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Q: Hi Judy !  Is Aqualite a combination of Apatite in Quartz or does Aqualite stand on its own in the mineral kingdom??? 

Short question…………..long story……..but really looking forward to the answer !

Hope all is well !!!

Judy Hall: I’d never heard of it until your question came in, so I dont know the answer. But, according to Keith Birch of KSC crystals, it seems to be a combination stone. He hasnt posted any proprties as yet. See  Keith may be able to tell you more about it. I shall get one and have a play so may have more to say later.

p.s. It looks as though this is another marketing name that’s been applied as Aqualite is listed as a rare mineral in its own right, it’s pink so very different to the Apatite in Quartz combined.

Q: I am a dreamy procrastinator that is heading into a final year of study to become a psychotherapist.  It’s a going to be a very busy year and I find it hard to sit down, write essays and get organised.  I am also very sensitive and pick every emotion floating past… which is tricky.  At the moment, I cannot live with my labradorite pendant and large skeletal smoky quartz point to stay grounded and clear out other’s energies.  Any other crystals that may help?  Thank you and many blessings x

Judy Hall: I’d suggest Healer’s Gold. I just did a ‘safe space’ workshop in London and people found that very helpful indeed for keeping your energies shielded. It may be that the Smoky Elestial you’ve been using has too high a vibration and that an earther vibration ‘ordinary’ Smoky Quartz would work. But I find Flint an incredibly grounding stone – and it does carry the message ‘get on with it’. Take a look at what Terrie has for sale on  She’ll be putting more up for sale when she returns from the States next week. It might also be worth obtaining some Orange Sphalerite to adjust your energies to the new frequencies. I’ve always found Petaltone ‘Silver Genie’ essenc excellent for getting down to things when there’s a lot to organise and use their Z14 to clear out toxic energies. And, finally, Jeni Powell of The Crystal Balance Company made a ‘Kick Ass’ spray from a very useful but exceedingly rare crystal combination of mine that does exactly what it says on the label. Hope that helps!

Q: Hi my Dear Judy…Please tell US the properties and Meaning of Brandenberg Manifestor…Many thanks in advance….Blessing in HIS NAME…Orlando XX

Judy Hall: Manifestor Quartz has a small, separate, crystal within the body of the crystal. It is unusual and rare and can be programmed to attract what you desire. As far as I know, although Brandenberg is a type of Quartz, there are no Brandenberg Manifestors around. If there were, it would amplify the already well documented Brandenberg properties.