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Q: Hi, a question on shungit water. I’m making it like Judy talks about (course) for quite some time now. Though I notice the bubble-vitality becomes less within weeks of using. I clean and recharge the stones weekly now (water/intention/pettaltone/sun/moon). I Let the filtered water rest for 24-48 hours. My question: do the Stones get saturated at one point, that you need to give them back to nature? I tried another set of stones, that after 6 months also ‘run down’. My thought is solely based on not seeying bubbles after 24-48 in the new water. Half a year ago, it did show bubbles. Would love to hear your experiences on this

Judy Hall: This is an interesting question and I’ll transfer it and the answer to the questions page on the members website so people will be able to access it longer. I learn as I go along and the need to cleanse the Shungite and recharge it became much more apparent to me after I’d first written about making Shungite water, and of course once something is in a book it remains that way, so I’m updating in new books. I’ve been using my Shungite for several years now and, while there are fewer bubbles, they are still there. See the photos in ‘making shungite water’ on the website. I hang the bag of Shungite in the air for a few hours to recharge (which was suggested by the late John Iles a master of all things Shungite). Also, I personally clean the stones with a drop of Clear2Light and Z14 in the water before I do that, even though these essences are not meant to be taken internally. That ensures that the stones retain their energy. I cannot advise you on that, the choice is up to you. Alternatively you could try making the essence the indirect way (bowl in a bowl of water) using Elite or Noble Shungite and see how that works for you. We will be having a Shungite workshop in the autumn in London to honour the memory of John Iles and his work with Shungite and will be exploring topics such as this when we do. Details will be posted as soon as the workshop has been arranged.

Q: Hi Judy,

I have enjoyed so much your pictures of the crystal/dragon mountain in Wales, and so I was wondering if you have ever been made aware of other areas or mountains on Mother Earth that are the habitat of dragons.

Judy Hall: Oh yes, I’ve been to so many places where dragon energy was stirring. Just waiting to be noticed. Many of them spread around the UK but most mountains and lakes will have their guardian dragons. For a time I had a house in Canyamel in Mallorca and it was opposite a dragon headland. That started me painting after 50 years of believing I couldn’t paint. Such a creative place. There were several dragon spots on the island. Greece and its islands too have many dragons, probably why I holiday there so often. If you put the call out, the dragons will make themselves known, especially if you call them with the Celtic Quartz from the dragon mountain. That flashes the message around the dragon-web. Septarian and Dragon’s Blood Jasper work really well too (that comes from a dragon mountain in South Africa). You’ll find other rituals to connect you to sacred places without leaving the comfort of your armchair in Crystals and Sacred Sites.

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Q: Hello My Dear Judy, page 29 & 37 of You last book Crystal Grids, You said after use the spray make the dedication, that means being Wet the Crystals NO need to dry them as you advice do it after just clean just with water because now also have the energy of one or two Crystals You advice for recharge. …Also regarding Hexagrams , can You ask just one desire  or You can make 3 or more or beter make another Exagrans. That The Will-to-good & The will to Love Bless You…Orlando

as an addendum of My before question of today 26/01/2018, regarding the same page 29 of Your last book Crystal Grid, if I do not want to make a mother essence but few amount, then, no need to add any oil essence of sage, lavander, etc. just leave  the two gemstones for clear and recharge for few hours inside a bottle or any container of water & then use it in a spray container, is that right?…Thank You…Orlando XX

Judy Hall: You are getting too detail-focused again Orlando and relying on me to answer what you could do for yourself. Do what feels right for you!

Q: Hi Judy

Just wondering if there is a crystal or ritual to help tame an overactive enquiring mind? I seem to want to know and interact with so much that I can get really muddled, and never seem to settle. “jack of all trades, master of none” seems to fit me!

Thank you!

Auralite 23Judy Hall: My crystal of choice for quietening the monkey mind is Auralite 23. Just sit with it and let your eyes follow up the chevrons (or down if you want to quieten the mind for meditation). It shuts off mind chatter and let’s you concentrate on absorbing and understanding one thing, and then integrating into your overall knowledge. You could also try putting the card from The Crystal Wisdom Oracle Pack on your forehead, it harnesses the energy of the stone so well. Fluorite also helps in organising the mind as does a Herkimer Diamond. I won’t confuse you with any more but you might also find my Crystal Mindfulness useful as it has suggestions for stilling the mind and concentrating on one thing at a time by staying in the present moment.

Q: Hi Judy,

As a community member I would like to also answer Orlando’s question to the Archangels that oversee the connection they are seeking. I agree they also need to ask for themselves for an answer. To work with these beings they must have love, light and compassion for the good of all.

Judy Hall: I couldn’t agree more. If you always rely on someone else for the answer you never grow spiritually or evolve in your understanding. My whole intention is to help people think for themselves and learn to rely on their intuitive understanding and interaction both with the crystals and those around them. There’s so much information on the website too, if only people would take time to search out the answers. I cannot keep endlessly repeating myself. if I did I wouldn’t have time to do any new research. But the information is all there, whether in what I or other people have written or from inside yourself. It’s the ‘seek and ye shall find’, and ‘know thyself’ principle that’s so vital.

Q: Hello My Dear Judy…as a 2nd. addendum of my before email regarding page 29 of Crystal Grids, the spray of Clean & recharge can be used with success also With Green Ridge Quartz, Anandalite, Brandenberg, Smoky Brandenberg, Selenite.

Judy Hall: Yes, with whatever crystals feel right to you.

In the other hand,Regarding  the AMD or Macular degeneration the only Crystal that You mention in all Your books of prescription can be used for the two types , that means dry & wet , plus please the book do not mention as it does in others cases if You place the crystal in the Brow or where or if You prepare an elixir & drink it or use how many drops in the eye. Can You please help with that information to all the members of the community plus if  You please can tell us of others names of crystal that treat this disease & if it become regenerate or just stop or advance more slowly with a crystal treatment.

Judy Hall: I have to prefix this answer with the fact that I am not a medical practitioner and, in accordance with the laws of the UK and elsewhere, I cannot give medical advice. You need to use your intuition as to which of the crystals listed work and how to apply them. I’ve used Blue Chalcedony, Blue Halite, Vivianite and other crystals to assist with my own eye problems following cataract surgery. But the most effective treatment for macular degeneration has been Sanum homeopathic eye drops Mucokehl D5 Augentroplen. Last year my diabetic eye scan showed signs of macular degeneration. This year it did not. But you need to be advised by a homepath on how to use them.