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Q: Hi Judy,

It’s a bit of a hard question Judy but I can not seem to heal my emotional body.I have tried nearly everything  and ask light beings constantly.I am living rural in the Highlands but am from Cheshire myself and have not met my soul tribe yet!Except for my light beings and familiar’s my cats.Also truly appreciate this site.I have longed to meet you.

Love&Light Lisa

Judy Hall: Hi Lisa

I’m so pleased you’ve joined our community. Welcome to our soul tribe. I just know you’ll meet like-minded souls here.

I am really taken with the new Prairie Tanzanite stone for emotional healing. It has such a profoundly peaceful feeling to it and it helps you to discover within yourself the karmic gifts that you’ve acquired from the traumas and dramas of the past. Wearing it constantly over the higher heart chakra has a very profound effect.

The other thing is to check out that you aren’t in the path of a mobile phone or Tetra mast. Toxic electromagnetic smog can blast your energy bodies apart no matter how many times you heal it if you dont protect yourself. Shungite is my go-to crystal for this.

Many blessings Judy

Q: Hi Judy  what would you suggest.  I am an empathy with new gifts coming in fast and hard and old gifts evolving. I need a way to protect myself from the outside world. example if i am next to some one for to long i either pic up there pain now it is pain thoughts and feeling.  I am not trying to intrude it is just happening i can not explain.  I am having to stay in my home and monitor who can come over.

Judy Hall: I know that feeling all to well as it’s so common when you first open up psychically or when you’re with a group of people who don’t bother to manage their own energies. So, my answer is to wear a Labradorite crystal. It’s worked for me for many years. It creates an interface between you and the outside world yet still allows you to be aware of what’s going on. But you dont take it into yourself. Other options are Mohawkite, Healer’s Gold and Shungite. All to be worn over the higher heart chakra in the middle of the upper chest. And, for extra protection, I add a drop of Petaltone Essence’s Power Shield to the crystal ( It really amps up the protection.

Q: Hi Judy! I am very new to your member community. Do you ever visit the Southern United States to host workshop or classes? I am excited to learn more from you in the upcoming year. I hope I was one of the  first  hundred yearly subscribers to the Members’ Community and will receive the free Lumi crystal. If I am one of the lucky few, how will I know? Thanks for hosting this site and for sharing your passion and knowledge. I look forward to your reply.

Judy Hall: Welcome to the community. If you’re one of the lucky ones who will receive a Lumi, the lovely Mark will be in touch with you shortly to ask for a postal address so we can ship it. I don’t travel to the US. Too far for me to fly. You will be able to follow the crystal courses on the members’ community and you could also take the Hay House course (full details are on my website). Or, there’s The Crystal Experience: a workshop in a book. It’s the perfect way to get to know your crystals.

Q: I would like to know if you have a healing grid for shingles.  I’m not sure what you would call it in the uk but in the US older folks who have had chicken pox in the past get it.  I’ve just found out I have it.  It’s a rash which attacks the nerve roots, generally on one side of the body.  It starts out as a rash which will develop blisters which after  a while dry up.  A grid would probably  be the best way to treat it so as not to spread it, I’d think.  Mine just started and so far is on the left side of my back, near where my bra hooks up and around shoulder blade.  I have had back surgery in the past on lumbar area and do use quartz with dentrite crystals in that area for back pain, which are a fantastic help, but am stumped what to use for a rash.

Judy Hall: You have my sympathy. It is a nasty painful condition. There are several crystals that may help. Guinea Fowl Jasper, Fluorite, Silver Agate have all shown themselves to be beneficial but you could also try general immune crystals like Que Sera and Quantum Quattro. If you lie down and place the crystals around you level with the areas where the rash has shown itself and then put one over your higher heart (thymus) chakra in the middle of your breastbone it will calm the reaction. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystals first and ask them to work with you. I’d combine them with Shungite and/or Smoky Quartz at your feet to draw off the toxic energies. Drinking Shungite water (the recipe is in the Essences section) could also be beneficial as it has antiviral properties.

