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Q: I got over a crystal bazar shop in Dubai, and a Pakistani boy sold me a large obsidian sphere, its not perfect black but has some pearlescent grey stripes.

Is it a banded obsidian or could be black agate or onyx?

and if is banded..  dose it have the same properties as black obsidian?

Judy Hall: It is difficult to answer this without being able to see and handle the sphere. Obsidian does come in Rainbow and Silver Sheen, both of which are ‘banded’ and are beautiful stones. They carry the basic Black Obsidian properties and their additional properties are in the Crystal Bibles. If the sphere is Onyx or Black Agate it will be less translucent and will have a specific internal crystal lattice structure (which needs a gemmologist to check). But the sphere sounds wonderful and if I were you I wouldn’t worry about what it’s created from, I’d enjoy exploring the possibilities it holds. It sounds like it would be a brilliant scrying tool. We’re working on a crystal scrying book and it will be available to the community soon.

Q: I would like to add an answer about the sungit water question if its possible.

Since you benefit of drinking sungit water for six months .. my intuition tells me you should leave to rest the sunghite for another 6 months, we must equally give back what was given to us.

And you could bury it in a pot and leave it in the sun and moon constantly to rest until the energy is refreshed.

Please correct me if I’m wrong,

thank you and enjoy sungit water!

Judy Hall: It’s not a question of being right or wrong. As with everything crystal, it’s about doing what’s right for you and your crystals. My original Shungite is still working well after several years of continuous use. I do put it out briefly in the air and under the sun or moon to recharge. But then it is ready for action once more. If it wasn’t, the water wouldn’t taste the same and would lack therapeutic properties. But if your belief is that it needs to rest for six months, then that will be what your Shungite needs as our belief shapes our interaction with our crystals.

Q: Hello My Dear Judy, Many Thanks for our anwers. now yesterday I read again parts of Your book Grid Crystals. & regardingstar of 6 point Your example whas wit 6 Selenite. then You mention immsonia & chatering or Monkey Mind, then You said Ametist & Aurelite 23. But please how many of then 7 in each case or just one the key crystal and the other six? are always Selenite? or which one for each case…Also You say dowse in order to see  which side is up, English is not My Mother lenguage, so please give Me the full answer & please with all the Love , respect & gratitute that I have to You  not say use Your intuition  because until now in this life I and not an Arhat.

Judy Hall: As I have said many times before, you need to learn how to find the crystals and the method that are right for you for yourself. The books make that clear too. Everyone is energetically different and will need slightly different crystals and grids, which is why I give choices. Chapter 2 pages 26-40 of Crystal Grids show in detail how to choose your crystals and in particular how to dowse. If you find it difficult to follow the words, the Crystal Bibles show it in pictures. If you learn to do this, you will be able to answer all your questions for yourself.

Q: Hello Dear Judy,…please tell Me which stone is related to Lillith or black Moon, as Amethyst & aquamarine is related to Piscis…That  the Divine Love that You deserve for the help to the community & the World be always with You…Orlando XX

Judy Hall: As far as I am aware there is no traditional stone for the Black Moon. I would use Black Moonstone but, once again, you can find this out for yourself by dowsing or using your intuition.

Q: Hi Judy,

I have recently acquired four small Brandenbergs from South Africa which have trigonic markings on them. Are these therefore called “Trigonics” or do they have to be smoky white quartz in order to be classified as (and work like) “Trigonics”? In other words: are they good enough for the job?

Best regards,

Martha from Vienna

Judy Hall: How fortunate you are to have Trigonic Brandenbergs. That makes them very special indeed and definitely good enough for the job. Any crystal with the classic downward-pointing cascading triangles is a Trigonic, no matter what the base crystal. The clear white Quartz ones pictured here are the most usual but you do find the markings appearing on other types of Quartz too.

Trigonic Brandenberg