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Q: Hello. Ms. Judy

Greetings from Turkey. I had followed your books and I am on crystals magic world. I am learning and advising my friends and most of them are getting heal with crystals and this makes me happy. I would lke to ask about imponenet. Many of my friends have sexual frigidity . What is your advise regarding this ?

I hope you will answer my question.

Thanks advance

Best Regards Ali

Judy Hall: This is where the search facility on the website comes in handy! Putting ‘impotence’ in quickly revealed Variscite, Shungite water, Orange Carnelian, a whole heap of aphrodisiac and virility crystals including Green Aventurine and my personal favourite Red Jasper, and two chakras – the base and sacral – on which to place the recommended crystals. And that’s before looking at underlying issues such as powerlessness, or the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and mobile phones being placed in pockets. The same crystals can assist female frigidity, as can Poppy Jasper, Strawberry Lemurian, Rhodonite, Triplite and Serpentine all of which move kundalini up the spine. You’ll discover a lot more about this topic when looking at the antidotes to stuck kundalini in Crystal Prescriptions 4. My ultimate prescription would be The Alchemy of Night process, which will be available late in 2018 and which reveals the secrets of ancient Egyptian sex magic and cosmic orgasms.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper, c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion.



Q: Hi Judy!

I was wondering if you could help regarding your recommendations for zodiacs. Sometimes, I see you suggests agate and other times you’ll specify the type of agate. In the instances where you doesn’t specify, how does one know which type to get?

For example: the birthstone listed for Gemini is agate – but which kind and how should one chose?

Thanks so much!!!


Judy Hall: You use your intuition Jesse. Quite literally every body has a different energy frequency and will respond to a crystal slightly differently. But your body knows which one will be best for you – so ask it. Finger dowsing quickly shows you how to choose exactly the right one.

finger dowseTo finger dowse

To finger dowse, hold the thumb and first finger of your right hand together (see illustration). Loop the thumb and finger of your left hand through to make a ‘chain’. Ask your question clearly and unambiguously – you can speak it aloud or keep it within your mind. Now pull gently but firmly. If the chain breaks, the answer is usually ‘no’. If it holds, the answer is usually ‘yes’ – but check by asking your name in case your response is reversed.




Q: Hi Judy, I love this space and the FB page.

Thank you!I often work with light warriors who need crystals to ground themselves, besides carnelian and red jasper, is there anything else you would recommend they obtain?

Love and crystalline blessings


Judy Hall: So pleased you love it Nici. There’s a section on grounding on the website. Do look up the options on

Grounding is essential not only for spiritual warriors but for everyone. If you are not attached to the planet, you can’t ground energies or function effectively in the material world. Personally, I wouldn’t use Carnelian or Red Jasper for light workers as a first choice. I’d turn to something more earthy like Flint, Smoky Quartz, or Hematite. Elestial Smoky Quartz or Serpentine is helpful for someone who really can’t cope with being anchored in incarnation. It introduces grounding gently so that they get used to the feeling and can then anchor even more strongly with other crystals.

Flint: the perfect antidote to ungroundedness.

Flint: the perfect antidote to ungroundedness.