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Q: Hi Judy, I have a question about energy leak. I am a high sensitive person (hsp) and I notice that I wake up tired in the morning. I have a sweet man but I think I lose my energy to him during sleep. When we were on vacation and we were forced to sleep seperately,l I woke up full of energy. I know how to protect myself during daytime, but how can I do that when I sleep? I want to prevent that I give away my energy during sleep, but I also do not want to shut myself off energetically for him. Labradorite for instance, helps me during the day, but sleep with it? That is not good for the romance… what is your thougt about this dilemma? Which crystal(s) can help prevent the energy leak but won’t shut me off, and does not give so much energy that I’m awake at night! Xx

Judy Hall: Well, you could try taping a small flat Green Aventurine over your spleen chakra below the left arm pit (see protecting your spleen chakra on the website). But if even this would be too offputting, try gridding your bed with Emerald Quartz at the head and Cherry Quartz at the foot. and

Q: Dear Judy

I have been curious about covellite lately so thought I would check your list of crystals. I would like to know if you list it under another name, or not.

Namaste, Lea

Judy Hall: Covellite is in Crystal Bible 2 on page 107 under that name. Here’s a little of what I said there:

Attuned to the Higher Self, Covellite transforms dreams into concrete realities and stimulates metaphysical abilities. Spiritually, this reflective stone opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom acquired in other lives. It is a useful adjunct to the rebirthing process or to any trip into the lower world.

Psychologically, Covellite is a helpful stone if feeling vulnerable and too easily stimulated by others. Supporting intention and assisting in integrating your shadow qualities and facing your karma, it overcomes discontent instilling satisfaction with life. Strengthening creativity, it assists in coming to terms with sexuality, improving libido if required. Covellite harmonizes body, mind and soul and facilitates loving yourself unconditionally whilst eliminating vanity and arrogance.

Mentally this stone releases anything holding you in back, particularly ingrained beliefs from other lives. It facilitates rational analytic thought and the decision making process and enhances communication.

Q: Hi Judy;

My solar plex is seriously blocked. Please guide me how crystals and essences can help me to make it healthy again.

Judy Hall: You’ll find a whole list of solar plexus crystals in Crystal Prescriptions volume 4 together guidance on how to identify exactly the right crystal for you from the list to clear the chakra. See

Crystals Prescriptions 4

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