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Q: Hi Judy

Could you tell me anything about Astraeolite? I’m struggling to find any information, apart from that it is clear quartz containing small flakes of pyrite.

Many thanks


Judy Hall: That’s really all the info I have too. It comes from one small source in Brazil only and hasn’t been mined for several years so is now very scare. Mostly available as jewellery so I haven’t bought any. You’ve probably seen this report by the finders:   No real info out there on the healing properties unless anyone in the community has worked with it? The combination of Quartz and Pyrite should be pretty poky energetically I would have thought.

Q: Hi Judy, Could please provide your insight and the type of stone of the skull pictured in your trip to the Netherlands? Why did you bring this with this you?

Thank You!

Judy Hall: If you’re talking about the big one, the answer is I didn’t! I only took two small ones with me. This one, Amarak, is Petrified Wood and called out to Anita (aided by me as he was too big for me to take home but so wanted to come out of the display case and work). She couldn’t resist him although, like so many people, she’d had no intention of buying a skull until he came along. He’s the happiest skull ever. So pleased to be helping to read the Akashic Record on the workshop. No doubt he will be doing much else besides at the Lichfontein centre.