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Q: Hi Judy, I have been having a lot of success using crystals I have read about in your books for releasing past-life traumas etc..,  and I wondered if you were still offering online consultations, as I noticed the option recently on your website.  Thank you

Judy Hall: I am not able to offer on-line consultations (Terrie Celest does though, see I offer recorded readings on cassette only, see or workshops which are also on my website.

Q: Hi Judy,

What stones would you recomend for Shamanic travels and for Past life infomation recovery?

I very much loved your reading couple years ago i got from my sister as a birthday pressant. so much has come full circle you were increadibly accurate with your reading as well 😀 thank you.


Judy Hall: Thanks Kim, glad to know the reading helped. You’ll find several blogs/articles on Shamanic Crystals and those for Past Life work on my website – and also in Crystal Prescriptions volume 6. The search facility should bring them up. Although you’d be most welcome on a workshop!