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Q: Hi Judy,

Please can you suggest crystal (s) to help in all of the below (its one overall problem):

  • breaking negative habits/addictions
  • eating disorder
  • depression
  • self sabotage

Many thanks for your time xx

Judy Hall: It’s not possible to suggest one specific crystal, even though these symptoms are all part of the same issue, as it has to be harmonised with the unique vibration and needs of the person concerned. But here are some eating disorder suggestions from Crystal Prescriptions 2: Azeztulite with Morganite, Azotic Topaz, Cassiterite, Fenster Quartz, Quartz with Lepidolite, Orange Kyanite, Picasso Jasper, Sichuan Quartz, Stichtite Chakra: dantien. The classic anti-self-sabotage crystal is Blue Scapolite . You’ll find more information on the website under and Amethyst has been used for thousands of years to overcome addictions and Auralite 23 would be an interesting crystal to try. You can use it yourself as a surrogate if necessary.
My intuition tells me that the new Lapis Lace Onyx (which Terrie Celest has for sale on could be very helpful. It’s a gentle stone that brings about profound shifts, as does a Brandenberg Amethyst which takes energies back to the perfect blueprint.
Also you will need something to help you stand by placidly whilst the person concerned deals with it for themselves. I was a drug and alcohol counsellor for many years and the one thing I learned during that period is that you cannot do it for someone else, they have to want to do it for themselves. Fuchsite (Green Muscovite) is very helpful for this dispassionate support as is Kiwi Jasper. You’ll find my friend Tracy Baines book  ‘It’s not about the food’ extremely insightful. It was written specifically to assist parents and others stand by giving loving support but not coercion.

Q: Hi Judy,

Please can you suggest crystals (s) to help my husband, who had an accident leaving him Tetraplegic;

self hate

no longer knows who he is, lost his ability to be himself  (which was heavily related to movement and exercise) lost direction, and purpose no longer knows how to feed his soul, connect to it or live it.

severe physical shock and permanent damage spinal cord near severed; messages from brain to body and visa versa can no longer get through.

Thanks so much.

Judy Hall: I really feel for you both, such a challenge and a deep soul learning. My immediate thought was Blue Moonstone on the hollow where the spine joins the skull. It feels like you are being given a chiropractic or cranial osteopathy treatment and its bright energies can lift the depressive nature of the injury. A new crystal that could both help with the nerve condition and finding peaceful acceptance is Prairie Tanzanite. Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is another new, and expensive, stone but it is worth seeking it out for the effect on the cells and a tiny piece is all you need. You’ll find it through the Exquisite Crystals link on my website. For renewing the soul connection, I’d suggest Trigonic Quartz. It has such a profound connection to the journey of the soul and the reveals reason why the soul chose to have such a traumatic experience. You’ll find more on this aspect in my Book of Why. I wish you both good healing and would remind you of what I always say, ‘Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back into balance, it does not imply a cure.’

Q: Dear Judy.

Is there crystals or a crystal to help someone with a narcissistic personality disorder ? Someone who always has to be the center of attention , amongst other things.

If there is is, is it likely to make them worse for them to see them self’s what they are like.

Judy Hall: Grape Chalcedony would be my answer. It helps them to accept they are part of a community and that other people deserve equal consideration. It’s gentle empathetic effect should soften that overwhelming ego coupled with self-doubt that lies behind the narcissistic personality.

Q: I wondered if many people have strange reactions to the crystal skulls? I get a strange feeling in my stomach which is unsettling. In the crystal shop I use there is a shelf of crystal skulls and I no longer go to that corner without realizing.

Judy Hall: A lot of people experience this kind of thing. Sometimes it’s because that’s the way the skulls are communicating with you.  One is probably calling to you and you are responding with a visceral reaction, literally ‘in your gut’. Pluck up your courage and talk to them, see which one is calling to you. Then take it home and work with it. If you need more help see my Crystal Skulls book.

Q: Hello Judy,

I’m very much interested in furthering my knowledge of Astrology. Do you have any recommendations for a reputable course that I could take?

Sincerely, Joanne Henrion

Judy Hall: As you live in France, you might be interested in on-line courses. The Faculty of Astrological Studies gives you a professional qualification and is well regarded, as is the long-established Mayo School Experiential astrologer John Wadsworth will be starting an online course in the spring. Take a look at his Kairos Astrology site. He also runs a yearly course in Glastonbury, excellent if you’re able to attend.
And finally dont forget our own Terrie Celest does a monthly indepth online seminar on the current zodiac sign on Sign up on her site.