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Q: Greetings Judy !

Now that my home has been successfully cleared of negative energies and entities, what crystals would you recommend to grid the house to keep it clear? How many of each crystal?  And how would you set up the grid??  For example….the four corners, each window, etc??

Looking forward to seeing you in this fabulous community forum !  Linda, London Ontario Canada

Judy Hall: Well Linda, I use Shungite to keep the energies clean and block any negativity (regularly cleansed) around the house and a large Selenite or Rose Quartz in the centre to radiate beneficial energies into the home and fill it with light. Exactly where you put them is up to your intuition. Each situation is different. You can always dowse for the position. There’ll be a book out on crystal grids soon that will give you much more information.

Q: Lately I have felt pulled toward garnet – the stone keeps popping up in my thoughts – I was wondering what that might mean

Judy Hall: Personally, I always associate Garnet with passion and vitality, particularly the red ones. Do you need more of either in your life? The universe could be trying to tell you something. It may be something as simple as get out there and have some fun, dont take life so seriously, or it could be that your energy levels needs a boost. Next time it happens try asking the crystal what message it has for you.

Q: Hello Judy & members of this amazing Crystal Community !

I have a large deep orange-red Cherry Quartz Sphere.  Is Cherry Quartz a natural stone?  I have read anywhere from it is very rare to that it is a man-made stone, made by melting clear quartz and adding copper powder.  I know my sphere does indeed have a copper inclusion in it.  Natural or man-made, my second question is what are its healing properties?  Looking forward to learning more !

Judy Hall: This is an interesting question and I think the answer depends on where you got the stone from. John Van Rees (Exquisite Crystals) is selling natural cherry red ‘Tanzurine’ Quartz from Tanzania as Cherry Quartz and very powerful it is too – as is it’s complement Emerald Quartz from the same source. I’ve bought it from English wholesalers too but always as small rough pieces and the two colours work brilliantly together as an immune soother – I wrote about in a Belfast blog.
But I bought some so-called Cherry Quartz from China and it is basically energetically dead glass – resmelted Quartz with something to add colour. It didn’t do anything for me. I guess you have to suss out whether it’s having an energetic effect for you. Shining light through it will give you a colour ray but is that what you need?

Q: This is an easy question! I hope! Does Treasure Agate go by any other name? I se it on the Exquisite Crystals website, but no one else seems to have heard of it. Thank you very much for your help.

Judy Hall: Treasure Agate is only available from one mine and Exquisite Crystals now have exclusive rights to sell it so you wont find it anywhere else in the world. Except perhaps Angeladditions when Jeni gets the shop up and running again as I think we have one or two pieces left. It’s so rare and so special that Jeni Powell of The Crystal Balance Company has made an essence from it:

Q: Hi Judy,

I was recently gifted a pair of ear rings with Lauvikite and Red Aragonite – I wondered what properties the Lauvikite would have?

Love the Members Community by the way, it has reignited by love of crystals and stones ❤

Judy Hall: I’m not familiar with the name Lauvikite. An internet search suggested it’s a feldspar, and further suggested I was probably searching for Larvikite, which is similar to Labradorite and is known as Norwegian Moonstone. It’s paler than Labradorite. I wrote about this in Crystal Bible 3 and I can tell you it makes excellent dragon skulls. My Earth’s stellar gateway chakra dragon is carved from something remarkably similar sold as ‘white Labradorite’.


Does it look like this? ( If so it’s Larvikite



‘A stone of magic and metaphysics that enhances soul journeying through multi-dimensions and different timeframes and the darkness of the shamanic underworld, Lavikite stimulates metaphysical abilities and facilitates visionary experiences. It sees behind the outer façade of people and situations. Helpful for past life regression and understanding the breath of your soul’s experience as well as connecting to your Higher Self, it has an earthing and grounding property that holds soul and body in harmony especially during visioning or kything work. Helpful when working elemental magic, the stone is said to cancel spells and to repel negative energy. Historically, boulders of Larvikite were placed in the North of England to repel invaders. It still fulfils this function today, releasing attachments and spirit entities from the biomagnetic sheath and blocking reattachment.

Larvikite is excellent if you want to get in touch with nature in all its forms. This intense stone carries earth and water elemental spirits and has a powerful connection with water, especially rain and storms. In weather magic it brings rain to drought stricken earth, or dries out flooded areas. Water flows easily, bypassing obstacles or washing them away, and Larvikite helps you to deal flexibly with life encouraging you not to dwell on problems but to be adaptable. Supporting emotional healing, it goes deep into your self to find and release the causes of dis-ease. Larvikite helps you to be the best you can be. Assisting in seeing behind the façade that people present, if you want to know what the true desires and agendas of yourself or others are, keep the stone in your pocket.

Although it has the power to expedite situations, Larvikite teaches the value of right timing and atunement to natural cycles. It assists in making decisions based on common sense and analytic reasoning rather than emotional conditioning. If you need assistance during intensive periods of learning or when working magic, Lavikite helps your mind to process and assimilate new information and may create fresh neural pathways in the brain.

HEALING Larvikite infuses the physical body with vitality and youthfulness. It has an energetically detoxifying effect on tissue, cells and lymph and anecdotal evidence suggests it lower blood pressure. It is used for calming and stabilising the nervous system.’

If it is Larvikite, grounded by Red Aragonite, it sounds like you’re going to have some wonderful adventures wearing those earrings.

Q: Hi Judy ~

I am in the process of sorting thru all my many, many crystals to see which ones are ready to go to new homes.  (No worries though, the ones I brought back from England are firmly rooted here!)  I have two clear quartz crystals that are stunning.  Both are polished pillars.  My dilemma with them is that they are from a former Spiritual Teacher who I have fallen out of graces with a long time ago.  One has stunning portals in it and she had said, oh you have no idea what those portals have opened ! And the other one is from her private altar.  Try as I may, I am too close to the situation to be able to tell if they are cleared of her energies and her intents/workings or not.  Any suggestions here?  So far I have them packed away adhering to your words “when in doubt do without”.  Thanks for answering !  Hope this question helps others too !

