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Q: Hello Dear Judy, Thank You for Your answer, but You did not answer the follow…can You please tell Me after draw a magic Sq. let say of Saturn that is the one that have less Sq than the others,planets .what do You need to do to ask & get a positive  result of your asking?..In the other hand,what is the reason to massage the pass life chakra and what happen if You do not massage it? Many thanks…Blessing in the Name of THAT…Orlando X.

P.S. Thank You again.

Judy Hall : I cannot improve on the lovely Nicholas Parson’s explantion on this Youtube video, His book on past life healing is excellent.

Q: Hi I am in the process of opening a crystal shop in Jerusalem, Israel. There is not much crystal education around here. There are a few beautiful shops with which I am in touch with more in the center of Israel. So, I feel it is my duty to bring this life changing information to my hometown. I would like to distribute your books. Who can I speak to in order to get all the information that I would need?

So much love


Judy Hall: Hi Miryam and good luck in your exciting new venture!
Authors have no involvement with marketing, distribution or translation rights. You’ll have to contact each of the individual publishers in the UK and/or the States to ask them the question regarding a local wholesaler and/or ordering supplies direct. The publishers should be able to put you in touch with anyone handling them or translations that have been made. I do have quite a few publishers, all should be accessible through their websites. Sorry I cant be of more assistance.
Bright blessings