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Q: Hi Judy Hall,

I received the Lumi.

I understood you like to know when it’s is running and my experience.

I like to do this, but I can’t find the place to do it, you called it the Luminescent blog…, were is that…

Gr. Hella

Judy Hall: You’ll find the blogs here Hella:

All you need to do to connect to the Lumi is hold the crystal in your hands, focus on it. Breathe gently and ask it to communicate with you. Then close your eyes. The connection may make itself known in several ways and you’ll soon get used to listening out for the answers.

Q: Hi Judy, ever since I received my precious Lumi the past few days, I cleansed it with my singing bowl and kept it in my room till I managed to sit down and read about it with more intent and depth.  My upper back pain kicked in severly, my heart chakra moved from being closed and bitter to open and emotional. Today as I was sitting down and reading your blog about the Lumi, I just couldn’t stop crying and I felt like the female warrior in me was just tired and needed a break from battling. Or a sensation that and old scar (losing my kids to my ex) has resurfaced and instead of confronting it I’m hiding away which is not what warriors do and it’s causing an internal conflict. I’m just confused, because reading about the Lumi it’s more about peace on earth and multi-dimensions, why am I getting worked up? Is it the Lumi or something else? Thank you, Love M xx

Judy Hall: As with all high vibration stones,  underlying blockages have to be cleared before working with the Lumi and it sounds like the crystal matrix was activating this for you. I personally don’t think that spiritual warriors have to battle, the task is more to hold and radiate light so I can understand how exhausted it makes you feel to be battling. Time to put that one down along with the pain from the ex and settle into the peace the Lumi offer. It may be that another crystal would help to complete healing that and what comes to mind is the new Gaia’s Blood Flint that Terrie Celest has found. It really helps free up the mystical feminine. You can obtain some from

Q: Hi Judy! What gemstones do you recommend for babies around 3 mths old to protect them from negative energies or entities?

Judy Hall: Black Tourmaline is my go-to crystal of choice for psychic protection, especially some such a young age. Rose Quartz could also help. Remember to ask it for assistance and cleanse it regularly. You’ll find more protection stones and grids in Crystal Prescriptions volumes 5-6.

Q: I have In My natal chart Saturn in house ten in Leo about 16°in conjuntion Mars18°Leo & both sq venus in Taurus about 16° in conjuntion with  head of dragon that is equivalent a jupiter at about 15° of taurus, that is also sq. to saturn & Mars. Venus & head of dragon in house 6 My ascendent is in Scopio about 21°. My sun 21minutes of aries house 5 My moon 4°o Leo house 9  in Trine sun.The question is what crystal stone to block  & BROKEN bad aspect of saturn conjuntion mars to venus & head of dragon could be a onix or yellow or blue saphire with rose quartz & yellow topaz or simple Brandenberg Amethys tor Smoky Brandenberg. i PAY yOU FOR A READING OF PAST LIFE BUT yOU DID NOT MENTIONED WHAT STONE USE for this sq.  …Blessing In His Name…Orlando X.

Judy Hall: Hi Orlando, I don’t as a matter of course include crystals in karmic readings. If one comes to mind I mention it or place it on the chart while I am working on it. I don’t block difficult astrological aspects, they are gifts in disguise. I find a crystal integrate the energies. I would suggest that you use whatever feels intuitively right to you. That’s always the best way.

Q: Hi Judy,

Would you be able to recommend some crystals and/or grids that I could use to help heal my husband.  He has been recently diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer(cancer in the Esophagus).  Some that were suggested already have been Covellite, Shungite and Sanda Rosa Azeztulite as some that may be of help.

Also, my Father was diagnosed with Encephalitis in March, and unfortunately is still in hospital, and has brain damage as a result.  Any insights with regard to crystals that may help would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks and Blessings,


Judy Hall: I’m not allowed for legal reasons to give medical advice. Nevertheless you’ll find a lot of info on cancer support systems on and I would add that my personal go-to crystals are Shungite and Brandenberg Amethyst.

Fluorite has long been recognised an excellent brain reorganiser. I hope they both heal well, I’m sure the community will send them distant healing if you ask on the Facebook page.

Q: Hello from Canada! Love this forum, Judy, I am wondering if lab created crystals have any of the same properties as the ones that come for Mother Earth? Thank you , KS

Judy Hall: Some lab-grown/lab-created or amended crystals seem to be fairly powerful but others feel ‘dead’ to me so I’m afraid it’s a case of try it and see – and always buy your crystals from a reputable source so you don’t get fobbed off with fakes. You might like to read

Q: Hi Judy,

I have been seeing a new stone on the market that they are calling Swiss Opal.   Can you tell me anything about it?   I am wondering if it really is an opal.