Q: Are there certain crystals and skulls that do not like water?

Judy Hall: Most definitely! Selenite dissolves in water. Other crystals that are friable (crumbly) or soluble don’t enjoy immersion. Avoid putting layered stones like Lepidolite or Muscovite in water as it will separate the layers. Use uncooked brown rice or sound for these crystals – there’s a section in the community on cleansing your crystals. Moqui Marbles dont like water either as they rust.

Q: Hi Judy,

Would you be able to give any advice on how to channel the higher dimensional beings that host crystals. Such as The Lumi or The Azez.

I live by The Crystal Mountain in Wales and have found some of those luminescent crystals, and I have a tiny white Azeztulite.

Brightest Blessings


Judy Hall: You are so fortunate and I’m so pleased that the Lumi are showing themselves to other people. Now they’ve emerged their gentle energy needs to circulate. The easiest way to work with them is to hold them in your hands – or place them level with your eyes if they are heavy. Let your eyes go gently out of focus as you gaze at the crystal. Note any thoughts or feelings that pop into your mind. You can also keep a pen and paper handy and write without thought as they will ‘dictate’ information. Once you are attuned to them, you’ll find that you can speak their words too. I shall be back at the crystal mountain in the spring so hopefully will see you there. I’d love to host a workshop there so that we can go onto the mountain to collect the crystals and then tune in to see what they have to say. It’s such a special place.

Q: Dear Judy

My son who recently graduated from Melbourne university and he’s currently applying for a job in Melbourne.

With the current challenging job market , what crystals could I use to enhance his job application.

Thank you. Best regards

Judy Hall: Citrine is traditionally used to attract wealth, prosperity and business success. It teaches you right timing and nudges you to take advantage of career opportunities that you may not have noticed before. It is a stone that instills confidence in your own abilities and helps those to shine out so that others become aware of them. Wear one constantly and place several in a star shape over a job application before you send it off. If you need to be more assertive, then one of the red crystals such as Garnet, Jasper or Carnelian placed in your pocket will assist. If you’re being too nice – and tend to be a people pleaser – then Anthrophyllite is well worth seeking out. Place it over your dantien (three finger’s breath beneath your navel) to help you to stand your ground. A power sceptre (a crystal that has formed around a ‘rod’ and so is a shape rather than a specific type of crystal) is an excellent aid to standing in your power. Similarly, you can buy pairs of Shungite and Steatite ‘power rods’ that really ground you in your body and help you to move forward at the same time.


Q: I am really looking forward to Jeni  reopening her store on line: angeladditions. Would you be so kind as to share her opening date? Thanks so much!

Judy Hall: Jeni is uncertain when she’ll be opening the shop as she’s still very busy being a grandmother right now. But Terrie Celest’s shop is open and you can get the same great crystals and excellent service from her. She’s stocking up on what’s coming up in the near future so do keep an eye on her shop.

Q: Hi Judy,

In your latest book, Crystal Prescriptions Volume 5, there is a section on “Houses of Life” and a list of suggested Feng Shui crystals on the directory page. Recently, I decided to gather all my crystals and have them placed in the various feng shui locations, with reference from your book and also allowing my intuition to guide me through the process.

It just occurred to me that when I place the various crystals together in one specific location, I know individually they each have their unique vibration, and they resonate with the colour, element and purpose.

What happens when they are all put together in one location, will their combined vibrations complement each other to still fulfill the intended purpose?

And lastly, do they need to be from the same crystal structures in order for their energies to be complementary?

Appreciate your insights. Thank you!

Judy Hall: If I’m placing crystals close together in a grid, or the Feng Shui bagua, I dowse to see if the crystals are compatible with each other as there are occasions when crystal energies ‘fight’. Crystals from the same family, such as Quartz or Jasper, tend to harmonise and similar crystal structures usually work well together but at times you may need a flow of energy that cleanses, re-energises and motivates in one area whilst keeping calm in another. My usual answer to such questions is: Use Your Intuition! You will instinctively feel if the energies are flowing correctly.

