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Q: Have you been attuned or empowered to Reiki and what is your view on Reiki? I am trying to understand how my reiki and yoga can be combined with crystal work? l am starting to understand the more traditional way Usui taught (as described by Taggart King) is much more aligned to how I intuitively use Reiki for personal development vs the more prescribed Western approach of Reiki as hands on healing of others. I have a strong yoga practice and integrate my reiki into the yoga but I feel I can achieve more….or become more of who I am by also working with crystals. I’ve read most of your books but despite trying I’m failing to connect / sense what the crystals have to offer. I physically sense ie see, hear and feel energy very strongly with reiki and yoga but not with the crystals. Are crystals more subtle?

Judy Hall: Crystals are subtle and they don’t always connect with you in the way you expect – body responses are quite common for example. They have a very high vibrational resonance that is way beyond what the human ear can usually comprehend, but you can train yourself to hear them speak. At an energetic level, opening the palm chakras really assists.

Activating your palm chakras

Concentrate on your hands and state your intention of opening the palm chakras

  • Rapidly open and close your fingers, making a fist five or six times.
  • Concentrate your attention into your right hand palm and then your left. (If you are left handed reverse the process). Picture them opening like petals. The centres become hot and energised.
  • Bring your cupped hands together. Stop as soon as you feel the energy of the two chakras meeting. Move your hands backwards and forwards a little until you know exactly how far the energy extends.
  • With a little practice you’ll be able to open the chakras simply by putting your attention there.

Establishing receptivity and energy radiation

  • Place a crystal point across your hand. Feel the energies radiating into your palm. Change hands and note which palm chakra seems to best receive the energy.
  • Turn the point towards your arm and then towards your fingers. Be aware of the direction of the energy flow. (Points channel energy in the direction they face).
  • Practise sensing the energy flow from the chakra along your arms by running your hand slowly up your arm. Does it feel hot, cold, buzzy, still? Balanced and harmonious or jangly or depleted? Then change hands to see which senses the energy most strongly. This will be the hand you use to feel blockages and energy flow.
  • Then practise sending energy into your chakras, holding your hand over each one in turn – visualise it moving from your palm into the chakra. Change hands and see which hand radiates energy most strongly. This will be the hand you use to remove blockages and harmonise energy flow.

Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 4

Crystals Prescriptions 4

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And see

As for Reiki, for which I have the greatest of respect, I was inducted into this when it first came to Britain way back in the mid seventies, to the level of master. But I found that it was exactly the same energy that I was already working with in spiritual healing (I was fortunate enough to have the late Harry Edwards as my tutor at the National Federation of Spiritual Healers). The complicated Reiki symbols just would not stick in my mind. So I continued using  healing energy in my own way, instinctively incorporating it with my crystal, astrology and past life work. About 15 years ago a then-friend decided I needed to be inducted into Reiki (she wasn’t aware of my first introduction to it), so she gifted me two sessions. They really messed up my head and my energy field which is finely attuned to the work I do. Once again, I couldn’t learn the symbols. So it was not for me. But I know practitioners who incorporate it into all kinds of healing work with great success, including crystals. To me, it is very like the crystals themselves, some resonate with my energy field others do not. Horses for courses and all that – I’ve written about this elsewhere.

You might find my ‘Crystal Workshop in a Book’, which seems to have been retitled ‘The Crystal Experience,’ helpful as it takes you through stage by stage attuning top crystals. Or, much more fun, come to a crystal workshop with me.

Q: Dear Judy , please advise if Shungite water suitable for 1 year old baby. Thank you.

Judy Hall: This is a question I cannot answer directly on legal grounds. But, anecdotally, when I used Shungite water for a young child myself, I made it by the indirect method – that is the Shungite never touched the water as it was inside another container. Full details of the ‘no-touch method are on the website.