Judy Hall: I haven’t seen any and when I looked it up on a mineral info site, it seems to be a form of Serpentine/Chrysotile and the consensus of opinion seems to be that it is neither Opal nor Swiss. The name appears to be just another marketing ploy. But its one to keep an eye on as it seems to be everywhere and may well have interesting properties.

Q: Hello.I am a therapist and co administrator of dedicated social groups.There is one question on one of these groups , regarding the use of crystals to clean energies from a tibetan bowl that someone just bought.Any suggestion?

Judy Hall: Interesting as the sound from a Tibetan bowl is one of the ways that I cleanse crystals! If you want to cleanse the bowl I’d suggest placing Smoky Quartz or Shungite in it and then sounding the bowl. Or use Petaltone Clear2Light and Z14 essence.

Q: If I practice the every day chakra may I add  the 3 stones for past life chakra  & do also the past life treatment during the 15 or 20 minutes of the every day chakra?, but You said that have to hold  in mind that means for 15 to 20 minutes that the 3 last crystal mentioned are dissolving the the negative effect of the past , but for the others chakras for every day chakra  You must be relax &  calm, then in one side You have to be concentrate in the 3 stones & hold in mind repeating the idea giving & in the other side calm & relax …then is hard to do it , how You do it?Or better do  I work separated, if that is so, which one do I practice first?  the past life chakra or the every day chakra & how many minutes I have to wait between both treatments…Also for develop the light body  How many minutes do I need for place in the Brow & Crown  Anandalite  are some other chakras  to work to develop the light body? could be done together with the other two treatments or how many minutes I need to wait ? or  could be done before go to sleep & for how many minutes? & after that place a couple of stones under My pillow? plus some skulls beside & near My bed?. Also I practice  a Meditation where the Great Invocation is done, That is a Monadic prayer, then how long Do I need to wait until those energies become settling, before start the treatment mentionedof  every day chakra & past life chakra & light body chakra…The first writing of questions was about two weeks ago for My membership  of 26th of April to 26th of May, this writing & question are regarding for second moth of membership from 26th of May to 26th of June. That The Beauty, Love & light be with You…Orlando

Judy Hall: It’s always best to do one thing at a time. Don’t complicate matters. There’s no set rule on timing as each person is different. So develop your own intuition or pendulum dowse for the answers that are specific to you.

Q: I wanted to find out if she ever does 1 to 1 readings in person?

Judy Hall: No, I cannot offer one to one face to face readings only postal readings or come to a workshop.

Q: Hi Judy,

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to write an article about the information that you offer at your workshops on dragons.   It would be wonderful for those of us who live  in other countries and cannot travel to England to attend.   I would love to know more about dragon energy and the ways to connect with them.   Thanks!  and I love your members community!

Judy Hall: So pleased you love the community. We’ve already posted quite a lot of info on dragons including the dragon workshop notes.

Crystal dragon mountain journey

Here be dragons grids – October

Dragons – Members Blog

Q: Hello,  thanks for this opportunity. I would like to ask about Smudging crystals. What would you recommend for this? White sage?

Thank you.

Judy Hall: I use whatever is to hand. White sage or artemesia but I’ve also used rosemary and mixed leaf bundles.

Q: Dear Judy, I  have been studying about the assemblage point of man and how spiritual healing, and other holistic healing work better when the assemblage point is in the correct position. It can be moved by holistic healing etc, but not if it has moved to far out of place. It can be moved back into place with a large crystal and the client and practitioner holding their energy, similar to when a reiki master holds in her/his energy to give a attunment.Do you have any knowledge about this and if so can you comment on this . To me it explains why people in a bad way do not seem to heal, only finding reiki/crystal healing relaxing. I know there are many reasons why people do not heal, this may be one of them. Thanks

Judy Hall: I haven’t personally worked with the assemblage points, but I do work with the higher heart,  soma and heart seed chakras which you’ll find in Crystal Prescriptions 4. I will take a look at the assemblage points when I’m not so busy. It’s an interesting thought that it being misaligned may contribute to people not healing (I’ve covered other reasons elsewhere) but I would surmise that in an intuitive crystal healing the assemblage point would be corrected if that was appropriate.

Q: Hi Judy, I dropped my beautiful shiva shell recently and I’m not sure what to do with it now.  Can I still use it or try and fix it?

Judy Hall: I always feel that crystals that have been dropped or damaged in some way have more empathy and I would certainly go on using it after cleansing and recharging it. I’ve even super-glued crystals back together and asked them to go on working and they’ve done so. Shiva Shells are lovely so hold yours in your hand and give it as much loving attention as you can to heal it and then carry on.