Q: Dear Judy a few months ago I was the subject of a really powerful psychic attack. to let you know how powerful it was I carried black tourmaline in my pocket for protection and after a few hours the stone exploded in my pocket and was  reduced to dust. After speaking to another healer, it seemed that I had unwittingly got in the way of an extremely powerful spell meant for some one else. it involved an entity which had somehow attached itself to me. and was making me really ill. This has now been cleared, but I still feel nervous. that it may come back.Can you suggest the best crystal I can use whilst I sleep  Thank you and Blessings

Judy Hall: What a nasty situation. It shows just how inadvertent and unintentional these attacks can be. I’d try a two pronged approach. First lay a one-way portal of Stibnite crossed by Chlorite Quartz and then Selenite over the top programmed to direct anything untoward out of your space and back to where it belongs. Put this at a distance from your bed. Then, around your bed, try Tantalite, Mohawkite or Shungite on each corner to protect you while you sleep. Wearing Shungite constantly will also assist. It protects against electromagentic fields which also make you vulnerable – banish your mobile from the bedroom. You’ll find Shungite pendants on store: Remember to cleanse all the crystals frequently. My book Crystal Prescriptions 5 Space Slearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Proection has plenty to say about psychic protection and entity clearing.

Q: Hi Judy, we have some new houses being built next door to us. Please can you advise of any crystals that I can place along the boundary that will ensure we have a harmonious relationship wth our new neighbours. I’ve already put out some pink quartz. Thanks & love, M

Judy Hall: If you’ve already got Rose Quartz in place you’re well on your way to harmony. I’d add some Golden Celtic Healer, Smoky Quartz or Shungite too in case the building work disturbs any noxious earth energies or moves leylines in your direction – you can dowse for these although you’ll soon notice if there’s any energy disturbance as your sleep patterns will change or pets will become restless. Then add some pretty Agates or Chalcedony to restabilise the energy and put out the hand of friendship.

Q: Dear Judy….Could you please help me with information about attacks from the dark side, i.e. curses etc?  My friend and I help people by removing curses etc. from them and we get attacked for what we do and the retaliation we are getting from the dark side is becoming more powerful and frequent.  We have tried most things to protect ourselves without success.  Can you help at all with any suggestions please? 

With grateful thanks

Judy Hall: This is a common problem and you’ll find much more assistance in my book Crystal Prescriptions volume 5. I’ve found it’s important to switch your crystals and protection methods around frequently so that the attacking energy doesn’t have time find ways around them – keeping them on the back foot is part of the protection. Grid your space and especially around your bed at night as well as wearing protective crystals and cleanse all the crystals used frequently (there’s a cleansing essence recipe on the member’s website essences page). My suggestions would be Shungite, Master Shamanite, Tantalite and Mohawkite over the higher heart (thymus) chakra (or for your space) with Polychrome Jasper, Jade, Green Tanzine (Emerald Quartz) on the spleen chakra under the left armpit – a vulnerable spot where such energies hook in. And plenty of Selenite or Anandalite to bring in light.  But above all, ground yourself thoroughly to the planet! Make sure that your Earth Star and Gaia Gateway chakras are operating at optimum and keep them shielded whenever you do this work. Flint of any kind is helpful but spongy Sea Foam Flint is particularly helpful, as is Shungite. Smoky Quartz is too well known for it to be effective against this energy so go for ‘new’ stones like the really ancient Isua or Nuummite – which is extremely effective against curses as is Stibnite. You’ll find a grounding cord exercise on the website and here’s a protection grid that I use around the edges of a room. Selenite and Black Tourmaline. Simple but very effective! And another grid for under the bed:  Golden Herkimers and Shungite discs on the corners. Also make a ‘one-way portal’ for wherever you’re working to take the energies out of this universe and keep them out. A Stibnite wand crossed by a Chlorite Quartz point and a long Selenite point over the top completes the portal. (Full instructions in CP5)