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Q: Is the titanium Rainbow  aura amethyst Quartz  is one of the aura quartz she said is for planet Uranus in Her prescription 6?

Rainbow aura amethyst Quartz

Judy Hall: Yes it is!

Q: Hi Judy,    

What does frosting on a crystal indicate?   Does it make the crystal energy weaker, more muted?    Or is it a positive quality? 

Thank You

CC-amethyst crystal cap-cropJudy Hall: To me frosting both amps up the energy to an extremely high vibration and diffuses it so it’s gentle in its effect rather than muted. Crystal Cap Amethyst is simply amazing. It opens all the higher crown chakras. I have the most fantastic Chlorite-frosted one that purifies as well. Effective and pretty, what more could you want? Here’s an extract from The Crystal Bible volume 3 on Crystal Cap Amethyst:

It connects you to the immensity of life and consciousness and attunes you to the most profound guidance. Crystal Cap takes you into civilisations not as firmly corporeal as our present one. You connect to Lemuria and lives beyond the stars in other galaxies and universes, bringing back the wisdom and skills you garnered there. The stone conveys you to the start of our present universe and beyond to experience what went before.

This combination lifts the healing properties of Amethyst to a higher frequency, working mainly from the etheric blueprint into the physical dimension to heal dis-eases of the soul and subtle causes of addictions, eating and brain-based disorders. It has a profound effect on the harmony of the brain spheres, encouraging integration of the various parts, and activating neurotransmitters and new neural pathways.


Q: Hi Judy,
Is there any one stone that you would recommend as a releasing stone when one becomes over stimulated when working with high vibration stones? And a follow up question: Do grounding stones differ from releasing stones?

Judy Hall: You’ll find a blog called Cosmic Assimilation on  It is about this very topic. I recommend Orange Sphalerite to assist in assimilating the new high vibration energies and rebooting your body to cope with them, releasing all that is outworn and outgrown. It is very effective. Equally effective is holding a Brandenberg Amethyst – preferably an earthy Smoky one. (Terrie has several on her website at They bring your energy back into alignment and release anything that is not for your highest good. The Smoky ones are extremely grounding too. And, yes, grounding is very different from releasing. Grounding gives you a stable energy core and a strong connection to the Earth. Releasing lets go energies. You’ll find more info in the relevant sections in the community pages.

Q: Hi Judy

I recently purchased a wonderful crystal from Terri Celest which was a piece given to her by yourself to sell . It is the White Elestial with Smoky edges and I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about this crystal please.

warmest regards


Judy Hall:

Hi Karen

I’ve had this particular piece for so long I’ve forgotten its source. It was part of my protection grid for many years, so it’s been to numerous workshops as well as doing distance working. Recently it said it wanted to move on so I’m pleased it’s found a happy home. I just loved the combination of the clear Elestial with the delicate Smoky edges, it is such a purifying and transmutative piece. Grounding and integrating cosmic energy with that of the planet. As I said in Crystal Bible 2:

Karmically, Smoky Elestial draws past life trauma or dis-ease out of the present life physical body, reframes it, heals the etheric blueprint and the subtle energy bodies and assists the soul to understand the gift in the experience. Cleansing and healing the ancestral line of trauma and emotional pain, it provides multi-dimensional cellular memory healing. This intense stone takes you back into past lives to reclaim power, to purify negative karma and to release from anyone who has enslaved you in their power no matter when that may be. Emotionally it releases karmic enmeshment and dissolves magical rituals that no longer serve. Physically, it resets the body after severe pain and facilitates multi-dimensional cellular healing.

White Elestial Quartz is attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness and is an exceptional elevator and integrator of vibrational energies, bringing the spiritual into the physical dimension. It purifies earth energies and brings ley lines into balance, and is an excellent gridding stone for creating sacred space.

So, in that one piece, you have the best of both worlds. I dont seem to have a picture of it, so maybe you could post one on the members’ facebook pages so everyone can enjoy it?