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Q: Hallo Judy,

In the chrystal bible 3 you mention: “pholocomite”. I have googled om that name and I only get hits of your books. No other mineral sites,  Wikipedia or shops. No photo, Nothing. Strange, isn’t it? Is it possible that others  use a different name? Or can you give  the chemistral formular?

Ik hope to hear from you about this very mysterious stone.

Marja, The Netherlands

Judy Hall: Hi Marja
I’m sorry but I cant be much help on this at the moment. I have to rely on the wholesalers from whom I buy crystals as to the name, source, etc. and they rarely come with chemical formulas. This was a random ‘have you seen this?’ find. It was handed to me from a big box bought at Tucson and I liked its feel so took it away to work with. I was assured it would be easily available. This particular wholesaler is no longer in business and I have no contact for him. I will dig my piece out of my reference box and take it to a minerologist and see if it can be further identified. Watch this space!