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Q: Hello Ms. Judy,

I had watched a video of yours with a women and yourself…and you had a brandenburg crystal and another crystal “with a ladder” I think clearing karmic history and past family history (?) can you explain a ladder and what type of specific crystal they might be  found in…. OR how to find them in a crystal?

Judy Hall: ‘Ladders’ are a series of markings, either straight, triangles (‘record keepers’), ‘etchings’ or bands, going up a crystal that you can run your thumb or finger up. This is where a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s various pictures of a ladder, the first one happens to be on a Brandenberg crystal. Lemurian Seed crystals and many other Quartzes have them too in slightly different forms.

Amethyst point with multiple record-keeper ladders and Quartz.

And the bands within Chrysotile and Ancestralite form natural ladders for past life clearing work:

Q: Hello Dear Judy, Please tell Us the name of the Archangel and/or Being of Brandenberg & Smoky Brandenberg plus Citrine & Shungite Elite, & Black shungite plus the Matte Gray Shungite.  …Thank You,That God Keeping Blessing You, …Orlando XX

Judy Hall: This is one for the community. These archangels have not made themselves known to me. Why don’t you ask them yourself Orlando?

Q: Hi Judy,

I studied crystal and reiki healing last year and made some fantastic progress, but have struggled with my 21 day self healing since my reiki II. I have had discussions with my reiki master, who has been a fantastic support and understands that I have these blocks which prevent me from moving on.  I am now worried I have lost all my knowledge of crystals as I have not been studying them so well either.

Do you have any good tips on how to keep going with spirituality in times of depression (when you know you have the tools to help, but block yourself from using them)?

Also, do you have any good ways of studying crystals? I’m finding it such a mind field that I worry that once I start out doing treatments for others again, I can perform a healing with intuition, but would struggle to explain the findings?

Judy Hall: I would suggest you go with your intuition and not your logical mind. Don’t worry about explaining at this stage. Simply go with the flow, use the crystals you feel are appropriate and leave it at that, especially when offering healing again. Words can actually get in the way, anchoring a problem back into physical reality when it’s already been cleared by the crystals. If you spend some quality quiet time with your crystals, not ‘trying to do’, simply ‘being with’, you’ll find that assists you too. There are various techniques in my Crystal Workshop book that helps you to tune in and record your findings. You might find that helpful. And Crystal Mindfulness helps you to stay in the moment and simply be with your depression – which always has gifts in its heart if you can allow them to rise up into consciousness.

I’ve been meaning to post Reiki Support Crystals for awhile, so here it is:

Q: I have been reading what you say about the rainbow lattice sunstone. You say that one needs muscovite to ground the energy and kundalini quartz. So  do you have muscovite at you feet and kundalini on your solar plexus, while holding the rainbow lattice sunstone or having it on your crown chakra. Be grateful for your advice as to where to place the crystals.

Judy Hall: I didn’t mean to imply you have to use Muscovite and Kundalini Quartz. I reported that our crystal group found it helpful. It’s really important that you find out what works for you – and where to place them for yourself. You can dowse or finger dowse or simply feel where they need to be. Intuition is always the best method!