Q: Hi Judy,

I am the victim of a serious demonic possession after black magic was done to me by a Romani witch four years ago.  This woman pretended to be an ‘angel spiritualist’ and gave me a crystal, which she said was for good energy.  There ended up being a demonic entity attached to the crystal, then this woman sent hoards of demons to attack me and then wanted me to pay her large sums of cash to ‘remove’ the demons.  I fought with my faith in God but I became violently possessed anyway.  I have tried everything to get delivered, even a year of Catholic exorcism, but I am being so mind controlled by this demon that I can no longer believe in God, visualize to bring in light, or pray.  I used to be able to channel God energy, but I have been completely cut off from anything of God. My entire aura has been drained, personality destroyed, my heart chakra blocked and I can’t even feel love or human emotion anymore.  I have reached out to many people to clear me, but it seems without my mind and faith…no one can touch this thing.  Without my faith nothing of God will come near to help me anymore…and all day long I am tormented with never-ending thoughts telling me 100 reasons why there is no God.  Anyway, I’ve started adapting some practical measures like salt baths and earthing.  It doesn’t do much…but I thought maybe to look into crystals that might help a bit too.  I know this girl comes from an ancient family of witches and I have reason to believe that she wrote my name in a book that she continues to do spell work on.  She, also, has a doll that she cursed me with.  This girl is a piece of work and she is very adept and has hurt many many people.  My question is..are there stones that I can purchase that will help to deflect some of the energy that she might be feeding to these demons or is there a stone that I can use that might help to draw some of the demonic energy out of my soul?  Is there someone that you trust that you can refer me to that programs crystals with good energies and protection?  I would do it myself, but I am no longer able to connect and anything I would try would be ineffective.  Thank you – Angela

Judy Hall: I’m not sure which country you are in, but if it’s the UK I’d recommend THE LONDON SCHOOL OF INTUITION AND HEALING RUN BY SUE ALLEN All their practitioners are extremely well trained. They also have practitioners eslewhere or you may be able to do a Skype session with them.

Q: I am soon to be attuned at master Reiki level 3. Could you please suggest any crystals that might be good to take with me for the weekend to maximize the experience?

Judy Hall: There is an article on Reiki crystals on the community website:

reiki support crystals

My own personal favourite would be Anandalite. I’ve just had 10 kilos delivered. Terrie has some for sale but you can email her for more options.


Q: Hello Judy !  And all in this wonderful Crystal Community.  I have recently been drawn to the healing properties of Amber.  In my search for true Amber I have come across Copal…in the crystal shop listed as Copal Amber.  Is Copal truly an Amber or a different type of tree resin altogether.  Thanks so much !


Black Amber from Indonesia.

Black Amber from Indonesia.

Judy Hall:

I love Amber for its cleansing and protective qualities. And I have used Copal as a cleansing incense. I used to use pure golden Amber but recently I’ve been drawn to Black Amber – and bought six kilos back from the St Marie Fair! It’s got a fair amount of carbon in and acts as a filtration system as well as protection – you’ll find more info on the website. We’ve also found it works really well with Selenite to infill light into the spaces created when the toxins are removed.

Copral resin

As for Copal, this is what says about it: ‘Copal is a natural tree resin that is between two states—it is neither a hardened resin nor sap. Copal resin comes from trees in the Buresa family, which is considered a medicinal tree to the Mayas in southern Mexico. These medicinal trees are traditionally used for clearing the body of diseases and also to keep mosquitos away.’ 

Wikipedia (not my most trusted source but occasionally useful!) says Copal can be easily distinguished from genuine amber by its lighter citrine colour and its surface getting tacky with a drop of acetone or chloroform.



Q: I have recently been given a pacemaker and was told I should avoid crystals that were magnetic. Obvious ones are magnetite & hematite but which others should I also avoid?

Magnetic Stones

Judy Hall: The following may exhibit magnetic properties depending on constituents:

Any crystal containing iron

Note: this list is not definitive.

Q: Dear Judy,

Please can you tell me, when creating a crystal grid, do you place the crystals anywhere or do they need to be placed in a specific way?

Thank you very much!


Judy Hall: Hi Jonathan

The answer to this is either/or. You follow your intuition and do what the crystals want to do. You’ll find lots of help and basic layouts in my book Crystal Grids  and in the grids section of the members’ community on the website. I used to think you had to be precise in how you laid out grids, until I started photography for the grids book and realised that the crystals knew best – you’ll find a blog about that on the website. The most important thing is that the crystals are cleansed before use and dedicated to the job in hand – or something better.

The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids

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