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Q: Good afternoon Judy ~  Here is another “is this crystal’s frequency the same as” question for you….I pulled Azeztulite today for the crystal of the day.  First time!  Really drawn to the message in your Crystal Wisdom Oracle Deck.  Is the energy of Sataloka Quartz the same as Azeztulite?  I had this conversation with our friend at Exquisite Crystals several years ago…..actually how I met him.  We talked for over 2 hours that day!  Of course Sataloka Quartz is light years less expensive and is not trademarked by Robert Simmons.  Can you please explain the similarities or the differences twixt the two!  Many thanks again !!!  P.S.  He has one piece on his site at $18 and the country of origin is India.

Judy Hall: This is a rather hurried answer as I’m going to be away for awhile. No, in my experience Azeztulite is not quite the same as Sataloka Quartz. Similar high vibration but a different ‘cosmic’ connection. Sataloka is only found in one place and is specially attuned. Azeztulites are popping up all over the world. You can use the Azeztulite card as your crystal as it embodies the energy.  You could also explore an actual Sataloka, its properties are in the Crystal Bible. I always use it alongside Satamani, which helps to ground the energies. Enjoy!