off’?
  • Is the communication garbled and disjointed? False?
  • Do you feel worse rather than better when tuning into your skull/crystal or using it for healing?
  • Is your skull/crystal telling you do something you instinctively feel is wrong?
  • Is your skull/crystal suggesting destructive actions?

If you answer yes to these questions, you, your skull or your crystal may have inadvertently linked to a presence from the astral or lower etheric levels that requires ejecting or healing. The skull/crystal itself may need further healing before commencing work.

Removing an unwanted presence

Not all the beings that inhabit skulls necessarily have your highest good in mind. Spirits from the astral and etheric realms may be attracted to a skull/crystal if proper preparations have not been made. Or, it may arrive with such a presence already on board. If you have a skull/crystal that has an aggressively mischievous or malevolent being in it, or a negative energy, remove the presence, heal the underlying crystal, rededicate it, and finally invite a higher being to take up residence.

What to do: Thoroughly cleanse and deprogram your skull/crystal and start again.


Giving your skull/crystal a thorough cleanse and saying firmly, ‘I direct that this being leave this skull/crystal and go to the light’ may be sufficient to remove an unwanted presence. Or it may not. If the entity refuses to leave you may need a specialist essence to clear it out. Petaltone essence maker David Eastoe has several suitable potions and his contact details are in the Resources directory. If you work with the angels or other beings, ask for their assistance to remove the entity to a place where it receives help and healing. Do not merely banish an entity or negative energy or you leave it free to bother someone else.

  • Place several drops of an essence such as Petaltone Z14 or Astral Clear on the skull/crystal and ask that the presence/energy be taken to the light or some suitable abode where it can no longer do mischief or pass on false information.
  • Place the skull/crystal in the sunlight for a thorough recharge before reactivating and rededicating.

Inner or outer demons?

The skull may be bringing up your own subconscious thoughts and issues, or those from the ancestors. If this is the case, these need to be addressed before reactivating the skull/crystal. You may require the assistance of a crystal healer or other therapist.

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