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Q: I am using crystals and tuning forks (sound healing) on a client who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has also spread to his lungs. I am quite clear that I am not “curing” him, but trying to abate the symptoms and pain and facilitate a space of peace and harmony for him. I have been using a heart shaped clear quartz crystal near the heart chakra. Do you have any other suggestions.

Many thanks and blessings for your assistance.


Judy Hall: There are some articles that might be able to help on the website, have you read this one

This question was first posted on Facebook but transferred here so that it will remain available for the community. Please post similar questions here, not on f/b, so that Judy may answer them when she has an opportunity.

Q: I have some questions about shungite water. I’ve done some homework already on this subject such as watching Judy’s video, reading her article, and reading every post and comment in this group regarding the topic. I first learned about using shungite in water when I watched Judy talk about it in a video on her website. A few days later, I went to a reputable crystal store in Brussels, Belgium and bought 3 “tumbled” shungite stones, not knowing yet that “raw” was the recommended version for best results. The tumbled stones have been stewing in an 2-liter glass mason jar for a day and a half now with the lid open and no bubbles in sight. So, after learning last night about “raw” shungite being better, I ordered two 100gm of raw shungite for water purification online from Astrologywise (recommended by Judy) and am patiently waiting for them to arrive.

Q. 1 My first question is about the container. I’m using a 2-liter glass mason jar at the moment. Does the container need a closed or open lid? Does it matter? The reason I’m asking is I thought I saw bubbles forming on top of the water yesterday (with my current tumbled stones), but I read somewhere to keep the lid off and now the bubbles aren’t there. Wonder if it’s because I kept the lid open?

Judy Hall: Personally, I would never store water in an open container, even when containing Shungite. Why leave it open to potential contamination that the stone will have to hoover up? In the pictures I’ve posted, you’ll see that the jug has a lid.

Jug with lid

Q.2 We have culligan water in my household due to the high calcium deposits in our tap water. Will the shungite still be effective since the water is already purified?

Judy Hall: I am not familiar with the process by which culligan water is created. However, there is an enormous difference between ‘purification’ and ’becoming biologically active and charged, anti-viral and anti-bacterial’, with harmful micro-organisms and pollutants removed, which is the result of adding Shungite to the water.

Q.3 In your experience, what size container is best to use for the shungite water for someone who also wants to bring a bottle of the water to work every day? I read that you can refill the shungite water jug just as long as there is still some water left inside. What other tricks and recommendations can you suggest?

Judy Hall: This is up to you.  I use two separate filter jugs and keep them constantly topped up. I put a few pieces of Shungite into the bottle I take with me to keep it fresh and activated and top it up with mineral water if necessary.

Q.4. We also love to travel. I know Judy Hall travels a lot too. Any tips for how to travel and still drink shungite water?

Judy Hall: See above. Given that it’s not possible to take ready-activated water through airport security, I make sure that I have sufficient Shungite with me to activate a half litre bottle as soon as I’m in the departure lounge. It’s sufficiently ‘cooked’ by the time I reach my destination. I only do short haul flights. Anyone taking longer flights would probably need to have several bottles with them so it can be used during the flight. Remember to wear Shungite over your thymus as well. A plane – or a car – is an electromagnetic cage and you need all the protection you can get from EMF’s and electrical devices.

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Thank you all for your help! I’m new to crystals and love this group already ?

Judy Hall: So glad to hear you’re finding the members’ Facebook group useful. I hope all members will join it. There’s so much wisdom and shared experience available within the group.

Q: Hi Judy

I wanted to share some brilliant advice I was given a couple of weeks ago. I am under constant psychic attack by a colleague… it is almost dibilitaing and have taken every precaution I can think of from wearing black tourmaline constantly, imagining her in a ray of pink light of love (I find that impossible to accomplish), I also wear fluorite, placed a shungite pyramid between us, meditate daily, oh you name it! Then someone said if I can’t imagine a pink light surrounding her, to imagine her wearing pink instead and to make it humorous. This has seriously worked! Funnily, she was been wearing pink every day recently too. I have just read your article on crystals for psychic protection and don’t think enough emphasis can be placed on positive energy and maintaining humour as well as the healing energy of crystals to help in situations like this. It’s hard, but I am happier in work than I have been for a long time.

Keep smiling!

Excellent website, wish I had found it sooner!

Much love


Judy Hall: Hi Bec, good to hear from you. Thanks for this, it’s always useful to hear of things that worked. And I love the humour of it. We’ll add it to the toolbox!