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Q: Hi Judy

When a crystal has a moving enhydro inside, does that add anything to the stone energetically?    

And thank you so much for creating this Member’s community. It has come to mean a lot to me. Blessings, Shirley

Judy Hall: I find it amplifies the energy. The water is millions of years old and holds a great deal of information that can be read if you sit quietly with the stone.

Q: My Dear Judy,…Many Thanks for Your answer of Sept. 21 to Oct. 02, regarding Brandenberg Manifestor  that You said…Judy Hall: You must have the only Brandenberg Manifestor as I’ve never found another one. Put the two pieces of information I gave together with what you know together and you have the answer.—but the point is that I have not the 2 pcs of information  You gave, can You please Give that information & if have a cost please let Me know the price.

Many thanks again.,…That the Light, Love & Beauty keep growing In You for Your Benefit & the benefit of all the community.

Orlando XX

Judy Hall: There are two pieces of information given in my original answer.

Q: Hi Judy!  I’m a crystal “newbie” and have been enjoying listening to your online course.  Where can I buy the crystal cleaner and the recharger that you refer to in the course?  I think it’s called “clear to light”.

Thanks, Brigitte

Judy Hall: Hi Brigette, please see