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Q: Hi Judy,

I was wondering what are your favourite crystals? and also what would be your top 10 crystals to use.



Judy Hall: Brandenberg Amethyst every time! It’s my desert island crystal. I could live without anything else, but not that. I carry one wherever I go.
But then I’d add Shungite because I’m so electrosensitive I need it constantly and it works incredibly well for me.
Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper). The perfect airport crystal, invaluable when seriously delayed because two silly girls couldn’t extract themselves from duty free and so the flight slot was missed, and missed… and missed…, and then when stuck on the tarmac for an hour on the very hot, late night flight home – and all similar stressful situations. I find it invaluable when travelling around London too.
Grape Chalcedony and/or Prairie Tanzanite. I love these new stones for their profound peacefulness and the gentle love they exude.
Ancestralite, the perfect healer for the past and the family line.
Quantum Quattro, my go-to healing crystal for the immune system.
Labradorite, I couldn’t work psychically without its protection and insightful interface.
Green Aventurine for removing all those hooks and tentacles that try to get into my spleen chakra and drain my energy.