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Q: Is there a limit to the number of crystals you can wear in your bra without undermining their effect?

Judy Hall: Well it rather depends on the type of crystal and whether you are mixing them or not. If I have to go through a full-body airport scanner, I have pieces of Shungite all round my bra to protect me. It really flummoxes the scanner operator. But as a general rule, I’d say no more than two types at a time and don’t overdo it. Less is more!

Q: Hi Judy, since last summer I have done some of the rituals for clearing karma and the ancestrial line. Is it enough to do this once ( and than you have done the job for ever) or is it necessary to do this more often?

Judy Hall: It is well worth doing these grids more than once as layers shift and more is revealed. Leave the grid in place until it’s time to either dismantle or cleanse and then remake, possibly with different stones or a different layout..

Q: Hi Judy ! I just came upon a crystal called Vulcanite that I was very drawn to based upon its healing work with Mother Earth.  It looks strangely like Que Sera.  It did say that Vulcanite is also known as Llanite.  I also purchased Que Sera from you a long time ago and it looks much like the Ryolite I purchased from a shop here…so much so I cannot tell them apart any longer.  So….my question is, Is Vulcanite=Llanite=Que Sera= Ryolite?  Or….are all four different names for the same crystal?   Happy Solstice Everyone !  Linda

Q: Hi Judy ~  Another question for you regarding Que Sera and Blue Rhyolite.  I seem to have both…and have mixed them together in a dish!  How can I tell them apart, separate them again?  The stones have very different healing properties, do they not?  Thanks again.  Puzzled Linda

Judy Hall: Yes, if you look in Crystal Bible 3 Que Sera is also known as Vulcanite, and it is a form of Llanite. According to the Wickedpedia: ‘Llanite is a hypabyssally intruded variety of rhyolite with phenocrysts of microcline and euhedral quartz. The quartz crystals are blue hexagonal bipyramids. The unusual blue coloration of the quartz is thought to be due to ilmenite inclusions.’ So the answer to your next question is that you dont really need to worry. I think you can assume that if its all blue, then it’s Blue Rhyolite, if it’s predominantly blue and pink, it’s Que Sera/Vulcanite.