Judy Hall: A soak with Petaltone Clear2Light and Z14 essences will do the trick. I couldn’t work without David Eastoe’s wonderful clearing essences.

Q: Hi Judy.   I am so happy to be a member of your website now.   I saw that you recommend using a piece of amber to seal in protective energy each morning.   I am aware that the stone/crystal market has been flooded recently with fake amber.   Can you tell me how to recognize true amber?

Judy Hall: Faking Amber is an ancient practice. I inherited my grandmother’s treasured 19th century Amber necklace only to find it was Copal. The electrostatic test below quickly confirmed that. I’d say the first thing to be wary of is perfection: everything looking the same, uniform colour and texture. Natural Amber varies in colour, texture and content. There are tests you can do for yourself when handling the stone, or buy from a reputable site that provides certificates of authenticity. Take a look on: They suggest several ways to tell:

Before choosing one of these tests it is important to keep in mind that some of them might leave marks or ruin your Amber gemstone. So if you are testing expensive Amber stone or jewelry it might be a good idea to pay attention to this and choose safer tests. Also it is worthwhile to pay attention to the price since usually what is too good to be true, usually is. If Amber jewelry is priced way much lower than most competitors this is a good indication that something might be not right. Alternatively you can also request seller to provide certificates of Amber authenticity. Reputable and trustworthy sellers will have no issues when providing you with this kind of information.

1. Visual amber test.

Visual amber testOne of the first things you can do when testing Amber and jewelry made from it is to test it visually. Real Amber beads tend to be unique in their appearance so you should look for imperfections when inspecting them. Some common imperfections are tiny cracks or small air bubbles. Also beads should vary a little in size and its shape shouldn’t be always round. When you touch Amber it tends to be a little warm, which is not the case with most other fakes.

2. Salt Water test.

The other effective test for identifying real Amber from fake is Salt Water test. In order to do this test you will need about 7 teaspoons of salt and a medium size cup of water. Add all teaspoons of salt into the water and stir well until salt is fully melted. In the next step add your Amber gemstone into this water. Real Amber should float in this water easily while majority of fakes will sink fast. The main drawback of this method is that it is not very suitable for testing Jewelry that has some metal or other components in it; however it works well for loose beads.

3. Rubbing test.

One of the simplest ways to distinguish Amber from Copal is to do Rubbing test. Since real Amber has electrostatic properties it can pick up tiny paper pieces or dust when it is charged sufficiently. So in order to charge Amber you need to wrap it in a cloth and then rub it for some time (20-60 seconds). In the next step hold this gemstone near a strand of hair. If your hair is attracted towards this stone it means that static was produced and most likely you are holding real Amber. Alternatively if this gemstone didn’t become charged but rather sticky it means that it is Copal.

4. Hot Needle test.

One more way to differentiate genuine Amber from fake is Hot Needle test. To perform this test you need to heat the needle and then push it against the stone. In case the needle went in only slightly or some cracks were left it means that it is most likely real Amber. Also if it is genuine Amber you should also notice a smell similar old punged tree. When doing the same test with fakes the needle goes in very easily and the smell is either plastic or fresh pine (Copal). The main disadvantage of this test is that it might leave a small mark, which is caused by burning.

5. Scratch test.

Scratch testis usually preferred when not expensive Amber is being tested. This is mainly because scratching on this gemstone can potentially damage it. Doing this test can help to separate colored glass from Amber. This test is useful because glass beads can’t be scratched while using metal and real Amber is soft enough so its beads can be scratched on. So basically if you can scratch on your jewelry bead it is most likely Amber and if you are not able to do this then its probably a fake.

6. Scent test.

This test might be a bit too difficult for individuals who are not very familiar with this natural resin. This is mainly because you need to know how the difference between smell of Copal and Baltic Amber. Scent of true Baltic Amber tends to be stronger than compared with Copal. And in case you are dealing with other type of fake you should smell plastic smell once a bead is heated.

Q: hi Judy,

I met you at the psychic workshop. I came up to you nearing the end of the night after the session and I told you I am transgender and I picked out a Lumi crystal. So hello!. good to meet you again. I have a few questions about crystals if you don’t mind for a few body issues I am experiencing. I would like to know your advice on the best crystals for clotting blood as my blood platlets are low. Calcite? green or the golden one?..also for ying and yang rebalancing. i have too much yang in my head and ying sore joints through lack of fluids and also oxygen needed in the blood. any ideas welcomed? kind regards col. PS: i am still going to get the ammonite fossil you suggested for my ear infections..

Judy Hall: Calcite is very slow and gentle and it feels like you need more yang energy to assist you. Red Coral was traditionally used to clot blood but do be sure it is ethically sourced as our coral reefs are so endangered now. Garnet and Bloodstone are also traditional remedies. Bloodstone is amphotetic, so it clots where appropriate and releases the flow when not, as is Preseli Bluestone.  Bluestone is a stabiliser, facilitating leaving old attachments and feelings behind so that you live calmly in the present moment. It would help with the yin-yang balancing too, earthing the energies and also giving you more energy. It might be too strong at night though. But if you sleep with Flint under the foot of your bed it would assist in earthing and stabilising you. Another stone that could assist with balance is a Shiva Lingam. The Crystal Prescriptions series would help you to pick out what you need. Here’s the suggestion from volume 4 for when you need more oxygen in your blood:

faulty oxygenation: Amethyst, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Kambaba Jasper, Stromatolite.

Go for the one that feels right for you!