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Q: Judy,

Do crystals gift/share with us their healing abilities…or do they enhance our innate gifts…or do they work with us even from a distance?I have a crystal that cauterizes wounds. I was in a situation where a child was badly scraped…and I didn’t have this particular healing crystal on me. I did have another double terminated quartz that I was wearing. I tuned in to my little double terminated  brandenberg quart that cauterizes wounds….and focussed intently that the results I had experienced previously…could be replicated using the crystal I was wearing. The child’s scrapes were cauterized beautifully! What is your experience with this type of crystal work? Thank you✨?✨

Judy Hall: Brandenbergs are such treasures. That’s why I wouldn’t be without one. It’s my ‘desert island crystal’. If I could only have one, that would be it. Crystals most definitely share their abilities with us and enhance our own innate gifts – and they work from anywhere, any distance. That’s why I prefer not to limit their actions by giving them instructions that confine their actions to what I think is necessary. So much better to let the crystal work to its highest and best – and most appropriate – level. It’s also possible, as you found, to tune a small, seemingly insignificant, crystal to the ‘crystal oversoul’ or a specific crystal to strengthen its abilities. I call this ‘borrowing virtue.’ I’ve written about it extensively in various books and blogs.

Q: Hi Judy,

thrilled to have become a member as I have loved crystals and their amazing energies since I can remember! A question re surgery, both of which are end result of exhausting every other possibility.

My little one is having her tonsils and adenoids out – and I will be having my womb and cervix removed in a few months. I will do a ritual and also maybe rose quartz and selenite for my daughter (she’s 4) and rose quartz, selenite and kyanite for myself? Any thoughts? thanks!

Judy Hall: The idea of a ritual and a grid is a good one. For you, I’d say Menalite, Menalite and another Menalite – Terrie has some excellent ones on her website and although I say ‘and another’, one really would do. It is so good for anything to do with the female organs. Then I’d look at Chrome (Green) Diopside to assist with recovery for you both. If you are based in England, then Ainsworths have an excellent homeopathic kit to assist with surgery and recovery. I’d recommend using that too. Heal well the two of you!