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Q: Good Morning Judy…and Everyone !!

Is Rainbow Myanite the same as the iridescent form of Golden Healer from Arkansas or the Welsh Golden Healer from “Crystal Dragon Mountain” in Wales in Vibration?  Can they be used interchangeably?  I have been guided thru your Oracle Cards to use Rainbow Myanite which is super expensive.  But I do have Golden Healer as well as lots of Welsh Golden Healer.  Thanks Judy!  Linda MacKinnon, London Ontario  P.S.  Thought I would ask before making another crystal investment!!!

Judy Hall:

Hi Linda

Rainbow Mayanite

Rainbow Mayanite, c. Jeni Campbell

This is a difficult one to answer because the underlying crystal in all these forms is undoubtedly Golden Healer, and the Arkansas Golden Healer with the iridescent coating is similar in appearance to Rainbow Mayanite. The coating is created by the same material, iron. Golden Green Ridge Quartz sometimes displays the iridescence. I’ve also found one or two Golden Healers from the Himalayas with the same coating. But the earth energies of the actual places where they are found are different. So, energetically and vibrationally, each of the three crystals subtly differs.  The answer to whether they can be used interchangeably depends on how your own vibrations respond to the crystal. Everyone has a unique frequency so it is very much a case of try it and see. Not easy I know when the crystal is expensive. But! You can use the card from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle in place of the actual crystal as it encapsulates the energies beautifully. The deck gives you access to so many rare and expensive crystals and they can all be used for laying on for personal or lay outs for distance healing.

You can, of course, also dowse to check out whether to purchase a crystal. Exquisite Crystals has such good photos, simply put your finger on the one that is calling out to you and check it out with your pendulum (follow the link on the main website to get to them).


Q: Hi Judy Hall,

Hope everything is fine with you.

I did ask you in June where to put my experiences about the Lumi, because you asked it when I received the Lumi. I did read your pages. I still don’t know how to let you know. Maybe it’s my English level of understanding.

Anyway I let you now by this way. You asked it, I like to do it and keep you posted.

I first let it on a nice place in my working space. It took some time Before I got the feeling to start working with the Lumi. I started meditating, while keeping it in my hand. Put it in the pocket of my trousers. I often do when I feel the need of a certain contact and energy of a crystal, this time I just wanted to give you an answer on your question. And I was also surprised the Lumi stayed so quiet, while usually I am in a strong interaction with Crystals. At least a feeling of willing a contact or not. But not with the Lumi.

I am epileptic and the next couple of days I got suddenly more absences then I got usually. So I took it out of my trousers and did lay it back in the room.

Now I am as usual. Interesting eh? For me it is anyway. I will now wait till I find the urge myself to contact the Lumi.

Greetings Hella

Hi Hella

The community members’ Facebook page is the place to share your experiences with the Lumi and other crystals. I would suggest that you work on fully grounding yourself with Boji Stones before you pick up the Lumi, and then ask them to communicate with you. Some of them are only just ‘waking up’ and need to learn how to interact with us as well as us learning from them. (You’ll find more about this on the members’ community crystal pages.) Boji Stones are so good at bringing us back when we’ve been journeying. Black Tourmaline is also excellent for grounding – and for calming seizures. So often these occur when your soul is elsewhere and your body calls you back by going into a nervous frenzy. You’ll find other seizure preventatives in Crystal Prescriptions.

Q: Hello Dear Judy, Please tell Me what side of the body (left or right)  May I wear Bloodstone & Septarian, because the first one  is to big for tape in the Thymus area & the other is a sphere, Many thanks in advance for Your answers. ..That God keeping Blessing You. ….Orlando XX

Dear Orlando, as I have said so many times before, I cannot give you the answers. USE YOUR INTUITION. DOWSE. Your body knows the answer. You just have to ask it the question and it will show you where it needs the crystal. If you continue to rely on someone outside yourself, you will never fully access crystal potential.

Q: Hi Judy, I love your books and am delighted to be on here now as a member.  I love crystals and am intrigued with them, so much to learn.  Could you please advise the best crysyal/ crystal combination for family tree healing and lineage healing?  Thank you

Judy Hall: My own personal favourites for ancestral healing are Ancestralite, Celtic Healer Quartz and Brandenberg Amethyst (you’ll find them all in the store). But using stones from countries that feature in your lineage can also assist. You’ll discover how to use the ancestral healing tree grid in the April content of the member’s community, and much more info and suitable crystals in Crystal Prescriptions volume 6: ancestral healing, soul retrieval and karmic clearing

Crystal Prescriptions volume 6