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Q: Dear Judy,

Thanks a lot for creating the members community!

My family and I bought a land in Senegal to produce fruits and vegetables. Which crystals do you recommend to ensure that the land will be fertile and produce healthy fruits and vegetables? In the past, I have used green aventurine and green calcite for my plants and it has really helped them.

Many thanks in advance for your reply and best regards, Assia

Judy Hall: One of my favourite fertility stones for crops is Moss Agate, it really seems to stimulate their growth, along with Quartz points. If you want to protect crops against insects eating them, I’ve found Tree Agate to be helpful as well as Sulphur, while Bumble Bee Jasper attracts beneficial pollinating insects and supports the bee population. Hope that helps! All the best, Judy

Q: Hi My Dear Judy,…Regarding Your answer 30th Aug-3rd Sept. in Your answer You said if one is arround, You shall amplifly…& is YES, I got one from Your shop from Jeni, The cost was high, but I thought IT deserve. Then please give us to the community the knowledge…Thanks, God Keep Blessing You & Your family…With Love & Gratitude…Orlando XX P.S.HERE  My before question & Your answer…

Q: Hi my Dear Judy…Please tell US the properties and Meaning of Brandenberg Manifestor…Many thanks in advance….Blessing in HIS NAME…Orlando XX Judy Hall: Manifestor Quartz has a small, separate, crystal within the body of the crystal. It is unusual and rare and can be programmed to attract what you desire. As far as I know, although Brandenberg is a type of Quartz, there are no Brandenberg Manifestors around. If there were, it would amplify the already well documented Brandenberg properties.

Hi again My Dear Judy, Looks the people that print Prescription 6 page 283 & The Crystal Zodiac page 136 make a lapsus cálami when typing because say 283 Neptune with aquamarine & 136 Uranus with aquamarine.PLUS Neptune with Amethyst plus, Pluto: Smoky Quartz & 283 Pluto: Malachite,etc. …Please amplify. Many Thanks… Light, Love, Wisdon & more Beauty for You & Your family…Orlando XX

Judy Hall: You must have the only Brandenberg Manifestor as I’ve never found another one. Put the two pieces of information I gave together with what you know together and you have the answer.

With regard to the other points, I’ve researched crystals right back for 5000 years and there are many possibilities. No one stone for one particular thing. So I cannot answer this in detail. As I’ve said before, use your intuition as to which works best for you!

Q: A question if it’s not too late :). Because the crystals are carved into skull shapes how does this alter the consciousness/energy, rather than it being a natural piece?

Judy Hall: I did cover this in the talk. There is a difference between the oversoul, matrix consciousness of the material from which a skull is carved, and the higher being (or consciousness) that then works through the skull. If the two are in harmony, sharing the same intent, it works much better. You’ll find much more information on this in my crystal skulls book.

Q: I was adopted as a baby and have had an upbringing in a good home but I would like to understand my biological and ancestral background as I feel it has a big influence on who I am. I don’t want to trace my biological parents. Could you recommend good crystals and techniques for tapping into this knowledge? I only know my mothers name age and country of birth.

Judy Hall: There are two crystals that I would particualrly recommend, the first is Ancestralite and the second Cradle of Life (Humankind). Both help you trace your ancestral tree and can be purchased from Terrie Celest at If you live in the UK then I’d recommend coming on my Between Lives workshop at the College of Psychic Studies on the 14th October to explore why you chose the families you did. Or join us in the Netherlands (details on my website and facebook pages). Crystal Prescriptions 6 has some techniques for exploring ancestral healing and the ancestral tree that you’ll find useful, as well as Reading the Akashic Record. It really helps to have someone there to guide you when you begin and instructions for that are in The Book of Why and several other books including CP6. Finally, a Brandenberg Amethyst can help you to explore all the various dimensions and the interlife. Hope that helps.

p.s. there’s a free download on the mainsite on how to use ancestralite and one on the Akashic Record.

Q: Hi Judy !  LOVE this community !!!  And hello everyone!!  Back to the Azeztulite and Sataloka discussion if you have a moment.  What country or mine should I be ordering Azeztulite from? And what country or mine should the true Sataloka come from?  Everybody seems to have their own “take” on this….and if I am going to invest in a crystal….I want it to be the “true” one. ( So glad we have the cards which hold their energies!) While you are at it…..where should the Samani (I may have spelled that wrong) come from??  The Sataloka I have comes from India…and I am just beginning to really feel the differences in the vibrations of the crystals based on the different locations.  Thanks again!

Judy Hall: John at Exquisite Crystals has Sataloka Quartz, which comes from a monastery in South India – you’ll find the details in Crystal Bible volume 2. Satamani (Satyamani) comes from there too but you’ll have to search for a site or shop that is selling it as John doesn’t have it listed. (KSC and Soulful Crystals do but it depends on which country you live). Azeztulite tends to be trademarked by Robert Simmons so if you buy one that is certified by him you’ll know it’s genuine. So many Azeztulites are turning up now from around the world it is an interesting exercise to feel the vibrations of the ones from different regions.