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Q: Good morning, Judy,

Do you have a suggestion for any crystal(s) to use for the loss of taste due to chemotherapy?

I am a shamanic healer and I am supporting a client who has a permanent metallic taste in her mouth and cannot taste any food no matter how bitter, spicy or sweet!

Many thanks Judy and bright blessings.

Judy Hall: I can’t think of a crystal immediately but I do know that Margaret Cahill found Vitamin A spray invaluable during her chemotherapy. You (or your client) can read all about the complementary support she used on her blog Under Cover of Darkness, or her excellent book of the same name available from O Books. (I have posted the link previously.) If a crystal does come to mind we’ll post it for you so do keep checking.

Q: Dear Judy,

There is lots of advice about protection crystals to protect oneself from energy vampires. What crystals would you advise for energy vampires them self’s ( with their consent) to use to stop them stealing other people’s energy ?

Judy Hall: Exactly the same crystals that protect you against invasion, Green Aventurine and Green Jade but perhaps more ‘heavy duty’ so Tantalite, Mohawkite, Master Shamanite. But the biggest factor is INTENTION. Once someone becomes aware of what they are doing, they can consciously close their solar plexus and spleen chakras – and the base and sacral during sexual contact – and go into their dantien to connect to the earth through the grounding cord meditation (check this out through using the search function on the website), pulling any energy they may need up through their feet from the molten core of the earth and then anchoring that in the dantien – Red Jasper is excellent for this.

Q: Hi Judy !  I have a question for you about the Chakras.  As a Reiki Master and one who works with both Energy and Crystals during the day, I am quite used to having the Higher Chakras open.  But “the penny dropped” so to speak the other day when I was doing my Spiritual Protection Ritual and I realized I NEVER close them down!  Could that be in part why engaging in the “outside world” is becoming more difficult and why I pick up on the emotional “distress” of people I come in contact with..those hidden emotions they are in most cases in my experience either denying or suppressing? This can be especially difficult as an empath or sensitive.  Can you please speak to our Higher Chakras and how/when to close them down?  I have also been told I have closed down one of my Chakras as a form of protection. How do I know for myself if it’s closed down or not??  Maybe a little Chakra 101 Awareness & Daily Maintenance suggestions??  Thanks Judy….and I hope this is a topic that will be of interest and help to other members of this wonderful community !

Judy Hall: An excellent question and I’m preparing something to go with the next community mailout. Meantime, use your intention and consciously close down from above the top of your head to your feet by picturing ‘chakra shields’ each time you finish a healing session, that will close the higher chakras. If way too open, use Flint or Hematite over the chakra. Then reground yourself. You’ll also find loads of info in Crystal Prescriptions 4 which is the go-to chakra book. As for do you know if a chakra is open or close, use your palm chakra to feel it. Or dowse it. You’ll soon sense the difference.

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